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August 2016

Memories... Kilchis and Molly

August 1, 2016

Happy August, you guys!
Tis the season of carnivals and fairs, and stop for a minute today and smell FALL in the air! Yipppeeee!
Yesterday I picked berries for a pie.
I was going to have the pie yesterday, but I forgot I bought ingredients for the house special, spaghetti and clam sauce. Yum. I adore that recipe! It's just like the Spaghetti Factory, but better! Yes, BETTER!
If you want the recipe, it's here.
But, make certain you scroll to the comments and see the lady who posted that she has the original recipe. Use those ingredients, with the recipe quoted above it. So much better!
I stuffed myself! It's so good to have my appetite back! Do you know I have lost 20 pounds in two years? That's what the doctor told me! Bizarre! I didn't even realize it!
I finally got a new computer, so I'll be offline a bit, today trying to set up the weather station and all my software. I need an extra monitor to do all this. I'll figure it out--
I want to go cutthroat fishing! Going to go bug Bill to do just that!

August 4, 2016

It is officially time to get another cat.
Like NOW.

There I was. It was midnight, or slightly past. I wasn't tired. I have this thing, lately, that I'm so exhausted after dinner, that I lay down to watch TV, and I'm out like a light. Then, I wake up at 10pm or so, and I'm wide awake!
After channel surfing, I finally put the light out, and tried to sleep.
I was laying on my side, as usual, in that half awake, half asleep thing, when I felt something scampering over my shoulder!
My other arm came up with lightning speed and went searching to slap at it! My hand landed on something soft and furry and wiggly. Startled.. I mean, REALLY startled, I then bolted straight up. I fumbled for the light, forgetting, in this state, how to actually work a lamp! Finally, the light was on, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a ...
Was it a dream?
Was it a mouse!?
Nah... it was nothing, Jennie. Maybe a big moth.
The fact that my bed is upstairs made it unlikely to be a mouse. I didn't want it to be a mouse.
It was a moth, right? A really, big, furry moth.
Now, when Molly the fishing cat was alive, I would have voted mouse. She brought treasures upstairs pretty regularly, but they were mostly already dead treasures.
I half glanced around, almost expecting Molly to follow. I was really awake, now. Awake and sad. Where's my Molly Mae?
I got up, did a search through the covers, under the pillows, under the bed.
Bill was sound asleep, still. I wanted to wake him to share in this drama, but he was so peaceful!
I lay awake, listening. Was this all a dream?
I finally slept.
Morning came, and I told Bill about my night time adventures. This is rural life, out here. It happens. I've had experiences I don't even like to talk about. One of them... just one of them, rubbing my bare feet under my computer desk on something soft and furry that I thought was my cat. That's where my cats and dogs like to sleep, while I work. But- Nope.
Upon further inspection, I found a dead, headless, half eaten bunny.
Thank you, Molly Mae. Not.
I could go on, but I'm going to spare you.
Bill heard me out about the creature in the night, but I think he thought I was nuts. How could something get upstairs?
After coffee and ifish work, helping people login, moderating, etc., I went back upstairs. I was so tired! I hadn't gotten but a couple hours sleep.
I leaned over to pick up my favorite soft blanket, and a tiny shrew flew out from underneath.
It WAS a SHREW! A shrew on my shoulder! A Shoulder Shrew! I had touched a shrew! It was in my hands at one point!
Wikepedia states that: "Although its external appearance is generally that of a long-nosed mouse, a shrew is not a rodent, as mice are. It is in fact a much closer relative of moles. Shrews have sharp, spike-like teeth, not the familiar gnawing front incisor teeth of rodents."
Oh, my! It goes on to say: "Unlike most mammals, some species of shrews are venomous. Shrew venom is not conducted into the wound by fangs, but by grooves in the teeth."
I spent the next minutes chasing a shrew from shoe to shrew shoe, (say that five times, fast!) under Bill's dresser, under the bed, into the closet, under the shower rug! Shrews are fast!
With the deck door open, I finally brushed him out the door with a broom. Bang! I closed the door and collapsed.
I had trouble sleeping last night, too!
Then, this morning, I was working again, and Bill was watching TV in the living room. Bill says, "Oh! There goes another one of those shrews, running across the rug!"
I can't live like this.
We need a cat.
We really need a cat!

August 8, 2016

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. I'm not going to stress. Ever again. :)
I'm done with that. After last week, let me tell you. I'm done with stress. I've had enough stress in my life. I'm maxed out. Therefore, I'm done.
Truthfully, not much can get to me, after the death of my son, but this last month has.
It started with the password fiasco. That was about a month ago. That was the official beginning of stress.
Since then, boy, have I been through it!
The last problem was the used computer I bought. I'm not even going into it. But it was stress!
Ladies and Gentlemen, when you sell a computer, please delete your personal info!
I bought a computer two weeks ago, and didn't have time to even take a peek, due to the password fiasco on ifish until three days ago. When I did, there were icons everywhar! (That's not a word, but it's my word!) I keep a clean house on my computer. It runs better. Icons on your desktop and task bar take up memory. But, that guy had icons here and icons there, and I don't know how he was able to find a thing! The task bar was loaded with icons for every program, whether he used it or not! What a mess!
And let's not even get into legalities. David and I were told that he had all of these programs, but when I downloaded Belarc, (A program to help you build a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security ...) the programs he had promised were all expiring soon, or had already expired. There were trial versions of everything. INCLUDING windows 7! If you buy a computer with Windows 7 Ultimate, (Most always the Ultimate version) it is almost always not a legal copy.
So, just be sure what you are buying. I goofed. He wrote me a note stating how I had done everything wrong. But, you know? He is right. I bought a mess from him and it was the wrong darn thing to do.
Pheh. You know, it's ifish's fault. 50 thousand members on ifish. It's your fault. You, who are awesome, helpful, and honest... I just got used to it! I thought everyone was honest due to ifish!
So, it's your fault! :)
But, today, I am beginning anew.
It's raining. Everything is fresh and new and clean! The dust has washed off of everything and the world is awesome again!
And from now on, I'm staying home at ifish. No more used computers for this girl!
All the stress has rained and washed down the gutters! Yay!
I'm going to do homey things, today. I'm going to the grocery store, and I'm going to ever so slowly shop the aisles for good things to cook! I'm going to go s l o w... Nothing is going to bother me!
I'm not even going to be embarrassed that I screwed up so badly by buying this used computer. I'm just not. I have taken the computer to an honest, wonderful gal in Tillamook and she's going to take that computer down to screeching metal and fix it for me so that it's mine all mine!
Yep. I goofed. Everyone goofs, sometime!

How not to be a dipthong...
I so love this guy!!! (and his brother!)

August 16, 2016

OK, so it's been what? Two weeks, without a usable computer? Yeah. About that. I have been doing all my work on an ipad, and that makes ones back hurt! Believe me!
It's been two weeks without a computer, but what really hurts is that it has been FOREVER since I have landed a fish.
And what did they say about B-10? Not very good? Like one out of 10 people got a fish? And then I heard one fish for 10 boats? Now, that is depressing news. But, in a way, it's not so bad for me. I have no plans to go, unfortunately, so I don't feel quite as bad.
Wait a minute.
Yes I do. Those stats don't help me at all.
I could even catch a giggle fish (trout) right now and feel a bit of relief. A girl cannot go this long without hooking a fish. She can go this long without a computer, but she cannot sustain meaningful life without catching a fish.
I seem to just go through the motions, here at home. Even if I did get out my fly rod, I wouldn't want to use a hook. The water out back is low and clear. It has got that pinch thing going on. I'd feel bad taking them from an already dangerous condition. They have so little to work with, right now. Who am I to cause them more grief?
I can wait. I can do this. After all, Fall is coming! There is no way you can go through Fall at the coast, without a bounty of salmon. It may not be the very best of the salmon, but there are plenty for everyone!!
And that, my friends, is when to go cutthroat fishing! People may laugh at me, but I'd almost rather catch a cutt on a fly than a salmon with a traditional rig! Ha! The very thought gives me glee!
OK, enough about my woeful fishing life. I'll let you know, now, what I have been up to. "Have" comes with emphasis.
Here is the story.
Prepare thyself for GROSS.
I love my dog so much that...
I just pulled a BIRD out of Willies anus!!!
So gross!! I just can't! OMGosh!
We were on our evening walk, and he normally poops then. He tried, but had a heck of a time of it. You could tell he was under stress. He kept reaching around, hunched over, and his ears were pinned down, flat.
He was so unhappy! So, I gingerly approached to take a look.
I looked, and... It was like... Something was not right. It was as if you took bird feathers, cut off the feather part so they were pin like sticks, and tie the ends together. Like a small broom sticking out of his bottom. So I pulled on one strand, or whatever it was. It was like that game, where you pick one, and if it's the longest stick, you win. (I lost.)
It slid out, but the others stayed.
I couldn't stand to do the rest one by one -by hand. Hey! I had some latex gloves in my portable fishing seat!!
I put them on, and I was set for surgery! I got a grip (both mental and physical) and slowly pulled...
And I pulled...
and I kept pulling! Steady!
5 inches!
6 inches!
Will it never end?
About 8 inches (!) of bird? Plane? Super, (I mean Pooper man!)?
I really don't know what! But at the end, a half digested head!
I was so careful, cuz if there is resistance, I have heard you shouldn't pull.
But it just kept coming! Poop covered something! I gagged and nearly lost my supper!
He was so relieved.
Nothing stinks like dog poo.
Nothing stinks like dead animal.
But, both? Come on.
So, after surgery, we went swimming and then he pooped and pooped and pooped some more! I had unplugged something, for sure!
I feel like a doctor! A surgeon! But surely a loved one!
But You guys!? I love you, but I wouldn't do this for you!
I wish I hadn't thrown it in the woods, but it was so gross. I'm so curious what it was, though.
Willie swallowed a mole whole once. Was that this? I don't wanna know.

August 23, 2016
Need help logging in?
Click Here on the contact ifish form. Give me your moniker and updated e mail.
Make sure to tell me if you have a new moniker, also! I can merge them into one.

I think I'm finally caught up! I mean, we are never really caught up, are we? But, at least I have the computers all running and the weather station up. I should knock on wood, right?
Unfortunately, I've worked through one of the most special times of the year at the coast. The hummingbirds, the grosbeak, the purple finch and the goldfinch have been counted and cared for, mostly by Bill.
I've been head down, buried in computer stuff!
And now? It's beginning to be that time of year when all is silent. The river runs quiet. The cutthroat find a deep hole to hide in. The grosbeaks find something better to do than hang around with us. So do the beautiful little goldfinch. You know, the other evening I said goodbye to them, and I didn't even realize it.
I was just listening to the world around me while Willie was out playing. I always wonder at how spectacular it is, where we live. Tall coniferous trees surround our meadow, as far up as the eyes can see. Sometimes a bald eagle will soar near the top and let out that raucous cry. I love that! So lonely, but yet so proudly patriotic.
And each evening as i lay in my clean sheets and wonder about the world, I hear that Osprey that does his late night river run and cries, the entire way. Every night! Nearly on a perfect schedule!
Sometimes if I'm really lucky, after darkness comes, the clickety clack of elk or deer hooves on the rocks of the river wake me, or the hoot of an owl, somewhere deep in the woods. "Bill! Bill! Listen!"
These are the treats of living life on the river!
The sun was still up when I heard that high sweet song of the goldfinch. Just one of them, breaking silence, before nightfall. It's a high, semi circular 'tweeeee'. Silly, I know, but I tried to mimic it, once, twice, and finally, he answered! Either that, or he-she was laughing at me! But, I kept up, at the delight of Willie, who was also laughing at me, and before I knew it, the entire woods around me were filled with a symphony of "Tweeeee, Tweee, Tweeeeee!" Not just one, but a whole forest full of feathered "Tweeeeeeee"! I was delighted! I'd like to think that I started this, but who knows?
After that, the numbers of our buttery colored friends were limited. We have one or two, a day, maybe, stopping in to fill up for a last meal, before Fall. Where do they go? I wish I could mark them. It's always so delightful in the Spring time to hear that first goldfinch in the neighborhood! I can't wait, already!
At least, I was able to give a good goldfinch goodbye!


August 27, 2016

Meet Mazie.
I'd show you a picture of our new kitty, but I can't catch her. I see her about once a day, if I'm lucky.
But, when I do see her, if conditions are just right, she is a doll. She rubs up against me, she purrs, she loves loving! That is, until the dogs collars jingle. Then, I see her next week! Sheesh! That cat!
Mazie is an escape artist. She can and will get outside. Just watch her! Any tiny crevice, and she's gone!
It is scary, because we have lions and tigers and bears, around here!
After we lost Molly the fishing cat, it was a bit sad and lonely around here. Bill and I decided we would get a new cat.
With two dogs, it's kind of a challenge. Especially with Willie, who likes cats very much. He likes to chase them. That's not a good mix.
Willie lived fine with Molly. She was the boss. Willie lives fine with Sargie. Sargie just slaps him.
Willie has always lived with cats and it's never been a big deal. He doesn't chase unless the conditions are just right, and Mazie makes them just right.
She hisses, she swipes her paws, she growls, and then freaks out and runs. Perfect! Watch them run!
When that happens, I call Willie back and he gets a time out alone in a room. This is pretty effective, but we aren't there yet.
We were told that "Snow" liked dogs. That was her name, before we renamed her. Snow is a 'vanilla' cat name. You know, people like to name their cats "cat" names. You know, like Milo, or Mittens.
We liked Mazie. :) I like old lady names for cats. Mazie has a nice ring to it. Mazie Daze.
"Snow" does NOT like dogs. I wish they'd be totally honest with prospective owners about these issues. If they don't know, then say so, but to say Mazie (Snow) likes dogs is a huge error in judgment. She does NOT like dogs!
Mazie must learn to tolerate dogs if she is to stay named Mazie. It's mandatory.
I told Bill it would be much easier to get a kitten. That way, the kitten would grow up to tolerate dogs. That's all they'd know. But, one day I came home and a cat was being delivered. Bill had made the decision. (The world according to Bill- we won't talk about that!)
So, it's going to take time to convince "our" new cat that the dogs won't chase if she won't run. We are working on it!
I think she's a keeper, but so far, it's not ideal. I really like the idea of providing a home for a rescue cat, as kittens are usually easier to find a home for.
I am craving a cat that will lay on my lap (like right now!) and come to breakfast treats like Molly, Revvie and Willie did, all at the same time. I'd come down the stairs in the morning with a smile, singing, "All the animals in the zoo are jumping up and down for you!"
I miss that, so much!
Right now, the zoo is just a tad bit unsettled.
We will get there. It just takes time.