Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
April 2015

Canby Paper Mill

A Very familiar and favorite image of mine of The Canby Paper Mill on 99E.
I drew this in High School.

April 1, 2015

There is no time to be April Fooling today!
We have much too much to do!
So many of us have decided that the way to fight for our fish and to maintain our rights as sports fishermen is to come together as one. Right?
It's happening!
I'm abs' all out delighted and excited to see the sportfishing community unite in this effort to grow opportunity and customers for the future of the agency.
The below message was forwarded to me by the three biggest organizations. I hope you'll consider making two calls today. Do it! -and remember to stay polite!

"Right now, Association of Northwest Steelheaders, Coastal Conservation Association and the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association are at the Legislature fighting the historically large fee increase that is being proposed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The hearing is this Thursday morning, April 2, in Salem at the Capitol.
Please join them by calling your legislators right now and letting them know that you do not support ODFW's current proposal.
Without your phone calls, there will be fee increases over the next 6 years and the sport fishing community will have nothing to say about it.
Call them right now!
Here is a link to how to find the phone numbers for your Senator and Representative.
Also, please write to: [email protected]

Please tell them how important this vital natural resource is to you and your family and large fee increases create disincentives, rather than incentives, to enjoy this favorite pastime. ODFW’s budget should include policies that grow sportfishing opportunity, license sales, and the resulting revenue, rather than relying on large license fee increases.

April 5, 2015
Happy Easter!

I wonder if the fruit bunny will show up, today!?
The fruit bunny?! What do you mean you don't know about a fruit bunny!?
Every Easter we'd go to my grandparents in Forest Grove, and a fruit bunny would show up and hide bananas, baskets of strawberries, and oranges and apples all over the farm!
I grew up knowing that the fruit bunny would make an appearance just as sure as the candy bunny showed up at our home! It was just fact! Yet, when I talk casually about the fruit bunny, I get the oddest stares! Yes! There IS a fruit bunny! Why doesn't he come to your house!?
This year, Easter marks a new beginning in my life! I've been hearing this hymn in my head for days. Music does that to me! I'll find myself humming a hymn, and thinking the words, but it doesn't occur to me right away, that those words are something I really need to listen to!

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives, all fear is gone,
Because I know he holds the future,
and life is worth the living,
just because He lives!

A new beginning! No more sadness! No more tears... no more "Poor me" about my eyesight. I can do this! Just Because He Lives!
Happy Easter, everyone!
- And may the fruit bunny cover your lawn in goodies!
Actually, the salmon bunny came last night! I was just weeding in my driveway gravel, minding my own business, when my neighbor, Scott Nichols, drove up to put his boat away.
Speaking of my eyesight... a funny story...
Yesterday, I weeded my gravel and bark dust areas... Or, so I thought. It wasn't until I leaned over to pick up piles of weeds, that I noticed I had missed more than I had put in my piles! I just didn't see most of them! Dang! But, that's the way it's probably going to be. So, I'm just going to deal with it!
"How many?" I asked Scott, as he got out of his truck.
"Three." He said, casually.
Three! Can you imagine having three springers!? Whooo hoooo! Dang, he's a good fisherman!
I don't know if it was the look of hunger on my face or what, but he offered me some!
I'm certain that I had a look of amazement on my face that reflected more disbelief than had a fruit bunny passed right before my very eyes!
Sure enough, within the hour, Scott knocked on my door with a zip lock of spring salmon! Oh, my!
David and I had a feast!
Over the last two months, I have lost around 20 pounds, due to the stress of this whole ordeal, I suppose. I just haven't been hungry. But, last night, I ate till my belly was full! It was like candy! There is nothing... NOTHING better than spring chinook and that was such a treat!
Let us commence eating!
So, Happy Easter, everyone!
And may your life forever be worth the living! ---Starting, NOW!

April 8, 2015

I often forget that if you are a member of our family and you are physically injured in any way, you must be prepared to be laughed at. It is the family way.
It slipped my mind regarding this family quirk after I finished brunch.
My sister Teri made these absolutely adorable sugar cookies. When one was placed in front of me at the dinner table, I had to stare for a bit, before I "got it".
They were frosted in the most beautiful purple and pink pastels, and decorated with small round pastel candies for eyes, and licorice "Mike and Ike" type candies for whiskers. Darling! They were resting in an Easter basket, and were almost too pretty to eat!
So, I got up to take my plate to the dishwasher, and came back to this. Ha, you guys. Funny!

Easter was lovely, though! I really had a great time. Our family is the best!
The day after Easter I had a long awaited appointment with my ophthalmologist. When I told him about the bunny, he didn't think it was funny until I told him it was funny. :) I nearly had to insist it was funny! Maybe now you will understand where I get my odd sense of humor...
Anyhow, "long awaited" because I have been to the eye doc almost every other day for three months. Finally, I had two weeks off, and I can't tell you how anxious I was to find out if my eye had improved as much as I thought it had.
The last time I had visited, they held up two fingers not a foot from my face, and I could not see it.
So, when I got to the office, the tech held the fingers out, and I told her right away how many fingers! Then, she moved to the very back of the office, and held up four fingers and I told her how many, no problem! She was so surprised! (So was I!)
She said we get to graduate to the Snellen chart! Yay!
I got to 20/70! This miracle, after I couldn't even see fingers, two weeks ago! This, when there is no hope written anywhere on google about eyesight after Choroidal hemorrhage! Whoo hooo!
I was told to go sit in the waiting area, and pretty soon the gal came back and said, "The doctor is so excited about your eyesight!" I smiled, and when I finally saw the doc, he was in disbelief. "Did you really read those letters!? When I heard, I almost cried!"
Whoo hooo! And there is STILL blood in my eye, which means there is STILL room for improvement!
My eyesight is not perfect 20/70, though. It's a bit wonky. It's wavy, and there are patches of dark here and there. But, that is probably the blood in my eye? I don't know, but every morning I wake up, hoping that I'll see better and better! It's a neat way to live, to be thankful, each day! I love it!
So what if I get the one eyed bunny!? I can laugh!

April 14, 2015
There will be no funeral for

I always forget that it is April... and what that means to ifish.
Regardless, I wake up, and start mulling the same thing I was mulling over, last night.
"Is ifish REALLY dying?"
Someone on the board asked that, a while back. News travels, so my neighbor asked, "So, are they just leaving that place in droves?" Even though that's a scary thought, it makes me giggle.
I'm very susceptible to worry over these things, you know. Or, I used to be, anyhow, so a familiar darkness comes over me. Much less than when I owned ifish, but a faint wash of that same feeling kicks me in the gut.
It's funny how people are. They like drama, and if they question something bad, it becomes so.
Yes. Facebook is a popular thing. I find myself on Facebook, almost every day. I like facebook because I can control it. I can make my own community and block out who I don't want to have around. I fill my Facebook with happy things, and if someone makes me unhappy, poof! They are gone with a click of my mouse!
Facebook makes me laugh out loud. That's uncommon for me, and I am liking it! I think back to Ginny of "Ginny and Glenn" and how she used to say that laughter is the best medicine. Oh, it is! It is!
You can't block the bad people out, in real life.
You can kind of block people out on ifish. We have an ignore button, but it just isn't the same, because while reading a conversation thread, you know someone is commenting, due to the responses it invokes. It drives me crazy, and I can't do it! "What did they say to cause this response?" ...and pretty soon, I've un-ignored them. :)
When I am moderating, as you probably can guess, I just can't ignore anyone. It's my job to know what everyone is saying.
Anyhow, I sent Pete a note of concern and as normal, he fixed my concern over ifish's Enquirer rumored "death." (Too funny! I just tried to backspace a period on this column, and found out it was a bit of something on the screen!) Anyhow...
Pete took a sample of real stats (not Google stats, but a count of how many posts and how many threads) and proved to me that no. Ifish is not dying. :)
April is an historically slow month on ifish. People are out fishing. There are no big contests right now. The rods have been won for the "first springer" and people are out catching their ninth and tenth springers! Well, most of us. I'm banned from fishing this year, thanks to my eye problems. (Darn doctors!)
But, we have a boat on order from RB boats and I have decided that once we get our boat, I'm going SPRINGER fishing!!!! I told Bill that if I happen to hook into one, all I want is the bite, and after that, he can play it to the boat for me. :) I can't wait!!! I just hope it isn't one of those "Jerk me out of the seat" bites that can happen when they bite and head the other way! (Well, I kind of hope it isn't...)LOLOLOLOL
Thing is, I do not want to have another one of those hemorrhages. That was the worst thing that has ever happened to me! You would think my aortic dissection was worse, but I was asleep or in shock for most of that. This was the most painful, awful thing that I still have nightmares about! I didn't know they made pain like that! I wish I could forget it! I really, really do, but it's planted in my mind, and I think I suffer from (what's that called when people are freaked out over something? ) PTSD! That's it! Yeah! I have that over my eye thing! I'm not kidding! I wake up in a panicked sweat, thinking it's going to happen again! Bizarro!
The only cure, I believe, is to hook a springer. I'm going to report this to the doctor, this afternoon, and see what he says. :)
I have had a lot on my mind, lately, and fishing is the only way to open it up, so that I can write about it. I miss fishing in my life, so very much! I can't wait till trout season, so that I can at least fish for something. I prefer bigger species, but you know, my health is more important right now.
When I don't fish, my mind gets boggled up with thoughts, and they won't come out, until I cast a line. So, when I do... watch out! This column is going to fill up, really fast!

April 20, 2015

Yesterday, I filled a bird feeder out in front of my office. I hadn't filled it all winter, because I couldn't see birds, anyhow! I can see them, now!
It is driving me batty looking for exactly what I want. Turns out, I may have to just order it. Paying for it is a whole different thing!
When you walk in my Oregon City home, the cement walk has bark dust chunks on one side that end up on the cement, all the time. Drives me crazy, kicking them back in.
I casually mentioned it to my sister as we walked in the house, and she said, "Hmmm." You need a pretty white planter box, there." Oh, my gosh! I do!
I measured it. It needs to be about 3 feet long. That would be SO perfect! I wish I had tons of discretionary money. Craigslist has people who make these. Darnit. Just may have to do it!
I'm back at the river. I can barely walk, today. My back is killing me from helping Bill put up the wood, yesterday. Even though I had the easy job, my back is ruined! I'm kidding. I'll be fine. I'm just out of shape!
We are going to go clamming one day, and fishing one day.
I heard that the ocean was rough, so clamming is tough. A friend of ours said it was a game of stamping out in the waves. I sure hope that changes. Today would be the best day, really. But, both Bill and I are pooped from yesterday's activities. We sure got a bunch done, though!
I am so out of shape from this last round of medical stuff. I sure lose muscle tissue fast. I'm realizing I'm not 19, any more.
I remember when I was oh... 35 or so, and asking an older gentleman friend when it was that he first realized that he felt older. You know, when he could really tell that age was having an impact. He said 50.
I'm 55. I get it! I get it!
At the same time, I still feel like a kid! Both at heart, and at body, too! I mean, the other day I was so happy that I tried to skip. That isn't happening! I couldn't raise my body off the ground high enough to do the "skip" in skipping! Try it! Not happening!
I guess I'll just stick with smiling, when I'm happy. Those muscles are still fine.
Yesterday, I went halfway down the steps from the bedroom where Bill sat on the bed, and thought twice, and went back up.
I had to get this off my chest.
"Bill? Do you know how happy I am, that I can see? I felt so old, when I had to rely on you and David. Remember when David would take me to North Plains, and you would pick me up, just to get me to the coast? I can drive now, Bill! All by myself! I can see how beautiful the maple tree is, out back! The green of the meadow and the bursting beauty of the red rhodies around the house! I can see, Bill!"
People chuckle when I say that I feel so lucky. But, I just am! I could look at all the bad medical things that I have been through, and say that I'm full of woe, but the doctors have always put Humpty Dumpty back together, again! I am lucky!
I firmly believe that you have to see and experience bad things, in order to understand how good things are! Things we all take for granted, if they are taken from us, seem like miracles when they come back!
I am so lucky that I feel like skipping!
I know better, though!
I'll just sit here like a goofball and smile. :).

April 23, 2015

I was blessed with a spawning hen, this morning! What a treat! And Willie found the redd!
But, not only was it a blessing to have it happen, but for me to actually be able to see it nearly made me cry!!! That's one of the things that scared me to death about losing my eyesight. Never seeing things like salmon spawning again... I couldn't take it! But, I'd have to!!
There is something about catching fish spawning that just tickles me to no end! I screech in delight, and then get scared that I spooked them away! But, no! There she is, again! And there is the buck, right behind her, impatiently waiting. (men, huh?!) I think of Bill, revving his engine, waiting for me to get in the truck to go fishing!
Those silvery white flashes in the current are remarkable! I love it! Did I mention I love it?
It was a flashy good bye, and I'm off to the city!

April 25, 2015

I feel like I am in the midst of the good old days. I have been I-fishing like a mad woman, working on this, and that, and trying to get some things cleaned up.
The biggest thing I'm doing, though, is closing up the Fish and Game Management forum. It's kaput. People just didn't like their threads "towed away like so much garbage", as one person put it! Well, it wasn't exactly like that... but some people thought so. The F&G board, as fondly referred to on the mod board, was a place that was gaining popularity, actually, where fish politics existed.
However, the majority didn't like it, so we are giving the members a chance to try to discuss these heated topics on the main board. If it gets to be too much, and if members can't discuss these issues without calling each other degrading names or causing the moderators to pull their hair out, one by one... well, we will go back to the fondly referred "F&G board!"
Here is the announcement, posted on the boards....
I am busier than a one armed paper hanger, trying to move the older topics to the appropriate forums. I finally give up! I'm just leaving the forum "read only" and moving only the most recent stuff.
Nothing better to do when it rains, right? Well, some think so! I'm clicking away, as my neighbor revs up his truck and leaves with his boat. Ah.... to be young, again!

Thank you for giving the fish and game management forum a go!
However, we have listened to the membership who feel that some of the important threads are being hidden from the larger crowds.
We have also had some news from people who liked the board, because it made the community less volatile.
Fact is, no one likes to have their thread moved from where they put it. So we are going to try closing this forum, and allowing members to have controversial management discussions in the forum of their choosing.
I started ifish to bring fishermen and women together to share ways to be a stronger force for the fish and for better fishing.
Let's see if we can get back to this vision without killing the moderators in the process. This is a chance for all of us to stay educated with each other on the challenges, opportunities and threats for fish and for better fishing.
We aim to do this while maintaining a less work intensive environment for the moderators, who come here to volunteer their help in their free time.
In order to do this, please argue the point and not insult, or attempt to beat down the person that you disagree with. These types of behaviors overwork the mods and will push those important discussions off of the front page and back into a fish and game management forum again. And again, we cannot anonymously stab people or organizations. Any complaints MUST be signed.
Partisan issues MUST be banned. We can and must be able to speak factually about candidates of either party, what a candidate did or is doing, etc., but no name calling like "dems are dumb dumbs" or "r's are greedy". No R Vs. D hate, please.
So, let's give this a go! I'm going to go move threads back to the individual forums as best I can, and we'll get started!
From this moment forward, you can post what is allowed in the forum of your choice.
Let's get some things done!

PS... I am in the midst of trying to move all these topics to their appropriate forum so we don't lose any info. I think, though, that instead, we are going to just close the forum to posting, and leave it open for your reading pleasure. Trying to move all those topics is driving me bonkers, and I'm running low on caffeine.
We are going to move only the last month's topics to their appropriate forum, except for sticky threads like the wolves, sea lion, and gill net threads.
Please know we are going back to the old rules that you have to post in the appropriate thread for hot topics such as these.
If by chance you see an important thread that needs moving for discussion, just alert it to us. If you can't, while it's closed, (just occurred to me!) just write to a mod to ask.

This morning I was laying in bed, thinking back to when I was a small child, laying in my single wide bed, all happily wrapped up in covers. I held the satin ribbing of my favorite blanket up to my lower lip and rubbed the silky fabric back and forth. I called it a "diddle diddle". I don't know where that word came from...
I'd stare at the blurry blue walls, all lit up by Saturday sunshine. The thoughts I remember most about those days was praying to God that some day... Oh Lord! Some day, I'd be able to wake up and not need to reach over for my thick, (coke bottle) glasses, in order to start my day.
I got my wish! My prayer was answered after a thousand and six surgeries! I was a middle aged adult when I finally realized that my prayers had been answered! My appreciation for this medical miracle didn't go unnoticed! I enjoyed and thanked God for every morning that I could get up and see my way to the bathroom without glasses! This is just one of the things that God has done for me!
But, if I seem a bit down, lately... I guess I am.
Just like a baby starts out in the womb, so does an adult retract to the fetal position, before death. I feel like that process has begun.
Beginning the end of your years is a difficult thing for anyone to swallow, once it has become totally evident. I still thank God, for all of the miracles, though. I am still alive! 10 years ago, I suffered an aortic aneurism and I should not be alive at all! Miracle of all miracles! Thank you, Lord!
Last night, I grabbed a magazine and headed to the hot tub. One of my favorite things to do, was to soak in that wonderful hot water, with the jets beating against my back while reading the latest "whatever" magazine! Sometimes I read the Bible, but whatever I read, it took me away!
I opened the magazine, totally forgetting about the latest set back. I could not read a word.
The magic was gone. Taken from me, as miraculously and as unexpectedly as it was given.
I think I am at the end of my progress. I think "this is it".
The doctor told me that he would be totally honest with me, about when the blood in my eye was reabsorbed, and that no more progress could be expected. I "expect" to hear this is true on Monday. My next eye doc appointment.
I can see! So much better than the total blindness that I sadly, but totally accepted just two months ago! It was a miracle! No one, including my doctor expected my eyesight to come back at all! Not even a little bit!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
But, sadly, there are some things I will have to say good bye to. Fact is, I can see 20/60 far, but I cannot see near at all. Not even to read my mail.
I cancelled my subscription this morning, to a monthly women's magazine that I used to receive. It is what it is.
So, from now on, it's books on tape. There are other things.
I woke this lazy Saturday morning to the sun filtering through the leaves on the trees. It made a pretty, but very, very blurry pattern on the walls of my bedroom.
Oh, how I wish I had (even-coke bottle) glasses to reach for, so that I could see to read.

April 26, 2015

Can__not wait for some heat! Sunshine! Two days ago, the weather man said it may be 80 on Monday! I have to check if that's still true! It would crush me if they changed it! I have a very strong opinion on that!
I was thinking about this guy I dated a long time ago. I was probably 22 or 23. We were traveling between Cannon Beach, where I lived, and Portland. It was one of those long drives where you get into a discussion to pass the time.
A discussion with him usually consisted of me asking questions while he talked. In fact, that's how it usually goes with me.
The only time it' was different was when he would hit a key topic that I was really interested in. I'd get so excited listening to him, that I'd interrupt him with my thoughts or questions, while he was still talking. That's not good to interrupt, I've been told. :) Even if it is a compliment to the other person!
Once, in a very pensive moment of dialogue, I remember telling him something about being upset because I didn't hold strong opinions. I'll never forget his response to that, because it was so enlightening to me. Enlightening and positive! I felt badly about not having strong opinions for so long (and still do, some times!) and he turned me around in one sentence! He said something like, "Jennie, there are enough strongly opinionated people out there. It's refreshing to be around someone without strong opinions!"
That made me smile. Ever feel bad about something for a long time and have someone compliment you for that exact thing? Just wow.
It sure makes it handy, though, for running a discussion board where people hold really strong opinions! I would be in major trouble if I had to moderate a board discussion on politics or something, and I sided with one party or another.
It's funny, because there are days on the moderator board where we get alerts claiming (accusing) us of being a dumb demo, and then 10 minutes later, another member accuses us of being conservative, all because of an action we took on the board. The fact is, we took action according to our rules and no opinion at all.
I know that people will laugh at this, claiming it's not true, but by golly, it is true!
Personally, I listen to both sides, and when one side explains their view, I think... "They have a point!" and then I listen to the other side, and think, "They have a point!"
I mean, think about it... People are raised in totally different situations, and had different parents, and different surroundings. You never know what their parents were like, or the people that influenced them, growing up. So, how in the world can you argue with their thoughts on things? People form their opinions on what they know and what they were raised around.
I find people incredibly interesting. Instead of immediately jumping on, and arguing with them, my mind goes to, "I wonder how they came to this opinion?"
Of course, I'm not totally without opinions. I don't think anyone could be.
I think I just don't like conflict.
I'm a Christian. I tolerate other religions probably more than most Christians think I should. But, again... other people were raised thinking there is no other way, than their religion! I respect that, and it's interesting to me, to listen to them talk about their religion. I learn things by questioning them, that often makes my faith in my religion stronger. If you listen closely and learn, discussions like this can allow both parties to learn, dissect, and to decide how they feel about theirs.
It's naive, I suppose, to think that when I started the Angler's Chapel, that we could all get along, while allowing all religions to participate.
Sadly, I was challenged, shortly after opening it, by a person with a religion very different than mine. I was met with the end of my open mindedness. :) They proved to me, that yes. I had a strong opinion!
I should call my old boyfriend and tell him. "Hey! Guess what? I have an opinion! A strong one!" lol
I spoke to my post office angel, (who has since passed, and oh my... do I miss her!) and after one of those long conversations, she told me to post the following on the chapel. I love it!
The chapel at Ifish is a place to edify encouragement. Then, it's followed by Phillipians 4.6, my favorite verse, by far!!
To me, Christianity is about love.
The chapel is simply to pray for one another and to uphold one another, and to love one another.
Anyhow.... I don't know how I got into all of this, but I suppose that I've been thinking a lot about this kind of thing, as we approach very serious political activity regarding our fisheries.
The thing is, I want to be filled with all people who have a passion for fish. Yes. All people! I know several people that I adore that will cringe at what I mean by this, and I'm sorry. I'm not going to get into it, but it is my (my hands shake at this word) OPINION that it will take all of us, to come together to fix our fishery problems.
It may not be possible to all get along, hold hands and sing Kumbayah, or to do it like I see it should happen, but you know what? We can try.
Please, open up your hearts and try to understand where your fellow forum poster is coming from. Rather than to immediately shut down and fight them, take a minute and LISTEN to them... and learn.
Even if you STILL disagree, you have learned how someone else thinks, and you can use that information to strengthen your cause.