Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

April 2017
-almost time to hit the sea!

EasterApril 4 2017
So fair, yet so cold like a morning of pale Spring still clinging to Winter's chill.
from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The kwikfish are coming! The kwikfish are coming! I just got a UPS notice that they'll be delivered tomorrow. I'm on my way to greet them! :)
So, I'll be putting up more notices to the link up top. Keep an eye out. These are limited kwikfish. First come, first serve!
I sat on the river's edge yesterday, in wait for steelhead redds. I could sit and wait for hours, and believe me, I have! Each dog I have owned knows that we sit and stare into the water this time of year. They think it's dumb. Willie has resorted to digging a hole, next to me until I fall in it. He thinks that's funny.
I'm waiting... I'm watching for the bright flash of their silvery sides. When I 'catch' one, it's as good as catching them on rod and reel! I mean it! I get just as excited! What is it about me that I'm getting so old that just seeing them gives me a thrill?
I was born to love the hunt. The hunt of just about anything: Tornados, gold, agates, fish! Anything that you have to hunt for.. I'm in! In my younger days, I liked to hunt for boys, too! Back then, it was catch and release. haha.
That's a darn shame to take much of my eyesight away. But, it is not going to stop me! In fact, I just hunt harder!
What beautiful weather! I'm alive, again!
Oh, no... I just looked at the weather forecast. Don't do that. OK? Just don't look! It's not good!
Enjoy the past couple of days in your mind, and then try to skip thru to the next sunny day. :)
Regardless the color of the sky, it's so nice to watch those gray old trees start to turn a bit pink as the new blossoms come on.
You know that their future is to be full on color! They are just tiny buds, now, but soon? There will be blasts of colorful flowers breaking out to brighten everyone's mood, regardless of the weather!
Isn't it amazing how rain feels so much nicer when there is Spring color in the world? That mushy warmth? 'I love me' a rainy day in Spring! But in winter? When it is dark and damp and cold? Not so much!
I adore a million shades of bright spring grasses! Tall, overgrown and still growing greens that overtake much of the width of our country road.
There is nothing better than a drive to the coast or back to the city on a rainy spring day!
I love the spindly stems of daffodils fighting to keep their stems upright against the weight of water and wind! They wave their smiling faces to me in the breeze as I pass by!
Yes. They are prettier on a sunny day, but there is a special place in my heart for spring rain.
Things like soggy cherry tree blossoms that shed their petals in the breeze. My wipers try to clear them from my windshield! Tiny pink petals, going back and forth, back and forth...
Most of these feelings come from my childhood. I have a vision in my head of cartoons and a bowl of cereal, all cozied up in my jammies in front of the TV. Even though it was raining, I didn't have to go to school on Saturdays!
Or, the wonderful celebration of early June, when you get up at the break of dawn to go pick strawberries, (yuck!) but then you notice it's raining, so you don't have to go! WHOOOPEEE!
Rain has it's place! Even though we have had more than our share of it, this year, we can take it! We are Oregonians, right?! We know how to deal with this!
Darnit! Just get a bowl of cereal, stay home, and watch cartoons!
Oh! If only we could!

daisyApril 6 2017

Wake up, Jennie. I've got math problems to do and I'm stressed out!
You know how they say that people who are good at music are good at math? Not so much.
If that's true, then I missed out!
So, here's the deal.
First, I have to call Fisherman's again, although Dan said I could set up a booth to hand out kwikfish, I wrote back for details of how and where, and he didn't answer. So, I have no clue. Do I just show up? What if the manager didn't know and kicks me out? What if there are 10 other people doing booths? LOL. I have no clue. So, calling Dan, again.
At least this has me giggling.
Second, there is no way to mass mail everyone in my kwikfish gmail group. I have googled ad googled, and there is a add on to your browser, but no other way. I'm not sure I want to mess with
OK, then, the biggy. I have a set number of kwikfish to deal with. 1/3 of the kwikfish are reserved for when I did "Mail order for the show". And then, as we all know, (and if you don't, just read the board on the kwikfish dilemma)
Believe it or not, there is much, much more to the whole drama over the kwikfish set into different threads on the board. It's been the most confusing thing I've ever been through. I had no control over anything, nor did I have answers to anything! I felt so helpless! I had 100's of people waiting for these lures, and no way to know where they were in the process. It was crazy, and remains so!
So, here we go... here's my confusion, now. I think, in resolution, I'm just going to have to say that these are limited, and there is no way I can promise lures to everyone. Period. If you get them, you are Johnny on the spot, and have been following along. If you don't get one, I'm so sorry!
Second, there is no way to email entire "labels" in gmail. I have to one by one, open the letter from people who ordered mail order for the show, and reply by open, paste, send. One, by one, by one... zzzzz. I need to ask them, "do you want to pick up your lure at Fishermen's or do you want me to mail it to you?"
Gmail? How by a "reply all" option? :)
Now, mailing it is going to cost money. I told everyone I'd pay for that, but geez. How much is all of this going to cost? I've gotten a few donations, and that's so nice! Anyway, we'll get it done! I am not going to ask these people for money to send it. Some of those people drove hours to pick up their lure at the show!
OK, for the math problem. I have a set number of kwiks. I have enough for the "mail order show kwiks' and I have a little over half, left over.
I would LOVE to just take these to Fishermen's, and if I run out, I run out! But that's not fair to those that have been waiting for "mail order after the show" orders. So many people I can't count, have written me, "Save me four! Save me two!" They send these from all over. Facebook messenger, twitter DMs, e mail, private messages, and instagram! LOL. How am I supposed to keep track of those? LOL. I am not! That's how!
So.... What I think I'll do is to set half of the kwiks left over after the "Mail order for the show" kwiks, and save them for mail order after the show. That way, people will at least have a chance to get them, if, say, they live far away and can't get to Fisherman's.
OK. It's an hour after I got up, and I wanted to thank this little column, for helping me sort out some of my confusion. Thank you!
And now, onto my regular ifish work, and then to separating kwiks, making phone calls, and getting ready to be at Fisherman's, tomorrow. TOMORROW? Oh_My_gosh! That's tomorrow!
By the way, just opened the box, and they are QUITE exquisite looking kwiks! LOVE!

daisyApril 7 2017

I'm going to be darned cold out there, shivering and wet, standing on the corner of the 205 exit and Mcloughlin in Oregon City. I'm not asking for donations, though. I'm going to be out there selling $3,000.00 dollars worth of custom painted kwikfish! I'm going to be wearing an ifish hat and sweatshirt, so you'll know it's me.
OK. Not really.
Yesterday, I was upset to the point of tears, when I heard that I couldn't proceed as (I thought) we agreed, putting up a booth there, this weekend. Just all the planning, and the entire ordeal I've been through, this year! It's been rough. I don't do well when I spend so much time stressing and planning, and the plans get broken. I need to work on that. The whole thing took me back to showing up at the show, when I found that we didn't have lures. I cried, then, too!
But, in all honesty, and after re reading my email to Dan, asking permission, I should have been more clear when I asked about the kwikfish booth in front of the store. Fisherman's was under the impression that I was only going to hand out ones that had been pre paid. At the show, though, I also sell a few of the kwikfish.
Anyhow, my note clearly asked if I could "set up a table (snip) in order for people to pick up their pre-ordered kwikfish". So, my bad. He told me yes to that. But, note. I said "Pre ordered" only.
The main point of all this is that you shouldn't look for me at Fisherman's this weekend! I won't be there! I'm going to bite the bullet, and just ship them all out. I figure it will cost me a couple three or four hundred in shipping costs, but it will be worth the trouble. I'm just fed up with trying to do this the most cost efficient way.
As long as I have these kwikfish in my sight, right next to me, here, I'm happy enough! After all that we've been thru, waiting for them, heck, yeah!
If it wasn't for the rain and wind, though, standing on the corner of Mcloughlin and 205 might just be a great idea! Ha! At least you'd get something for your money!
Maybe I should send my son...

daisyApril 8 2017
Things are hectic! My garage is a shipping warehouse!
pansyKwikfish Mail Order pansy
Give it a whirl, and let me know if anything doesn't work, right!

daisyApril 11 2017

Wow. I'm tired! Yesterday I felt so guilty for taking about 4 hours off to go get my hair done. At least I feel pretty when I'm in the garage, shipping kwikfish!
I've got a pickup to place on the USPS site, so that they come pick up all of these kwikfish! No way I can even get them all in my car! LOL.
I've taken the limit off of them, and now you can order as many as you like, until they are gone. This is going to be the scary part. Here we go, people! A mass flash of kwikfish orders! YIKES!

daisyApril 13 2017

The sounds of Spring birds delights me so much! It is what gets me by, while sitting in my garage shipping kwikfish!
I'm kind of writing as thoughts come to me, while shipping. You know, in between while the printer does it's work. It's so confusing, because you have to print, and then go back and figure out who ordered what. All it shows on the label is the price, not the quanity. You can kind of guess, but who wants to guess when the price for shipping for two, is the same for one kwikfish!
I'm into the mail order shipping, now. I've done all the "for the show" kwiks, so if you didn't get a shipping tracking notice, please let me know, and I'll look into it. It's been so long, and I'm afraid. I'm just afraid. Probably shouldn't be. I'm a pretty good book keeper, but I'm also constantly paranoid. That's maybe why I'm a good book keeper.
OK. The printer is done. Time to go get the labels and mark on them how many kwikfish per order! :) Willie is ticked off at me that I'm not going out to play. He is the master of routine. He knows exactly what time we do what, and when I do something like kwikfish sales, it's totally out of schedule for him! Oh well! He's a dog! I have to keep reminding myself of the fact that he's not my boss! I just picked up the labels and came back to my desk and he gave out a huge disappointed sigh. "I'm sorry, boss! I'm sorry!"
OK, I'm doing the last of the shipping label for the recent "after the show" orders. Man, this has been crazy this year! I really can't wait to fill these orders, to see exactly how many I have left. Scary!

He is risen!

April 15 2017
Buy your Kwikfish!

Love words! Love this!
I get the's word of the day, and today's word is "sententious". What gave me more joy than learning the word, (or refreshing my memory) is the quote they included. I love this! I didn't know Coolidge was so witty!

"Lost amid the 10,000 words of the Presidential message, neglected alike by writers of news leads and editorials, is the most sapient and sententious utterance of Calvin Coolidge. "Water is the irreplaceable natural resource," he solemnly informs the Congress. "Its precipitations cannot be increased.""

-- Bay Stater, "Incontrovertible: To the Editor of The New York Times," New York Times, December 8, 1926

Isn't that fun? I love things like that. It's all about the hunt, which I love. The hunt for good quotes, even though I wasn't particularly hunting! I just love learning new words!
Part of the fun of hunting, is having a good collection of trophy catches. I have a collection of agates I hunt for, and a collection of good quotes written down in my journals.
I went for a walk, yesterday, despite the fact that my ankle/foot is nearly unusable. I always take off, thinking my ankle feels OK, but then I get halfway there, and think I can't make it! That makes me giggle. It's like the guy who swam halfway across the ocean, decided he couldn't make it, so he swam back. :)
I have this big bump on the top of my foot, near my ankle, and I diagnosed myself as having a ganglion cyst. Well, I was right! The doc thinks so, too. Then, he tried to poke a needle in it to drain it, and he hit a nerve. That wasn't going to happen! I screamed and as you know, I'm no sissy! They can put acid in my eye and I take it without a grimace... but THIS HURT! I felt like my toe was going to shoot thru the wall! OUCH. The PA (he wasn't a doctor, but a physician's assistant) felt so bad! He even called me days later. I thought that was such a nice touch. I felt badly for him, actually. It's never fun to hurt someone.
They call ganglion cysts "Bible Bumps" because in the older days, they'd take a big Bible, and smack it and it would go away. I even tried that! But, my feet have no meat on them, so I was afraid I'd end up just breaking my bones. The doc said I'd have to see a specialist, and they can't get me in for 2 weeks. I waited already 3 weeks to see the PA! So, I've been limping around. It's not like the cyst itself hurts, but it pushes on nerves. The way I even knew it was there, was that I was walking, and all the sudden, (in December!) felt like I got a bee sting on my ankle! I sat down on the road curb, pulled my shoe off, (I was that convinced!) and ... nothing. I was just feeling the pressure of that cyst against a nerve.
So, the pain is real. It doesn't always feel like a bee sting, now days, but it hurts! And the pain moves around.
Boy, oh boy, can I talk about illness or what!? I used to hardly ever talk about illness, but lately, as I get older, I guess it's what we talk about! LOL. I never thought I'd be one of those! I am! And I celebrate it, because I never, ever thought I'd be this "big". I'm 57, people! That's ALOT! And the doctors said I'd be gone by 35. HA!
I'm old enough to feel all the pains of getting older, and each one feels GREAT! That is, when I stop to think about it!
Anyhow, as the story started, I went for a walk. It was sunny and beautiful and Willie and I were singing, "Ohhhhhh what a beautiful morning!" as we walked. We got to the park, and we ran around under the towering coniferous, (he ran, I limped) and even sat down on the wet, cool grasses.
I looked to the sky, and ruh roh! The beautiful cumulonimbus clouds, (I call them "Winnie the pooh- clouds") had turned to grey. One, big black was coming at us at warp speed. Although beautiful, I heeded the warning. "Willie! We have to go!"
There is a term for horses called "barn sour". It means that they want to go back to their stall so badly, that they are always trying to turn around, and they gain much more momentum on the way home. If a horse wants to go home, you can't much get them to canter on the way away from the stall, but on the way home, they'll gallop, by golly!
Willie has the opposite of that. He pulls me on the way out, and goes slow as sludge on the way home. "Willie! Hurry!" I was the one pulling on the leash.
But, we didn't hurry fast enough, and sharp pieces of ice began falling from the sky. Hail pounded on my head with increasing force. Agh!
"Ohhhhh what a freezing cold morrrrrrning!" I shivered, I sang, I limped.
I was soaked to the bone and hopping on one foot, by the time I made it to my lawn.
I was right with the Holidays... Hop, hop, hop...
But, you know... It was kind of fun.
It was real.
It was life.
I'm alive!
It's like pretty much everything is OK, if you really stop to think about it... when you are alive!


April 16 2017
Buy your Kwikfish!

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay."
I have come to believe this. I don't know how. I guess that the longer I wanted to be a Christian, the more I read, the more I practiced, the more I believed this.
I'll never forget telling a minister once, that I wholly believed in God, but that I just did not believe that Jesus rose from the dead. -I told him that I just couldn't! My logical mind couldn't conceive of such ...well, foolishness! Come on! How can someone that is dead, get up and live? It's not possible!
But, it says in the Bible, (and I didn't like this!) that in order to be a Christian, you had to believe in the resurrection!
It is one of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Paul said in 1 Cor. 15:14,17, "and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain....17 and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins."
Worthless, huh? Now, that made me mad, too. As an always questioning person, always ready to debate, I really didn't like that! So, all that I do in the church, all the volunteer hours, the playing for services, were "in vain?" Come on!
But as I grew older, and especially when my aorta dissected and I stopped breathing, and came back to life, I began to believe. Hey, it's possible! Even I, as a regular human on earth, kind of did that! And I really believed that without my savior, it wouldn't have happened.
It may sound weird, and crazy, and I kind of hate to admit this, because it, too, is crazy, but when I was out, I saw Christ. At least, I think I did.
But, in the end, I think it's something that just happens in your heart after a while, being a Christian. I don't think it's au tot ma tic for many people. I've always been the questioning type. I know of some kids I grew up with that they grew up in the church, and seemed to just automatically believe, and all was well in their life, forever more. My roommate is like that.
I still see some of my other high school friends on Facebook, and it's like their faith is a part of their existence, and always has been. I've always been a bit envious of those people. I wish my mind would just accept some things. It would have been SO much easier!
My son is still questioning. I see that process in him, and I so hope he finally believes! But, no one.. not anyone can make it happen, when you have this sort of mind that won't just auto-accept. I pray about it, all the time.
But, I can tell you one thing, for certain. There is a song that I love to sing. I've always loved it for the happiness it brings, and the melody, and it's fun to play on the piano! But, now, I GET IT! This sone now really hits home to me.
I sing this all the time, and I feel it in my heart!

I serve a risen Saviour, He's in the world today!
I know that He is living, whatever men may say!
I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer
And just the time I need Him He's always near!

He lives! (He lives), He lives! (He lives), Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me
Along life's narrow way!
He lives! (He lives), He lives! (He lives), Salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart!

In all the world around me I see His loving care
And though my heart grows weary I never will despair
I know that He is leading, through all the stormy blast
The day of His appearing will come at last!

He lives (He lives), He lives (He lives), Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me
Along life's narrow way!
He lives (He lives), He lives (He lives), Salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart!

Need I say more? The song was written for me, and for you, too!
Happy Easter! He LIVES!

April 17 2017
Almost out of Kwikfish!

I have to tell you a neato story that I was so proud of!
I don't have much money to throw around, after bills, etc.
So... I've been doing surveys for extra money for years. Maybe 10? I do it thru a place called e-rewards. They used to let anyone join E-rewards, but now you have to be chosen from when you sign up to get e mails from stores, etc. If you want to join, just go to E-rewards and take a look at their affiliates and sign up for their e mails. I hear it takes about a month or so to get an invitation. If you can put up with advertising e mails, that is how it's done, now. But, man,oh man! I make hauls!
This is how I'm able to enjoy lattes at Starbucks, and Bill and I have eaten at Red Lobster and other restaurants, half off. That's fun!
I would say I do surveys about an hour a week, if that. 15 minutes, here and there and so it's fun and not a bother. In about a month or two, I'm cashing in on a couple 25 dollar rewards, places like Macy's, or Express, or American Eagle. Sometimes Best Buy, or Starbucks. I used to use it to up my Hilton Honors or Alaska Airlines points. The variety isn't so much to speak about, but I do like to shop for clothes, now, so it's good for me! :)
Anyhow, I saved up for about 6 months, and had about 150.00 in rewards. I was waiting for a good deal.
I also do this thing called Ebates. Now, Ebates is something I recommend to everyone. All you do is click thru on ebates, to most of the big stores, and you get anywhere from 1% to much more added quarterly to your bank or paypal. It's not much, but if you shop online, it adds up and why not? Even if you only get 5 bucks a quarter, five bucks is five bucks! Just...why not? I can't think of any reasons not to. I haven't gotten any nasty ads, or pop ups, besides the reminder to click.
They have browser add-ons and mobile phone aps that remind you and also offer coupons and things to help. It's a win-win for me. I usually look for available coupons online, anyway, so it saves me a bit of time.
Anyhow, the story goes... I waited until a really good sale. Sometimes in my free time, I'll shop and just leave things in my cart, and occasionally check if they are on sale. So, I checked one day, and everything in my cart(s) was 50% off! Whooo hoooo! But, I wasn't going to pay cash. I didn't even have that much in my bank account!
So, I had 300 dollars worth of clothes at American Eagle and Express, and of course the balance was $150.00. Hey! I had $150 worth of survey coupons! Wheee!
OK, and on top of that, I clicked on the Ebates link, and got about 6 dollars back from that. Since it was over $50 at each place, I got free shipping. So, In the end, I actually got paid 6 dollars for 300 dollars worth of clothing!
Now, THAT is shopping!

April 21 2017
Here's some fish- John from Davis!

I finally got the weather station up, thanks to John and Davis. He was awesome, and so was Latisha. I sure like Davis instruments. It's the LAST thing I like to do, to mess with that software and the console settings, but they make it tolerable! But, when something goes wacky with the station, I want to run away!
Also, we only have 4 boxes of 6-- maybe 5 if one guy doesn't follow through on picking his up. But, that's like 30 kwikfish. So, if you want one, you better get on it! :)
I'm SO thankful to all of the people who sent in shipping money. OH_MY_GOSH. You have no idea! I was sitting here in tears yesterday, after opening my mail. THREE people had sent me notes with shipping money in it. I LOVE IFISH! No kidding. We have THE BEST membership in the world! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS! FISH ON!

April 23 2017
Almost out of Kwikfish!

Day before yesterday I walked out to the river, and right before my wimpy-not so perfect eyesight, what did I see? Was that a... a steelhead? Is that two? Three?
It was five steelhead working on a redd! (Hey, that rhymes!)
I've been working on the redd... all the live-long day! I've been working on the redddd, just to pass the time away!
OK... enough of that, but I was so thrilled! It was an awesome day!
Then, yesterday while I was working on ifish, I glanced out my window to find several buttery yellow male goldfinch on my feeder! Today, I have purple ones!
Bill keep saying that I'm not as interested in birds as I used to be. Well, it's not that I'm not interested. It's that I can't see them very well. But, put them front and center by my office window, and I'm interested!
Things have been so hectic around here. I can't name one thing that wasn't broken, when I got back home.
The weather station, the trail cam, Bill's computer, the smoke alarms! Everything needed fixed or put up.
It's Sunday, and Sunday is a day of rest. Right? Besides that, we are almost caught up!
The weather station is up and running! Bill's computer is working, and Willie and I are going to the beach!

April 24 2017
Almost out of Kwikfish!

Once upon a very long time ago, I fished a small creek for jack salmon. I was only 19 or so. I did pretty well for myself, all by my little lonesome. I'll never forget the surprise and shock and catching fish all by myself, without any help! Wow!
Driving back into town to show off my catch, I felt more proud than I did, playing piano for the President of the United States!
I often came home with more than one fish, depending on the season. That little creek isn't open for much, any more, and frankly, I'm glad! I'd much prefer to have my memories than to fish there with 1000 other fishers. That may sound selfish, now. Sorry, not sorry?
I spent hours there, all by myself. I was born with the bug.
Much to my Mother's disappointment, and even though I used my talent of playing piano for profit, later in life, my passion tipped the scales to fishing, instead of music.
I played piano and furthered my education easily and much more successfully than fishing, but God doesn't always match your passion to your talent.
I had previously only fished with my Dad or my boyfriend that I had broken up with, earlier in my youth.
My Dad seemed to have little interest in traveling to the coast to fish with me. He was more into golf at that time in his life. Golf didn't interest me. (yet)
I remember once being all excited because he was to meet me on the Wilson to teach me more about salmon fishing.
I could not wait for that day! I got all dressed up in the fishing gear that I had worked for, and paid for myself. (by playing music!)
I thought he'd be so proud of me! But, I traveled North to Tillamook from my residence in Cannon Beach, and waited... and waited... in the pouring rain.
It was in vain. My Dad had forgot about our fishing date.
Giving up, and driving here and there, to see where I should fish, I ended up on the Trask, up by what I know now as the Dam hole. Fish were jumping everywhere, and I was all excited!
And, to boot, no one was fishing there! I got out of my car, got my stuff together, and walked down and cast out. Whoo hooo! But, I found out very shortly that this area was closed. But, that's another story I've written about, years ago.
In short, a very nice and understanding game warden came down to tell me about the law, and kindly used his truck as a lead truck to take me to a place where I could legally fish.
It was crowded and my confidence was totally lost by that time.
I smiled and waved thankfully to the game warden as he drove away. I pretended to get ready to fish, but instead, got back in my car and drove home, defeated.
I was so disappointed! But, I learned a lesson that day that lasted a lifetime. Read the darn regs, Jennie!
Last night, I couldn't sleep well. I had gotten a text message from one of two best friends from my childhood. I hadn't heard from her in quite a while. It read:
"Remember Scott's big boat of a car with the great stereo system and him playing that song, over and over "Sailing?" The song is on, where I am... makes me cry."
Her message sent me spinning back in time to that same place where I lived on the coast, and fished that small stream.
It was a summer made for memories.
His name was Scott Green of Green Electric in Cannon Beach.
All summer long, Kim (my best friend) and I spent long hours working at a local diner, and then hanging out with two guys we had met- Scott and Bobby. We were a foursome to be reckoned with! Oh, what a summer of fun we had!
Beach fires and freedom and wild abandon.
Speaking earlier of my musical education, Kim and I met in kindergarten or so, and studied with the same locally famous piano teacher in Portland. Her name was Lillian Pettibone.
Scott had a gold Cadillac that he drove around town, and it did have a wonderful stereo system!
We drove around, sometimes much too fast, and laughed as we called the elderly driving population "raisins".. Little did we realize, that we'd grow up to be those very raisins driving our cars!
As one raisin to the other, last night she wrote me that text message, knowing full well it would bring back memories that would make me cry, too.
Whatever happened to good music? Haha! Another thing those raisins always said! Sing it with me!


Well, it's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Believe me

It's not far to never-never land, no reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy of innocence again
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Believe me

Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Fantasy, it gets the best of me
When I'm sailing
All caught up in the reverie, every word is a symphony
Won't you believe me?

Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Well it's not far back to sanity, at least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find serenity
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Believe me

Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Oh, memories... Take me back.

April 29 2017

I think I've probably shared this a million times, but there happens a day in Spring, when every year, I think of this poem. I had to share it! I just love "the leaping greenly spirits of trees", and "the blue true dream of sky!"
Before I forget- I found four more kwikfish and if you want to order one, please just pm me.
I'm a mush pup for liking ee cummings. I know! I know I am! People make fun of me, but I don't care. I love how happy he puts words together!!
I could do without the last parts of the poem, which makes me think it's about new love and romance, because I have a more mature relationship. That last part is more for my son, who has just met a new gal, and perhaps those words are more for him, than myself.
I just die for the first part, which always comes to mind the first real sunny, most wonderful day of Spring after (expecially this) long, rainy winter!
Go down, waters of the Columbia! Go get those Spring Chinook!
Oh! Oh! Oh! I know! The last part isn't about a relationship with a person, but with a spring chinook! YES! Now, it's for me! When you catch one, you are lifted from the no of all nothing-human merely being doubt unimaginalble you!? And when your line first goes down, you think, "I who have died am alive again today! And this is the sun's birthday, this is the birth day of life, and of love and wings, and of the gay great happening illimitably earth!
Yes! Yes! Yes! I knew this poem was about fishing!!! HAHAHA!
Oh! Oh! Oh! And yesterday I found my first trillium! Only thing is, I couldn't think of the darn name of the flower until this morning! LOL! I knew it started with a "t". Getting old is hell!

"i thank You God for most this amazing”

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth
day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any–lifted from the no
of all nothing–human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

e.e. cummings