Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

April 2013

Closer yet, to Spring!

April 2, 2013

We went giggle fishing!
We limited out in an hour! What fun!
Bill and I took off for Cape Meares to trout fish in Cape Meares Lake. We hadn't done that in ages. It was pretty much a shake down run, but what a shake down it was!
We can still do an efficient job at fishing, it seems! It was good for our egos!
Fishing, to me, includes everything from preparation, remembering everything for the trip, before you leave(!), expert boat launching as a team, rigging, and everything all together including expert fish cleaning and cooking, at the end of the day! The whole thing!
I backed the truck in with ease. It's an odd ramp, and needs to be updated, if you ask me, but it works! You have to back across an intersection that has very light traffic, and then back into the lake. But, it's really not a problem. Just have to look both ways, backwards! It does hurt my neck! It does!
Bill had the boat by the rope, and I went to park the trailer. Parking is lousy. You have to make due. It's lucky that it's not heavily used, so I just found a turnout on the road that is closed.
The motor purred to life like a kitten, first stroke! Well, it would have, had we have done it right, but let's pretend. I don't wanna hurt Bill's feelings. So, it purred to life. Right? First stroke!
We both had medium weight trout rods, six pound line, a neat little plastic rudder to keep the line twist down, and a small Triple Teaser. That's it! No scent, no bait, no more of anything! Oh, wait-weight! We had a small split shot to keep the lure slightly under the water, yet out of the weeds! Bill was reminding me of those keel weights that are on a bead chain. If you use those, probably an 1/8th ounce would do. They do the same thing, a bit more professionally looking- but our rig worked just fine. Oh, did it!
20 feet from the dock, we both got hit! No fish landed that time, and the further we got from the boat ramp, the less action we had. I'd say that today, the bite centered around the ramp.
People were fishing off the bank with power bait, but I have to say we were showing them up pretty badly. I felt for this single woman, fishing alone. On the way out, we promised we'd take her out, tomorrow, but she said she was going home. Oh well, at least we offered!
She pointed out a herd of elk on the other side of the lake! Awesome!
Back to fishing, we headed back to the ramp, and just as we got close to the ramp, Bam! Bam! Two fish on! We laughed. Fun! So much fun! It is truly giggle fishing, for me!
I don't giggle when I have a springer on. Trout? Uh huh! Springers make me scream. Trout make me giggle.
It gives me confidence to hook a fish. No matter what kind. It's not a screamer, but dang, it's fun!
These little hatchery trout aren't much to speak of. Perhaps 8 to 12 inches max, but there are a few hold overs in there, for the lucky fishers! These fish are beautiful, red meated beauties that run 18-20 inches and more! Oh, that would be a prize to behold!
But, we are happy with what we landed, and packed into the cooler. 10 nice fish for our tummies!!
Hatchery trout have very mild flavor, so they pretty much take on whatever you cook them with. We are keeping them whole, stuffing them with bread stuffing and onions, and barbecuing them on our Traeger grill.
Hey-- speaking of Traegers! Scott, my neighbor, won one at the NSIA tournament! See! Told you you should go!!! He also came home with fourth place! Whoo hooo, Scott! I knew you'd place!
Back to dinner-- we are having some steamed brown rice and yummy vegetables of some sort. Haven't decided yet, but I'm looking forward to a healthy dinner! Sounds so good!
Cape Meares is an awesome retreat for the day, or during a weekend camp out at the beach. A short outing, great for kids and adults, alike.
I went, and still have time to get all my work done, play with Willy and Revvie, and not be too exhausted to finish cooking dinner!
I'm off to the river, now, with the dogs. Hey Ho! What a great day!

April 5, 2013

I love Spring so much. Heavenly lush.
When I get up in the morning, and first open the door to let Willie out, it hits me full on my front side. Lush. Warm, wet wind. Perfume from blooming cherry trees and Daphne. Oh, sweet daphne.
Speaking of, I've been doing a neighborhood hunt for daphne and only found one neighbor with two bushes. How could that be? Does no one love daphne like I do?
I have been planning a note to the neighbors. Could I buy just a couple stems with blooms on them? A note? Or, should I just knock? Will they think me crazy?
I just want enough to make my room smell good, or my car. Yeah, another stem for my car, please!
Funny. My bestest friend messaged me the other day. Out of the blue! We had never in our lives spoken about daphne. I had been doing a serious hunt, disappointed in my new one year old daphne. I worked hard to mix the soil with sand, where I planted it. I carefully untangled the roots. But, it is wimpy. The very few blooms put off but a hint of "odura", if you get close enough.
Wimp. Wimpy daphne! Not giving up, I gave it a hefty helping of fertilizer and I'm praying for next year.
Anyhow, she texted me, "Do you like daphne?" I had to laugh. She explained how she loved it, and went on and on. I laughed all the way through. I knew we were besties! Only besties have the same favorite flower scent!
How could I get her to realize that I was on a current daphne hunt on every walk, every drive, every nursery that I pass? "Do you have daphne? Does anyone have the real daphne?!"
Thing is, you can't buy just any daphne. You have to buy the old fashioned 'odura' daphne.
Daphne is so finicky. If you want daphne in your yard, buy 8 if you want 4. They have to have really good drainage. Even then, they'll just die if they want to. For no reason at all. Kind of like a cat. If they aren't happy, they'll just leave. Daphne just die. That'll teach us.
Praise their existence, if they flourish! You are the chosen one! If your daphne is happy, you don't have to care for it, one bit! Just leave it alone, and come early springtime, you will walk by it, every chance you get! In fact, sometimes the fragrance from but one single daphne bush will fill an entire neighborhood! It's so lovely!
My sister gave me one little stem for my Birthday, and that got me going for the season. I MUST HAVE MORE!
I went for a walk this morning, and filled my senses with blooming cherry trees, and warm blasts of muggy air. Big old fat raindrops kissed me on my face. I looked up to greet them. Did I tell you I love Spring?
I stopped to visit with a fisherman, getting ready to go out springer fishing. He was charmed, it seems, that this girl likes to fish. Why? Why is it so odd? But, I'm glad I met a neighbor. I'm charmed that he likes to fish, too!
Now, I'm going to a nursery, here in Oregon City. Last year I got "grouponed" into buying a $10 for $20 at "Blooms-N-More Nursery".
Tammy is going with me, and so is Willie. I guess they let dogs romp in the nursery.
I wonder.... I wonder if they have daphne!
If so, this girl will be absolutely and most completely charmed!

April 10, 2013

I'm so honored! I've never been much of a Tweeter, but I tweeted a message to this actress that I've always thought was so classy, telling her that I thought so. You know, I just thought these messages disappear in space, but she answered me, and then she followed me on twitter! I nearly fell on the floor! I just think Adrienne Maloof is so classy and so pretty! I told her so! Look at this, though!!!

Click to Zoom

Look over in the right hand column on ifish, here, and then under the ifish magazine splash. There is a gem to be read, daily. Long time ifish member, Don Becker contributes these articles by reading the board, and finding a "feel good" thread. I just love this part of ifish! Don does an awesome job! I think so highly of Don. He loves ifish, and his dedication shows. I can relate to that dedication.
You know, I started ifish, but I'll never forget Thumper saying once that after a while, something like ifish no longer belongs to the person who started it, but it belongs to the community. He is so right. I sold the business of ifish, but the community belongs to all of us, and in order to keep it going, we all have a responsibility to keeping it the best it can be. It's kind of like trimming your lawn neatly, as a home owner. We want the neighborhood to be appealing.
Used to be that I'd get frustrated on the mod board, and occasionally the mods would find me a "feel good" thread, to keep me going with a good attitude. Their persistence in finding them said to me, "Yes, ifish is doing well, and people enjoy sharing!" That is what I needed to keep going, mentally. Don, your column over there recharges my batteries, and I love it! (And I love YOU, too!) Hugs!
I'm at the coast, and loving the rain. It's cool and fresh, and yet colored warmer than winter. I've always loved the sound of rain on the canopy of fresh leaves in this season of renewal! It is such an awesome sound- so much different than winter rain! Winter rain is cold and hard and bangs down on the bare, wooden branches of trees, but Spring rain? Lush! Full! Warm! Gotta love it!
Springer fishing season at the Coast is marching closer, and I just simply cannot wait! Just talking about it, has me jumping up and down in my computer chair! LOL
Some people don't know it, but Coastal Springer season starts in May or so. Bill and I have gone out for a shake down run, and we have gotten lucky, as early as mid April. But, for now, I sit patiently in my chair, (not!) making a few runs to the city for the Springer season there.
Call me a coastal snob, but I do think the Springers here are bigger, and better! Probably because I'm not very good at city springers, and I don't have access as much.
I have a new lure I have created, and can't wait to try! I can't wait to share it with you! Be patient! I am going to show it to you, once I catch a big, fat Coastal Springer on it!
In Oregon City, my neighbor Scott, fishes for Springers. He is a true, dedicated fisher. One that has grown up with the bug so bad that that is all he did. EVER! I love to listen to his stories of when he was young, and fishing the Clackamas, and how he'd get access to awesome out of the way fishing holes.
I just love to catch him as he backs his big sled into the driveway. His truck is loud and powerful and there is not a chance I can miss it. I hear him backing out in the morning. It often wakes me like an alarm. Oh! It's time to go fishing! And then I realize, I'm not going. Wah. I don't know, but it just reminds me of my Dad going, and coming home from fishing, when I was a kid. I just want to run out, each time I hear him. "Get any?" It also reminds me of when my brothers and my Dad were going fishing... and how sometimes I didn't get to go. After all, fishing is a "boys" thing.
My Mom and my sisters would go shopping, or some silly thing that girls do. Oh, great! So now I'm grown up, and I love to do both! I still think that fishing is my favorite, though! Give me something that I'm not allowed to do, and that's what I want! I'm bad like that!
Someone told me I couldn't grow asparagus on the Oregon Coast. Bah! Yesterday, I wandered out to my asparagus plant, and sure enough! One asparag(i), sprouting out of the ground, reaching for the sun! My plant is about five years old and still, we only get a handful, if that, of edible asparagus! It's a joke of a plant, but I love it, so much!
And so, it's Springtime. So much excitement. So much new. It gives me faith and hope to know that our earth and everything in it, is still rechargeable. Renewable. We always get to start fresh with each hour, each day, each season.
We all make it through these long, winter days, and we are rewarded with Spring weather, Spring Chinook, and green, green, green!

April 11, 2013

What are you doing this weekend? Want to meet some friendly fishers? Come on down to Tillamook!
We'll be at the Whiskey Creek Volunteer Salmon Hatchery, clipping fins!
You guys, you really need to do this, and bring the kids, too! It's fun, educational, and fishy! You can find all the finer details by clicking here, but here's a brief scoop.
I have been going to this for quite some time, although my health has kept me from it a couple of years. I'm going to go this year, though! Darnit! I must!
I'm not very good at clipping, frankly. My eyesight is not great, but I am going to offer any support that I can, and to help, in any way that I can.
Bill went this morning, to help set up. He's so awesome. Bill does so much for the fisheries. I just stand in awe. He gets tired, sometimes, and I ask him why he is doing so much, lately, and he said, "Well, I figure I've caught a few fish over my lifetime, and now it's time to give back!" Isn't that an awesome outlook? Go, Bill!
Is it time you gave back a little? Thing is, this is fun, too! :)
Anyhow, it's this Saturday! Get there early enough to join us for goodies and coffee at 8:00 AM and then we'll teach you how to do it, and begin clipping at 9:00 AM.
We clip the adipose fin, so that when they come back, we'll know they are hatchery, and that they are keepers! (Make sure to always read the regs, though!)
If you will be bringing a large group, by chance, you really should let someone know. Call Jerry Dove, the president of Tillamook Anglers, at (503) 842-6519 or send Jerry an email
Jerry Dove... now there is another guy who supports the hatchery through the works of the Tillamook Anglers. Go, Jerry, Go!
You know those big, fat, juicy Springers that you catch out of Tillamook Bay? You can thank every one of the people who come to the fin clippings and volunteer their time for these fat fish! Bill, Jerry, and everyone who contributes! It's kind of fun to catch a springer out of Tillamook Bay and wonder, "Did I clip this one?"
Come on down and meet some great people in Tillamook, this weekend! We would love to meet you!

April 17, 2013

Waiting for the cherry trees to bloom is pretty much akin to awaiting the lighting of the town Christmas Tree.
Bill calls and asks when I'm coming home. "Well, you haven't totally missed the cherry tree. It is just starting to bloom."
Meanwhile, back in Oregon City, I'm watching the trees bloom like crazy. I get two Spring Holidays! One after another, and my heart is going dancing! White, then pink, then back to green again. They explode with color! The waltz is entrancing!
I mowed the lawn for the first time, yesterday and it is so green and lush! The first mowing of the year makes everyone look like a true landscape artist!
Oh! Speaking of which... I was driving past the neighbors with the Daphne plant, and they were outside. I stopped, not knowing fully what I was going to say! But, I praised their Daphne, and he was so kind to give me a stem of it! Now my kitchen smells like pure heaven on earth! I love it! What nice people! He is a landscape artist, and by the looks of his lawn, you can really tell it! He scientifically named the plants I asked about, dazzling me with the same 'dazzle' I get from a fly fishing entomologist. (Pete, I might add! He dazzles me with bug names!)
Anyhow, I got my daphne fix, and hopefully by next year, I'll have my own blooms! Funny to look forward to Spring, but to look forward to the next Spring? Now that is a hopeless romantic!
Apostrophe. I went to hit the apostrophe key and laughed again. a couple days ago, I went to the local Ace Hardware on Mcloughlin, and wandered outside to the plant section. Above each set of plants were the names of each one. "Raspberry's", "bean's", "beet's", "carrots"... Each one! Oh, come on! Someone has got to know better! Someone?! I didn't say anything, but I sure wanted to. Not that I don't get mixed up occasionally, but... come on!
So, you know how I love a good fishing banquet, with all of their prizes, good food and good reason. The CCA is putting one on here in Oregon City, this season. You have to go! You must! It's Friday at the Abernethy Center. That's - 606 15th St. Oregon City, Oregon. Click here to buy tickets!
Click here to read more about it! I was just going to post this on the board, and it's already there!
Scott, my neighbor, called last night, reminding me to post about the banquet. Oops! I told him I would, and totally forgot. That's what getting older is like!
I hear they have got a bunch of great prizes this year. You always hear how much fun I have! So, go! Support the fish! Have a ball!
(Sit at little tables and drink May wine! What song is in my head?!)
Yesterday was a roller coaster for me. But, I have to tell you, when things go bad, blessings roll in and amaze me to no end. I won't go into it, but man oh man... God is good!
Part of it is that I'm worried about my CT, today. I have to go in to my annual check up on my aorta. I hope, so badly that my aneurism hasn't grown. I am really not in the mood for heart surgery. Please, Lord, make me OK! I know it's coming, one of these years, but not this year! Please! I am having so much fun being fairly well!
Speaking of which, I'd better scurry and get ready. Off I go. Have a great day, and I will, too!

daisyApril 22, 2013

It's sure been one of those weeks!
I thought I'd probably spend a couple days in the city. Not a week or more! Bill keeps wondering when I'm coming back. I do, too!
So, besides a leak in my living room window, and the need for two estimates on the damage of my bamboo flooring, I also went to get my CT.
It was a crazy experience. Mind you, I'm used to this rigamarole. I go up to the 10th floor to get my CT. They usually try to feed me some milky looking solution, and I am used to having to tell them no, I don't get that stuff. "Oh, but yes you do!" "No, I don't!" So, they look it up, ask the radiologist, and finally, they decide I'm right.
Well this time was different.
"You are scheduled down at the river."
But, they finally figured that out, but then they also told me that I had to have some new fangled type of CT this time. So, they took me downstairs, and we finally got going.
Of course, there was the normal problem of trying to get the needle in my veins, which look really good, but no one can thread them, so they had to call the special IV team.
I went to my appointment, and I asked the gal, "How long might it be? Shall I go get lunch?" Dr. Song's office is always busy. I usually wait anywhere from one to three hours, once I get there.
"Oh! We are going to get you right in!"
NOT. I waited, and waited and waited. I fell asleep, my tummy growling.
Finally, and hour and a half later, they call my name. I do all the stuff, the weigh in, the blood pressure, and ask the gal, "How long till Dr. comes in?"
Anyhow... I ended up leaving before he came in. I just had given up. I had work to do, and couldn't afford the wait.
They assured me he would call me right away, to tell me the results. He didn't. I called the next day, anxious to know. "Oh, was he supposed to call you?" Ugh. I called each day. No luck!
Finally I e mailed another doc, and got the good news! I'm good to go!
Still, it's stressful not to know the results, and waiting took a real toll on me!
But, I'm good! I'm good! Good for another year! I can't believe my luck! I have been well and haven't been in the hospital for over a year, now! A year and a half? Almost two! Whoo hooo!
Today I have a floor guy coming, and a roofer coming. Then... then, perhaps I can drive to the coast before the cherry tree loses all of its blossoms!
Oh, on one kind of sad note... Bill called and said he had four goldfinches that morning. Second year in a row that I missed their arrival. Things have got to change! Well, at least they are there! Late, but there!
Oh! One other slight tragedy. I am so broke this month! So broke that I over drew my bank account! I haven't done that in ages!
So, I kept looking at my account, trying to figure out how I had done that.
I have a plan F it is, I believe? And my insurance guy found a cheaper plan for me. I signed all the papers, and thought everything was good.
I was so used to seeing that "Mutual of Omaha" payment withdrawn from my account, that I didn't notice that it hadn't gotten cancelled! I was paying for two plans! Yep! There is the 150 overdraw!
I'm so glad that I figured it out! Things like that bug me! So, now I get to write to them and have them reimburse me. It's almost like getting 150 bucks extra, but not really! Regardless, it's good to have that money back!
This week, I'm starting new. Everything in my house is going to stay fixed, and I'm going to the coast! I am going to will everything right! You watch!
And maybe... just maybe? We'll go Springer fishing and on our shake down run, catch the first one! Wouldn't that be da bomb?!
I can dream, can't I?

April 24, 2013

It's over 70 outside. Warm and still. One of those teases of what we have in store for us.
I'm planting Spring flower boxes, for Bill. Well, I guess for Bill and I, but these are at Bill's house. Well, I guess it's my house too? I don't know. It's confusing.
Where is my home?
Everywhere I'm not, is home!
I say to Bill in Tillamook, "I'll take it home with me". As I leave for Oregon City.
I say to David in Oregon City, "I'm going home, today. Need anything?" -as I leave for Tillamook. I thought home was where the heart was. Perhaps I have two hearts, and two homes.
At least for now.
The way it's going in Oregon City, I wonder how long I can keep up. Now, I have a roof leak and a window leak. Cha ching.
I miss Ginny. Ginny was such a good friend. Remember Ginny and Glenn at ifish? Always to be seen, their smiling faces at every ifish party, every ifishstock, every Christmas gathering.
Sunshine reminds me of Ginny. She was also always in my IN box, sending me fun things her friends had sent her. Frankly, it was during my busy time at ifish, and sometimes I couldn't read them. Sometimes, it actually irritated me, and at the time, I wondered how I might ask her not to send so many, without hurting her feelings. I'm so glad I didn't! Now, I miss each and every one of those e mails and what I wouldn't do, to get another.
Ginny would be wishing me a happy Spring, and talking about how lovely the weather was. How she and her black lab Jet were walking here or there. I loved that. I sure miss that.
Ginny passed away about 6 months ago, and I miss her, with each passing season. We were very alike, in many ways. Our Mothers seemed alike. I don't know. She was just so special to me!
People just seem to disappear. Andrew, Ginny, my Dad, my Mom. Poof. Gone.
Anyhow, I'm out planting flowers. Life goes on.
Bill and I went to pick them out, and what was weird, is that he paid for them! Usually, it is my thing. I think he knows this year I just can't afford them. It was such a treat, yet kind of scary, to pick out so many! I had a ball. We even left Willie in the house, while we left, so I got a break!
When we got home, Willie went absolutely nuts! Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip! No wonder they are called Springers! He sprang! He ran around absolutely crazy, jumping and barking at us, and doing the wilders circles!!
Bill and I are very worried today about our eldest, most sweetest banty, Robin. Robin was from our original batch of chicks in April of 2000. She is 13 years old. She is so sweet. She has a special feeding place, for when we go out to treat them. She jumps up on the roof of a cage, and awaits her treat, and her treat alone.
She is weak. She wasn't well, yesterday. I'm so worried, but I know... I know what's coming. When chickens are ill, they don't often get better.
I just yelled at Bill, to ask him if we could take her to the vet. Please don't laugh. I just can't lose Robin. I guess I can't lose her right now. I started to cry when I asked Bill. She is our history. She is a doll.
I had a chicken named Robin when I was with my ex in Warrenton. She was the same golden seabright that this Robin is, and they both had a wonderful personality.
I'll let you know how she does. We have an appointment for 4, this afternoon.

April 27, 2013

Pinch me! This just couldn't be true!
I haven't been this excited since... well since I got a Christmas gift from all of you, just this last year! That was the experience I find similar to this.
I mean, when something good happens so good that you break out in tears, it is good stuff!
I can remember three things that made me cry that were this good.
1. I was 20 years old, and my entire family (Grandparents, too!) drove to Cannon Beach where I was living. It was my Birthday, and I was working at Duebers Variety. They came for "lunch". Instead, they all took me out to the parking lot, and there was a silver Toyota Corolla, all decked out in Birthday balloons! I had been driving a boyfriends old truck that was literally hay wired together! I cried so many tears, I couldn't drive it for hours!
2. It was Christmas, 2012 and Bill made me a special dinner for some reason, and I had no clue why. He served it to me, and on the tray was an envelope. It was from all the ifishers. I cried so hard I couldn't eat my dinner!
3.... OK, get this!
I love Taylor Swift. I never had any of those teenage crushes that all my girlfriends had when we were 13. They'd buy those teen magazines and swoon over the latest cute singer or star. I kind of liked that guy in H.R. Pufnstuf... What was his name? Jack Wild! So, I understood, but I'd much rather read my Dad or brother's fishing magazines. Or, I was out playing in a creek bed, building a dam, or climbing trees.
Throughout many of my challenges in the last five or six years, starting with my recovery from my aneurysm, I listened to Taylor Swift music to over come my fears and pain. Her music soothes me, and it is so relatable.
When I was frustrated with the board, I would sing that song, "Mean". I just love Taylor! She got me through some of my most difficult times.
I plugged her in my headphones, while fishing on the Kilchis.
This is kind of strange for me, as I'm a classical pianist, really. I was trained classically. Certainly not country, or pop. When I'd tell my piano teachers that I wanted to play a pop song, they'd humiliate me by letting me bring the sheet music for one of them, and have me count out the rhythm, out loud! In front of the next piano student, no less! She'd make me play it exactly... not how it sounded on the radio at all! That quickly cured me. Chopin was much easier!
So, now to the story. Since I have had a bit more free time, lately, I've been following Taylor on the internets. I read her news blogs, her tweets, her cute little videos, and I joined a Taylor fan site!
I've had more fun on there! I have met real "swifties" who live and die according to Taylor! They really don't know quite what to do with a "Swifty over fifty", but they have accepted me into their group! It's so fun just to be a regular board member, and not an admin or a moderator. I'm just me!
Then... I heard Taylor was coming to Portland! Oh, my! The tickets were much too expensive for me, but one night, I just caved and put one ticket on a credit card. It wasn't a good idea. It was a good seat, but it was one lonely little seat, kind of in the nose bleed section. I was going to see Taylor! I cried. I couldn't wait!
But, one day on the Taylor web site, they announced that 200 tickets per concert would be sold at a very reasonable price for members (only) who had signed up on their site before a certain date. If you were chosen, you could buy two pit tickets for Taylor. So far, I was in! I had signed up before the date posted!
Even so, not everyone would get this golden opportunity. I hoped and I prayed and I dreamed what it would be like, to be so close to Taylor! I waited. I stressed! I never "win" things!
How did they choose who would get this invitation? No one knew. It was sort of a lottery, I guess. We were told to watch our e mails closely, as you only had 24 hours to complete the transaction, should you be chosen. So I put the e mail address on my VIP e mail list, which sets off an alarm. Ifish management is also on this alarm, so that if there is a problem with ifish, I'd know.
Yesterday, I came home from grocery shopping, and turned on the Taylor site. I had a message from a gal I'd met.
"Did you get picked for tickets?" This meant one thing. They had released the Portland tickets!
I raced to look at my messages, and there it was! Sure enough, my alarm had gone off while I was out!
My hands shook. I broke out in a sweat.
Some of the previous pit ticket releases had sold out in minutes! Oh, my!
But... I had been chosen! Out of all those Taylor members on the web site that had been around forever, they picked me! I still wonder how they chose me!!!
Anyhow, long story (not so) short, I was able to buy 2 pit tickets for Taylor Swift for the price that I paid for one nosebleed seat!
If you know how stressful it can be even buying anything on the internet, imagine how stressful this was! You know, I'd make little mistakes in my address, or forget to put in my e mail, and it would send me back a page. I was so scared that they would all of the sudden say, "Oh! We are sold out! You lose!" But, I didn't lose! I got them! I got them!
Bill came home, shortly after I completed the transaction. I was in total shock and tears. I ran to him, with my printed tickets in hand. I was sobbing and crying.
"What? What, Jennie?" He thought it was something horrid. Something else had happened in my life that was as bad as Andrew dying, or me having breast cancer, or my CT test came back wrong. He was so worried!
I handed him the paper, and said, "I got them! I got Taylor Swift pit tickets!"
He laughed in total relief. He knows how much this means to me. He rolls his eyes as I watch Taylor video after Taylor video on my laptop. He knows my car stereo always plays Taylor. He listens as I report Taylor news to him, daily.
I am a true Swifty! I am taking my niece to see Taylor with me. I'm going to sell my other ticket for face value, to pay off these tickets. After all, Swifties don't hike up prices on tickets! Swifties are good! Honest!
I so badly want to just give it away to one of the little girls who would love to see Taylor, but can't. I wish I could afford to, and if I can, I will! That would be so fun!
So, I am a little backwards. I missed the stage where little girls are infatuated with 22 year old pop stars. But, I'm there, now, and I couldn't be a more dedicated fan girl!
I am a 53 year old woman who is infatuated with Disneyland and Taylor Swift. I will never grow up, never grow up! Not me!
Oh! Promised I'd keep you up to date about Robin, our banty chicken. She is still hanging in there, but not looking very good. :( I'm afraid to even check, this morning.

April 29, 2013

Come on. Have you ever heard of a dog, running laps to singing?
I mean, why?
Why does he need me to sing, in order to run laps? It's just weird! I didn't teach him this! It's just that when he was a pup, and I'd sing, he got a big kick out of it. He'd wag his tail and act all happy like. So, I sang, once and a while. When I did, I noticed that he'd just run laps!
So, when I wanted to tire him out, I'd sing. It just happened. Evolved. Just like that.
No matter how big or how small the yard is, he stays in the perimeter. He doesn't stray. At the park, he stays on the grass. At the river, he stays on the grassy meadow. But, it's a big swath of land, here. He just keeps going! It would be a good commercial for the Everready Battery! I mean, he does like 50 laps! I kid you not! My voice is hoarse!
I have three or four songs in my repertoire. One is sung to the tune of Flipper. One is "Willie, the white nose springer, had a very shiny light! And if you ever saw it, you would even say it's bright!" He loves that one!
Sometimes I just do all the words he's learned, and even though it makes no sense to me or anyone else, it does to Willie. I just sing, "Treats, the flashlight dinner! Chocolate and cookies, too! Flashlight and flashlight flashlight..." You get the gist.
Here's how it goes. Willie is restless. So, I grab the flashlight and the duck chair. We head out. I sit down at the edge of the yard, and he (gently- I did teach him that!) takes the flashlight. I begin to sing, and he runs... Lap after lap after lap until he gets the "wilders". Then, he drops the flashlight, and runs like the wind! This is when I have to up the tempo of the songs. He barks and flies through the field (with the greatest of ease-- that little brown springer with the white on his knees!) He gets the wilders, and knows once he doesn't have the flashlight, he can stray. So, he goes to the river, takes shortcuts through the woods, and generally just goes nuts.
Then, he slows down after a bit, and we are done.
The neighbor lady just called. I immediately said, "Do you hear me singing outside, sometimes?" She was taken aback.
"Yeah. Do you hear me singing?"
"My hearing is not so good."
"Oh,. good."
I explained the situation. Now, how can I explain this situation? I have a dog that only exercises and runs laps when I sing.
Yeah... That's it.
Like.... Ever.