Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

April 2014
-almost time to hit the sea!


April 1st 2004

Be careful out there! Don't get fooled!

April 5, 2014

My English springer spaniel flew out of the car door to do his thing.
A blast of salt air engulfed us, both.
Willie raced across the damp sands, chasing after a blue heron with its bothered and raucous call. Seagulls scattered.
Quickly losing the chase on the heron, he stopped to dig, dig, dig in the sand.
Perhaps he had better odds with a mud clam.
I finally made it to the bay edge. Willie's bark echoed past the driest sand, across a small strip of softly rounded pebbles and broken shells, and down the streaming ribbons of water into the low tide of the bay.
Head down, I watched for something, anything, with Japanese writing on it. I kicked a crumpled can of Olympia beer, feeling guilty that I didn't have a bag to gather the trash, today. I wanted proof of the tsunami. The news of that tragedy seemed so distant as it was delivered to me across the television waves and youtube videos. Was it really real?
Each day that I don't find something, I'm hopeful that it was all a dream for those people, and for me.
Half giggling, half grimacing, A vision of Jim Erickson, my old fishing pal came to mind. If he dropped any sort of litter, he'd check my disgusted reaction, and with glee, never fail to tell me how happy it would make the people during the 'beach clean up weekend', to find the trash.
The Olympia beer can was all American. So was the cookie wrapper, and I imagine so were the two tiny spin n glows I found. I tucked them into my pocket, feeling better that I cleaned up some of the trash!
Being so familiar with the bay and all it offers my senses, I didn't even notice the distinct and unpleasant brackish aroma, until I came upon a pile, a mess of seaweed, sticks, garbage, jelly fish, all kinds of ocean debris, deposited on the sand. The smell overwhelmed me and directed me widely around it.
That's how you walk on the bay beaches. The tidal deposits guide your path, whether with treasure or trash.
Willie's nose navigates quite the same, but much faster, if I go by his gait. He gallops, nose down to the sand, darting here or there.
Instead of the stink causing him to give wide berth, though, he heads center-in to the cause of noxious fumes, his tail spinning with glee. The nastier, the better! Rotting fish? Oh, yes! Shoulder down, he falls into it, leaving an imprint of goo on his fur. Yuck!
It's a good thing he's not afraid of the water. We spend the rest of the morning throwing, and he retrieving a stick to get rid of the stink.
We continued the bathing ritual at the river, once we got home. My car, oh, my hopeless sand filled car! It will remain that way until... well, probably forever! Can you ever get all the sand out of a beach car?
The beach and the river were a nice escape before I went to the oral surgeon to get a troublesome wisdom tooth out, yesterday.
Today, I'm in pain... Oh, yes, it's truly painful!
But, if I can take someone putting acid in my eye, or needles in my eye, by golly, I can take this!
(Along with some pain pills!)
Oh... My cardiologist is insisting I get checked for an infection in my valve, as I have had a fever for a long time, and just haven't felt well. So, I'm doing that, just to make certain. I have given blood, and am waiting for the culture to come back. No one wants endocarditis, or however you spell it!
Every time I hear that word, I think of that sad movie, "Beaches". Yikes.

April 6, 2014

Wow. I was shocked that it was April, and it's already the sixth?
Usually that bothers me when time flies, but this time, not so much. My mind is too focused on my tests.
But, yesterday, I received a letter in the mail from the doc. It was the results of a blood culture they grew, (and grew and grew and grew!)
"Dear Jennie,
Your final blood culture report showed no growth."

Whoo hooo! Therefore, I have no vegetables in my valve! Well, OK, they aren't vegetables, but vegetations, medically speaking. But, I always laughed at that word.
All I'm left with is a sore place, where my wisdom tooth was!
I'm so excited that I'm not sick!
I wonder, sometimes, how it is I'm so tired, but I guess that I'm just feeling the effects of 50 years of fun and fishing!
Have a great Sunday! I know that I will!

April 10, 2014

Yesterday was a good day.
I woke up, had coffee with my internet and realized that no one was really fighting on the board. Oh, good stuff! I signed off, early!
I grabbed another cup, and headed upstairs. Time off from an otherwise mad moderating morning to get showered, dressed, and enjoy the sunshine!
It was one of those days where you expect everything to go right. A "Catch a fish with every cast" kind of day.
After my shower, I quickly brushed two coats of a pretty new color of nail polish on my nails, and headed out to fish.
I painted them and dried them without any problems! For you guys out there, this is no easy feat. Get nine nails done, and then wreck the last one, somehow. Then, go to fix that one, and wreck another until I just give up, take it all off, and go naked-nailed.
But, I did perfect! No streaks, no gouges! Just pretty, soft color that turned shinier as it dried! It was truly a perfect day!
The color was named "Lady Like". -A pretty pink that would match the brand new jig that I would soon take out of the package, and carefully and expertly tie onto my leader. It is a whole thing, tying on a new jig, fresh out of the package. A ritual. Tying on a fluffy, new, "First Bite" pretty pink and white "lady like" jig! A jig that has always held my confidence. Oh, confidence is so important!
Walking out to the river, the sun was blinding and bright. Willie and Revvie ran and barked around me. The excitement level was high. They always expect a fish with every cast, and this morning I had that spirit, too! We all laughed.
I traded sunglasses for my Polaroids so that I could see through the fast clearing waters. But, the sun was so bright that unless I held my hand over my eyes, I couldn't see much at all! Good thing I have my casts for the Kilchis river memorized. I can expertly cast out and land a jig just about anywhere, blind folded, after 15 years of this, knowing how high the river is, and thus, how far to throw.
I fished the bedroom hole in back of the house. Man, the river has really dropped fast, and the current was slower than I liked. I usually prefer a nice walking tempo, but this was like a shopping shuffle people do when Christmas packs the stores. A slow, awkward shuffle that exhausts me. I kept wanting to push the jig just a little faster, but the water didn't cooperate with me.
I fished the Maple tree hole, and although I liked the speed of the current, there, still, no "First Bite".
But you know what? I didn't lose my confidence! I knew I was going to catch a fish, this morning.
Sure enough, I walked to the last hole I'd fish that day. My jig was still perfectly tied and set. I tipped it with just a tiny bit of really old prawns that had been frozen, thawed, fished, and frozen again and again. They weren't pretty. They didn't smell good. I just knew they'd work.
I cast out, and probably on my third cast, it happened!
I don't know how many times Mark of First Bite Jigs has taught me that he catches many of his (many) fish in the last swing of the cast. He'd tell me to hold steady at the end of a cast, to point the rod tip where it hovered, and just let it be, there. I wasn't quite to that point. My lure was in a shallow, rocky place, still moving, probably four feet deep around several rocks that jut out from the bottom of the river. A place where the rocks are exposed in the summer.
My lure went down. I thought sure it was a rock that grabbed my lure. It just acted that way. It went down casually, as if my hook had caught something still and solid.
There was what seemed like forever between the time it went down, and the time that I pulled back to feel action or none. That's because the fish took my jig, and headed towards me! I dreaded that "none", even as I was setting the hook.
But, no! It came alive as I felt that first angry resistant head shake! What I had hooked was no rock!!
"Fish on!" I yelled at the dogs, and no one else around me. My voice echoed in the canyon. An eagle cackled back.
I wondered, by chance if there were people somewhere that I couldn't see. Just in case, by golly, I was going to let them know I had a fish on. "FISH ON!" Whoo hooo!
The fish burst out of the water like... like Bill Monroe once described. And don't quote me, but something about a metal fan blade, spinning! (I have to look that quote up, because I've always remembered it! It describes steelhead perfectly!)
Then, it disappeared from sight, and gave my rod a workout, and then it did the fan blade thing, again! That always tickles me! "Fish on!" I giggled for the fourth or fifth time. What else can you say at a moment like this?
I'm sure they could hear me five miles down the road. "Fish on! Fish on!" Yes! I have a FISH ON!
You guys, it has been SO long since I've had a fish on! I had forgotten this extreme rush!
While playing it, I struggled to find my pliers, knowing full well this would probably be a wild fish. Finding them, I held them in my teeth, while I brought the fish to hand.
Oh, this thing was beautiful! It had a deep crimson stripe down his side, and oh! So incredibly beautiful!
I leaned my rod against my back, behind me, as I have always done, and leaned over to grab the line to release him. Oh no! Once that fish got a look at me, he exploded once more, and was gone! His tail went this way and that and poof! Gone!
Just a memory!
Did that really happen?
Yes. Because he took my jig with him!
I'm bummed. I have no other confidence building jigs in my drawer. I have a million jigs, but what is it about Mark's First Bite jigs that always have me in the fish? I keep trying to prove that other jigs work, but it isn't working that way! Darnit, Mark! You have me hooked!

April 15, 2014

Hasn't the weather been delicious?
I've so enjoyed wearing tee shirts, and being warm!
I've been battling with sick after sick after sick, and it just feels so good to have the weather nice! I feel much healthier, this way!
I was getting a bit cocky that I hadn't been in the hospital for almost two years. I guess I needed put in my place!?
It's been nearly (get this!) ten years since my aorta dissected and I beat the odds and lived, anyhow! I promised myself, way back when, that when my ten year anniversary comes around, I'm going to do what I've always dreamed of doing. I'm going to some sunny island, where they have little huts on the beach, and the water is that emerald see through green, and I'm going to stay for a week. I want to stand on one of those platform boats and sight fish for... oh, whatever those fish that they have, there. Bonefish?
I've done Hawaii, and I never thought I would. I did! I'm so glad I did, because it was the last vacation I had with Andrew. He swam the entire time. Like a fish, he just wanted to stay in the water. It reminded me of when he was little. He's always loved the water. He swam in the day, and he swam in the night. (Against my wishes!) But, I'm so glad that he did. He also was able to meet his guru, there, Ram Das. Andrew realized many of his dreams, before he left us.
Anyhow, back to the dream.... I'm going to sock away every penny I have to go to ... Oh, gosh, I dream of going to Bora bora, but that is probably a bit much. I also dream of Turks and Caicos.
But, even if I just end up in Mexico, that would be more than enough!
I'm starting by buying my very first passport. But, every time I get any kind of financial windfall, it's going towards my dream!
I remember way back, when we dreamed of going to Disneyland for the first time. It was my then-husband, and my two kids. We had this thing called "Dollars for Disney". We collected pop cans, and every single cent went towards driving to Disneyland. I remember driving slowly along the road, and the kids would see a pop can and scream, "Dollars for Disney!" We made it!
If I can do that, then I can do this, too!
Realize your dreams, and go for it!
I want to fish there, and swim in those warm waters, and sun myself! Bucket lists are fun! What's on yours?

April 19, 2014
Hop, hop, hop...

(later later--.... I have bacterial endocarditis. Great, huh? Well, so much for being so cocky about staying out of the hospital. Should have knocked on wood. :( I left the hospital against their advice, but... I had to. I had to escape. To think. To process.... and to hug Willie.

(later-- On my way to E.R. Doctor (and fellow fly fisherman's) orders. :( I hope they don't keep me, but I'm having chest pain and it hurts so bad. I don't know how to get a hold of Bill, as he is helping at a trout fishing kids day at Hebo lake. Shoot. I hope he reads this or something. Would love to let him know. Wish me luck. Do NOT want to stay there!)

Easter is almost here! I can't believe how fast time is flying! Spring! Spring! Spring is here!
Spring Chinook, and the end of wild steelhead, and I'll never forget the first year I moved to the Kilchis! I was fishing sun up till sun down. Bill would be working in the yard, as I'd scream to come see my latest catch! Fun!
I can't wait to get my fly rod out, and fish after dinner with Willie. That's a fun tradition and one that the dogs always love!
I can't wait for wet wading in shorts and sandals! It's so cold at first, and then you get numb, so that everything is just fine! Especially when you have a fish on!
I have had a darned fever... just slightly enough to make me feel rotten, every night for over a month. I think we'll finally figure it out, as a I have a full MRI with contrast on Wednesday. I hope they figure it out, and I hope it's not horrible. I can do without another life tragedy!
I sometimes wish that my health problems could be as simple as the flu or a viral infection! Darnit! Why is it always something big?
Yesterday I was able to get the beets planted and the tomatoes and potatoes in the ground. I'm sure I'll have to protect them, as it's pretty early, but it felt so good to work in the dirt! Cleansing! Fun!
By noon or so, each day, I'm pooped and spend the rest of the day resting. I seem to sleep a ton. I can't lay down or sit down to read or watch TV without falling asleep! It's just bizarre! I want to feel good again!
After all, the Spring Chinook are heading towards a bay near me! Whoo hoooo!

April 21, 2014

Andrew was 26 when he passed, but as I live longer and longer, I realize that his short life was pretty darn good. Pretty darn complete. There have been much worse lives.
He realized many of the things on his bucket list. He saw his favorite bands live, which he just loved and lived for. He went to Hawaii. He went to Disneyland a half dozen times. He got to go to Coachella four years or so? He met his mentor, Ram Das and shook his hand. Ram Das called him by name!
And, as I go through marfan challenges, one after the other, I realize how hard it is on David, who is healthy. But, Andrew? When things happen to me, and we both had marfan, it was like a mirror to him, of what he may face in his future. It's no fun to see Humpty Dumpty fall, over and over especially when you are sitting right next to him!
When you are very young, it's awful to see your "Mommy" sick. I remember that when my Mom had the shingles, even. I was so young. About five. It was awful. But, even as you grow older, it's so hard to see your parents in pain.
I know that when my lung collapsed two years ago or so, it really hit both the kids. They had to see me twice, all hooked up with those wires and tubes, listening to me be in pain. No fun. No fun at all. First, it's your Mommy. Second, for Andrew- he had the very same affliction. The same future, perhaps?
I am almost relieved, not that Andrew is gone, but that he doesn't have to see this. More than that, I'm sometimes relieved that he doesn't have to go through the challenges of getting older, with marfan syndrome. He despised hospitals. Even the smell of them!
There has been much discussion on the merits of getting older with marfan syndrome. We have made huge leaps and bounds where some diseases are concerned, expanding life expectancy.
With Marfan, I was told as a teen that I would live to be no more than 35. Now, life expectancy for marfan is doubling, (as long as you are tested regularly and take care of yourself) to 70! Wow! But, is that as good of a thing as it sounds?
As well as living with all of the challenges we have with our weak connective tissues, we also have to go through the normal aging process, which often brings it's own challenges, even to the healthy individual!
So, the story, the update is this.
I called Dr. Broberg yesterday, who was the cardiologist on call. (And man, do I like him!)
The ER had me convinced I was near death and had to be checked into the hospital and that I had bacterial endocarditis. No question.
Thank God that Dr. Broberg told me the news in a different fashion. Something like, "There is a shadow on your aorta. It is tiny. It very well may be nothing, but we need to rule it out." Now, that... THAT is how you tell someone scary news! I like that so much better!
And thank GOD for Dr. Menashe, who was on me every other day for weeks, now, to take care of this. It took me a while, and I even called him a "killjoy", once.
I had blood drawn, weeks ago, to check for bacteria in my blood to appease Dr. Menashe that I was OK. (And myself, of course.) The blood test came back negative, and I was so happy that I wrote to tell Dr. Menashe. He wrote back that it was indeed good news, but that he wouldn't be happy until my fever was resolved.
Well, it hadn't resolved, and Saturday I woke with chest pains and he sent me straight to E.R. If not for Dr. Menashe, I'd still be wondering, and the earlier you treat this, the better.
Dr. Broberg said I didn't need to check back into E.R yesterday, and to wait until Monday and wait for his call to see if they could fit me in for a T.E.E test. (Let's see if I can spell this-- Transesophageal Echo.) That's that icky test, where you have to swallow a camera. Great! LOL.
Anyhow, that will tell us what we have to deal with.
I am thankful for my life, and my bucket list is pretty full, too. I am thankful. I am a fighter. I have shed my tears. I have done my pity party, and now it's onward and upwards. I will prevail!
Bill called, yesterday, and I have to say that my heart dropped when he reported that two yellow goldfinch showed up, finally, yesterday. :( I'm the one who spots those, first. No fair. That's my job. Why am I not home on the river, where my heart belongs?

April 22, 2014

That was quite the scare.
I had plenty of time (four days?) to worry about it, and to wonder. I mean, what was I going to do with Willie? We both suffer from a severe case of separation anxiety. This is a contagious pet disease that I believe humans catch from their animals. I have it pretty badly.
I think that's the major reason I was so upset about having endocarditis. I mean, the treatment is 4-6 weeks in the hospital, with an IV pumping you full of antibiotics. What was I to do with Willie?
Bill would have taken him, and David would have, also. But, what about me? Who would have made sure I didn't suffer from those anxiety symptoms of separation? Sure, antibiotics would cure me of endocarditis, (hopefully!) but, they say being in the hospital creates much risk for other diseases. You know, like separation anxiety! I seriously don't know which would be worse!
There was no relief better than when I woke from the test, yesterday to the news that they didn't find any endo. Just a small aortic leak! I am so thrilled, you have no idea!!! It's been like a stressful roller coaster, and now the ride is done!
I can fish again, and have full days with my dog, and plant plants and you know, LIVE!
God is good. SO good!
I'm just thrilled! Thankful! Just happy!
I do still need to explore why the constant low grade fever, and Dr. Brobeck is going to help me with that. Tomorrow, a long MRI and yet another IV in my arm! Oh, brother. Are there any veins left? You should see my arms! Holes and bruises and band aids, oh my!
I'm just happy, though. Sick or not, fever or not, I'm smiling. Thank God!
"Come on, Willie! Let's go play!"

April 24, 2014

I'm so tickled to be a part of it all! LIFE!
Endocarditis in an infection of the heart valves. After four full days of research and worry, with at least 10 (count them!) IV holes in my arms, I can say I don't have that, even though some at the hospital were sure that I did. (Or perhaps, "wanted to make certain that I didn't" are better words for it.)
I'm thankful that there are doctors and nurses that think of these things. I'm grateful for their concern and that they are careful to rule out these awful things. I do have to say, though, that these were some of the most stressful days I have experienced!
Bill and I cried on the phone, together. I planned and wondered what I'd do with Willie. I made a schedule of important tasks for David to make sure to get done around the house. I wrote to those that I loved.
But I don't have it! I'm so excited for that fact!
Now, I have new seasons to look forward to! I feel that sort of excitement that of a kid, waiting for Christmas or snow, but instead, I'm excited for a whole assortment of seafood and fishing that is about to explode around us!
Sleepy, cold mornings, waking and shaking the fog from our heads, as we prepare to go clamming!
Spring Chinook, Ocean salmon, Shrimp (see to the right!) rock fish, and... TUNA! (And, oh, so much more! Trout, summer steelhead, do I even need to go on?)
It's exciting! So exciting! And you and I are here to be a part of it!
It's so disheartening to think that life can be taken from you in an instant- or even that you might need treatment that requires you to leave everything behind you at home -that we take for granted- if you are in need of a treatment facility.
Simple every day things are treasured to me right now, so much more than even last week. My coffee pot! Oh, how I love my own coffee pot!
I appreciate hospitals and treatment facilities! I do! -but man, oh man! I appreciate being home so much more!
This recent threat on my health really hit me, this time around. Imagine that. With all of my health challenges in my life, even I had taking for granted the luxury of an extended period of good health and being at home, surrounded by my family and pets.
Instead of appreciating that true luxury of waking in my own bed, and being able to work when I need to and play when I can, I was busy dreaming of going to exotic places like Bora Bora! I dreamt of escaping the very true dream of home and good health! I'm such a dummy!
Do you even know how excited I am, to be able to hop in my car, independently, and head for the river that I love? To hug Bill and to kiss Revvie's sweet, soft, velvet ears?
When I stop for construction on Hiway six, I grab Willie and put him in my lap to hug. I'm not missing a moment of this soft fur and good fortune!
To round the corner road, and to glimpse The Kilchis river, with a heavy sum total of memories of seasonal fishing and excitement? Of wet wading in the summer, and frozen-footed, icy crossings in the winter!? Of Bill and I, grinning ear to ear while a salmon flips on the other end of my line through the air!
Amazing Grace!
Life is a gift and good health is something that we all seem to take for granted over and over and over again!
I suppose this is why I get so frustrated with some of the argumentative posts on Life in General, or the needless name calling during fishery fights on the boards. Who has time for that? Really!?
I'm almost (AMOST!) grateful for the emergencies and health problems that I have! They kick me in the booty back into appreciating those things that I take for granted, because I need it! I am a slow learner. I don't just make mistakes once and learn from them. I need to make those same mistakes over and over, just to make sure! And yes! I'm sure right now!
Ask me tomorrow. I may have forgotten!
I love life and I appreciate everything that surrounds me! Starting with running water and extending to just about everything, including my neatly folded clean (bright yellow) undies!
Bora Bora, be gone from my mind!
I have excitement and discoveries to be made as close as under the very feet that hold me standing, today.
My river, (God travel me, safely!) with it's seasonal memories from blackberry picking in late summer, to discovering beautiful rocks and agates that take my breath away, as I hold them glittering in the chilly spring sunshine.
Memories made of long summer days floating the river with my kids make me realize how good it is to breathe deeply and that to have the sniffles is really no biggy!
Tiny purple flowers burst open against a million-strong color palette, bright green grasses of spring! Blades, both thick and thin, growing up, together! Waking in the morning with a symphony of songbirds, a thousand thick in the trees! What music! What miracle!
What Amazing, amazing Grace!
The people of the hospital of OHSU probably don't know it, but they have cured me of a disease that is at least spiritually more deadly than Endocarditis! They have cured me of indifference. At least for the moment, I am spiritually well, and I am cured of any apathy for life and this has given me a live rooted start of appreciation! One that can grow from here on in! Oh, God, help me keep it alive! Help me to plant it in the rich, nutrient filled earth of my soul and to water it and nurture it and realize what a gift it truly is!
Kick me in the backside, oh fishing friends on ifish! -if I ever start to take my life and location for granted and crave exotic places as a prescription for boredom, complacency, and apathy! Or, God help me, if I ever stoop to trying to divide others by starting a partisan, divide-isan (lol) thread on "Life in General!"
Oh, health and good home, I love you!
Any surrounding on earth is better than sick!
But the Kilchis river is exotic and rich and pure [magic]! People from Bora Bora probably dream of waking in this very location, just as we do, theirs!
In whatever location, though, if you wake and are able to take in a breath, you are the luckiest person in the most exotic location on earth!

April 27, 2014

I woke to pounding hail and did I hear thunder? I peaked outside the window to check the mood. Against the stormy, near night sky, my white rhododendrons peaked back at me and seemed to giggle, "Good morning!"
I loved that! It made me smile, and have a good start to my day.
Of course, it may have been partly that the weather man has prepared us for a good mood, soon. Highs in the (what?) eighties! This stormy Sunday is the end to the bad weather for a while. I can hear Oregon applaud! Perhaps that's why I can hear rhodies giggle, too. This weather surely can't be fun for flowers and young spring plants!
I can hear in my mind's eye, the fishermen and women making plans. Of course, if I were a true fisher woman, like I was in years past, this weather wouldn't have affected me at all.
Bill and I didn't used to even consider the weather much, before fishing. It was what it was, as long as the rivers were in shape, and we went, rain or shine! What is wrong with us!? Dang, I get cold, lately!
I'm really ticking my dog, Willie off, too. He doesn't get it! Why are we inside, shivering, all the time? Mom! Let's go! There's a river out there!
I was shocked and surprised when I asked Bill when I got here, if anyone had caught a springer yet. "Oh, yes! Even up in the Trask!" Wha? Why didn't you tell me?
"You've been sick."
Speechless, I've been making plans in my head.
We don't even have our big boat, any more. How are we going to take Willie and Rev? I guess we still can, in the big duck boat, but it's not nearly as comfortable.
I didn't think Bill selling the big boat would be a big deal, but to me, lately, it has been hitting me.
I'm going to have to talk him into shopping for our next one, soon!
I really, really liked this one, from the show a few years back. It's the perfect size! Click on the lower right corner, if you want to make the video bigger.

I want one! (Two? His and hers?!)

I guess I'm going to have to start getting Bill excited about a new boat. Perhaps after I insist on taking both dogs with us, and we have a double on. Maybe that will be a good time to introduce the thought of a new boat. Yeah...OH, I love these plans! Hey, Willie! Rev! We need some chaos!

April 30, 2014

Revvie is a good, eight year old lab. She's grown out of that frustrating (and I mean frustrating!) wildness that I simply couldn't be around. She'd hurt me! She knocked me over multiple times, and knocked me in the eye so hard once, that I was in surgery two days later for a detached retina! Now, I don't know that Revvie was the cause, but I sure thought so at the time. Being Bill's dog, Bill didn't think so.
Regardless of our strained relationship when she was young, (or maybe because of) we are now very, very close. When I come home, she's so excited to see Mama! I kiss her sweet, soft, velvet ears and we cuddle and love, and our happiness spilleth over. I miss her so much, when I'm gone!
Willie is my beloved three year old Springer Spaniel. He has some of that 'wild' that Revvie had, but not as obnoxious. He's just annoying, (but thankfully moreso, endearing.) I don't know if that is because he is my dog, or because he's just not as wild, or maybe because he doesn't have the bulk and weight that Revvie had!
This morning was total chaos.
I woke late, and wandered down to pour my coffee. The coffee wasn't made. That's a one in a bunch of days occurrence. We always make coffee the night before, so it's ready at six, when we get up! I guess Bill and I were just too tired, last night.
While I hurriedly made coffee, the animals were impatiently screaming for treats. They don't like "late". They are always treated, first thing in the morning. Molly was meowing and rubbing against my leg, and the dogs were prancing on the hard wood floors.
"What's the darn hold up?" If they could talk.
"Just a second!"
By the time I had Molly fed, coffee made and was seated, I was ready to hand out dog treats.
Willie was at wit's end. Patience is a learned virtue.
Revvie, knowing full well the rules of treating, lay politely and patiently to my right, where she always lay to receive her morning sustenance.
Willie, however, was sniffing at my pockets, wagging his tail and being a nuisance.
I finally had enough mauling! I sat back and folded my arms, saying nothing and doing nothing. No one was getting treats until there was order! Willie was shocked. He thought about it for a minute, and then begrudgingly and slowly backed up to his place, and sat down. He swallowed a gulp of despair.
I cracked up. He is such an entertainer!
Dogs love schedules and traditions and everything the way it always is!
Oh! And Willie gets so excited when we play on the river. He chews sticks madly, growls and runs and barks, and chews sticks some more. I don't know if he has a high palette like I do- (Does he have marfan, too? lol), but he gets a two inch or so piece of stick uncomfortably wedged between his upper teeth.
He panicks and digs at his nose with his paws, and slides his nose sideways in the sand, trying to dislodge it. I know the signs, so I get up, walk to him and help him out. He fought me at first, not knowing that I could help him. As long as I have his cooperation, with a flick of my finger, it's out.
Yesterday this happened. As I was getting up from my foldable duck chair to help, I noticed he was walking towards me, so I sat back down. He whined as he came to me, sat his nose on my knee, opened his mouth and waited with the most soulful and pitiful look on his face!! He was asking for help!
"Awe! Willie!" I flicked the stick out, and he wagged his tail to continue his follies. I sat there in wonder, watching Willie and Revvie play together, happily in the sand.
Dang, but I love those dogs!