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April 2012
David, Willie and I
Closer yet, to Spring!
April 2, 2012

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I missed the first of April. Nonetheless, Happy April! I think I just wanted to miss being a fool. That's it. :)
I don't know how many days it's been post surgery, but I'm awfully impatient. I mean, why can't I breathe? I try to go for a walk, each day, and I just hope no one says hi to me, because I'm so out of breath, I can't say hi back. Heaven forbid the neighbors come out to say hello. I'd be so embarrassed. "Could you please hold me up?" Argh. I don't like being this ill.
Will I even get my breath back? I don't know. I can't wait to ask the doc for his opinion, but this is frustrating.
I'm doing all the exercises that the docs gave me, plus walking as far as I possibly can. I don't think I'm overdoing it. I hope not. They told me to stay out of bed, so I'm trying to. I find myself trying to do things like cleaning the deck, and my body just plain says NO. So, I don't do that. Yet.
Next Monday is my doctor's appointment.
I still have leakage coming out of my stitches. I can't wait.... Literally can not wait to take a hot tub! That will be one very special day!
I suppose the good thing is that the Willamette is still flooded, so I'm not missing out on any really good fishing. And, the coastal Springers are still not in, to my knowledge. It's a bit early. I think April 20th is the earliest we have ever caught a springer, and that was unexpected, just going on a shake down run. That was so fun! What a great memory. "Bill! Bill! You have a fish!" Whoo hoooo! And he did!
That's 18 days from now. Wow. Time sure flies. Please, Lord Jesus, Please.... give me my breath back by springer fishing time!

April 6, 2012

So, Tammy and I were sitting around last night, and she was teasing me about how I treat (spoil) my animals.
"At least you don't throw them Birthday parties..." She moaned.
Yesterday, Bill called.
He explained that it was our chicken "Robin's" 12th birthday. Robin is our eldest banty, and she's very special to us. He told me how he gave her a cup of yogurt (chickens love anything soured) and some worms. He told me how he separated the chickens, so he could honor her, alone. I totally get it. I understand. I appreciate his efforts.
"Did you sing her Happy Birthday?"
"Yes". He said. "I did."
Let's not tell Tammy. Shall we?
Because, see, I understand honoring pet's birthdays. I do. I'm crazy, I guess. But, I love to do this sort of thing! Let's just not tell Tammy. That's all.
In the meantime, I'm going to still cover Willie up after I give him a bath, and make sure he isn't shivering. And when I turn on the expensive to run electric heaters and I'm cold, but Willie is colder, he will get the heater. Not me. (And not Tammy) Willie will get the heater and the blanket.
I will keep a myriad of treats at the ready for Willie, when he is bored. If he doesn't like a pig ear, he can trade it for a chicken strip, and if he doesn't like that, by golly, I'll go to the pet store until I find his heart's desire. And when he chews up one squeak toy, I'll get him another. See? I love Willie! I do! And he's spoiled rotten and that's just the way I like him best!
Meanwhile, I feel pretty sick. I hope I'm not catching a cold, but I sure feel like I am. Regardless, Willie still has to go out in the morning and run, run, run. So, I'm out there, covered in blankets, with the patio fire going, run, run, running him. I realize that I have to stay well to take care of him, so I bundle up. He's just so darned cute!
I am, however, considering sending him away to a training school. I am just failing at training Willie so that he'll stay down. He has very little manners, and that is so unlike any dog I've ever had. I've always been able to train my dogs. I don't know if it's that I'm not feeling as well, so have less time, or what. But, he won't mind me!
Plus, I think he would be devine at field trials and I would love to get him involved in that. I would love to take him to those contests and things! Fun! Does anyone know of any good training schools?
So, yes. I spoil my animals and so does Bill. That's why we get along so well. We are both "that way", and we like it that way!

spring flowerspring flower
April 8, 2012
He Has Risen!

Hop! Hop! Hop!
I have such fond memories of Easter!
Our household had the regular Easter bunny, who collected and hid the Easter eggs and all kinds of candy in little paper cupcake holders. But later in the afternoon, beginning at my Grandma's house, and carrying on thru the ages, we were regularly visited by the fruit bunny, too!
I can't figure out how that started, but the fruit bunny was always a great hit!
I remember my Grandpa staring out the window, claiming with totally convincing confidence, "There he is! I saw the fruit bunny!" and all of the grandchildren would run to the window. Some would claim they saw him, also.
Of course, I didn't see him. But, that's because of my vision. Not because he didn't exist. I believed in the fruit bunny with my entire being. Why? Because after Grandpa saw him, there was fruit hidden all over the farm land! It was brightly colored, of course, and I could see the fruit much better than the opaque Easter eggs, or the lightly colored cupcake cups full of candy.
Boxes of strawberries, but mainly oranges, apples, bananas, and they were everywhere! Oh, I loved the fruit bunny!
After I had children, the fruit bunny moved to my parents home, and then to my sister Linda's home, who would have an Easter brunch, on this very special day. All of our little ones would follow tradition and rush out when the fruit bunny came! There are not any great grandchildren that are old enough to enjoy the fruit bunny, right now, so the fruit bunny is oddly absent.
Or is he?
Perhaps I need to make a trip to the store!
I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to Linda's, today. I dream of the strawberry crepes she makes, and all of the great food, brought by all of my sisters and brothers, but I have a really bad cold, and just don't feel well, today. We'll see. And, we'll also see if the fruit bunny comes here, today! I haven't seen the fruit bunny in Oregon City! Is there one?
Most of all, I am celebrating something that I once, in my youth, found difficult to believe. No, it isn't the Easter bunny or the fruit bunny. Those two are a fact of life, and were never called in question!
I have always believed in Jesus, and all of the great man that He is, but... I had trouble believing that He rose from the dead. I apologize. I never told anyone then. I wouldn't dare, but I can now, because... It is the truth! Yes. I doubted. I was ashamed of my doubt, too. But- I mean, at one time or another in your life, didn't you, like, say "HUH?"
I don't know when that changed to the minute, but now I believe. I believe it with my entire being! I try to explain why I believe to my kids, sometimes, or non believers, but I think you just have to learn to believe in your own way. We are taught not to believe in magic, but yet Jesus rose from the dead?
Yes. He did! I know it in my heart!
I see Jesus rising from the dead as proof that life is eternal, and that without the scripture of Jesus rising from the dead, my belief in life eternal just could not be.
So, although fruit bunnies are fun, and Easter bunnies are hopping around everywhere this morning, well, I have even more to celebrate!
He has risen and life is eternal!
How AWESOME is that!?!?
Happy Easter!

April 12, 2012

It smells like Springer season, out! I do believe, we have finally arrived upon SPRING!
In fact, I'm going nursery-ing with my sister on Friday. First, a belated Birthday breakfast, and then to nurseries, to look at, admire, and perhaps adopt a couple living things!
I'm getting better, too! In fact, yesterday I walked two laps around the puppy park area, when last week, I couldn't make it around once. In fact, couldn't make it half way, once! Whoo hooo! It is so hard, too. The first couple steps, my muscles just groan, and it's so difficult! But, as I keep going, something happens and I forget that it hurts, and I just go! My lungs expand, my back doesn't hurt as bad, and I did it! Two times!
Willie was just a hoot.
Andrew had an appointment, so I dropped him off. It was raining, so I expected very few other dogs to be around, but when I got there? No other dogs! Not one! I thought we'd be in for a boring, not-so-tiring day. The whole point is to tire Willie out, so that I can rest, part of the day.
So, we walked around the park a couple times, like I said, and then I took shelter on a bench with a cover on it. Willie stopped, looked at me, and took off running! I mean running like mad! Like a race dog, he ran and ran!
Willie loves it when I prod him on, like he's in a rodeo or something. "Here he comes, ladies and gents! It's WILLIE! He's fast, he's wonderful! He's W I L L I E!!!!" If he slows down, I'll yell "Faster! Faster! Faster!" That inspires him on, some more! So, Willie ran around the circumference of that park, for a solid hour at full speed! Whoo hooo! Tired dog! Yes!
Man, oh man. You wouldn't believe the hassle of going thru trying to figure out what the heck is going wrong on the ifish forums. Talk about money spent! Every single employee of ifish/Allcoast is working on it, and have hired what? Three companies to try to figure it out?
We will stop at no end to try and figure out why on earth people here in the Pac Northwest- (where it counts most) there is a serious lag in loading pages! Ifish is zippy, the fastest internet site they've all seen, everywhere on earth, except for here in Oregon and Washington! The people on the East Coast load the ifish pages in milliseconds, but here in Oregon? The pages lag forever!
And, that isn't something easy to figure out! We have tried everything from changing from Apache to Lightspeed- to upping our own server, to... well, we've tried a million things! Javascript errors, DNS problems... what could it be? Argh!
We have been working feverishly on it for weeks. Please, please, bare with us, while we continue our work. We will not stop until it is the fastest site, possible!
Last night I heard some good news, that perhaps something changed. Perhaps we are onto something. I hope so! The thing that is also weird, is that I'm on a Mac, and I seem unaffected by the slowness! Good thing, as all the other mods are on PC's and they are almost unable to work, sometimes.
Well, we'll see if we are onto something. I sure hope so. It would be so nice to spend all that energy on something besides fixing broken things!
For now, I'm off to the sunshine. :)

April 14, 2012

I'm afraid to look, to tell the truth. I don't know what Willie might be up to. I've been working at the computer for some time, now. Enough time for Willie to get into real trouble.
Is he digging a hole in the middle of my lawn? Chewing an electric plate off the side of the house? Perhaps parading my hanging baskets around the lawn? He's done that, before. My fuchsias are ruined!
It's not that he lacks for playtime with me. I get up in the morning, grab a cup of Joe and a blanket, and sit outside to watch him run his laps, and act as MC. I coach him, "Faster! Faster!" as I yawn.
He barks. I'm just sure the neighbors love Willie.
After a good while, I say, "Mommy has to work". He knows those words. He knows that means I'm all done telling him he's wonderful, and that the entire neighborhood is watching him. (They are up, now, I'm sure.)
"He's wild! He's wonderful! He's W I L L I E!"
I get up, pour another cup of coffee, and head to the office.
He sits and stares at me. His eyes turn downward. You'd think I'd hit him.
So, the other morning while working, I finished a cup of coffee, and was pouring another. I was standing at the kitchen window, sipping that wonderful, hot liquid, staring mindlessly out the window, when a black banner went flying by, with a springer at the lead. The black material was 12 feet long or so, and appeared to be going as fast as those airplanes in the sky, that tow a banner and deliver messages like "Happy Birthday!"
It went one way.
By golly, it went the other.
Back and forth, like a kid, flying a kite. It was.... my garden cloth! My weed barrier out of my garden that had been neatly stapled down, into the earth!
I had to laugh. It wasn't funny, but it was!
Back and forth that black banner flew across the lawn, with a brown and white puppy, gleefully waving it in the wind! It flapped and not ever did it touch ground. He was having such fun, it was almost.... ALMOST funny!
How can you NOT laugh at such pure joy?
I spent a whole day putting that darn stuff down, so that I wouldn't have to weed in the spring. But, by golly, he got it up and out of there for me, and look at the show he put on! Look at this, Mom!
He's fast! He's wild! He's.... W I L L I E!
OHhhhhhhh brother!
Some folks wonder how I'm so tough, as to go thru all the medical procedures that I have, and still be OK. Want to know how I do it? Want to know the secret?
Just get yourself a puppy and you'll see! You have no choice but to get up and get going!

April 17, 2012

The ifish magazine is on it's way! I've dreamed of this mag for years and years, and now, we are on the road to it! Whoo hooo! Read all about it, here!

God and I have had some very serious talks, lately. I'm tired of the rain. Both literally and... physically. I looked at the weekly weather forecast yesterday and sighed. No sign of sunshine. None at all!
I went to the doctor yesterday, to find that I'm full of infection, again. I'm just not well. Sinusitus, bronchitis- itis, itis, itis!
At the least, though, my wounds where my stitches were, are not infected! Yay! I just can't take a hot tub or bath, yet, until the skin comes together, again. Wait... wait... wait for my favorite things! Can I wait much longer?
Nonetheless, I was sent home with mega antibiotics. Maybe... just maybe, now I'll get well? When I get well, will I also get will? Wait... wait... wait!
I can't find my will to live. I'm having trouble waiting for it. I'm losing faith.
When I used to look forward to Springer fishing, I would nearly bounce out of my chair. Now, I just hope for my will to live, so that I can someday feel that bounce, again!
Right now, even as I type, I'm so tired, I just want to get well! Willie is waiting to play. I'm impatient, and so tired of this~! So, so tired of being so ill that I can't see the forest for the trees.
When May comes, and the sunshine comes with it, I want to "want" to roll in it. I can almost feel it! Almost! I want to want to roll in the sunshine in the grass! I've always had that thought of rolling in things, when I wanted something so badly. There is no image of joy so strong in my mind, than of a dog, rolling in something! Pure joy! Pure satisfaction!
When I was young, when I wanted pizza with my entire being, I would say that I wanted to roll in it. And I did want to! No image greater than melted cheese all over me, and wonderful sauce and pepperoni. Makes me giggle. Where has that will to roll in things gone to?
Will it even happen?
That's the same way I feel about my life! Will my will even come back? Will the sunshine happen? Will Springer fever ever hit me again? Or, do I wait in vain?
I'm getting weary of waiting for my will! I know, also, that without that will, recovery takes a whole lot longer! Pheh.
When I had my aortic procedure, I think, anyhow, that I had my will to live, pretty much right away. There was no keeping me down. I was excited to get better. I lived thru that! Whoo hoooo! I wanted to get well so badly, and I did. Even as I sat, unable to walk, I could smell the sunshine, etc., and even thru the cold, blue, icy skies, I could see Springtime and Springers on the horizon.
OK. As I look outside, I feel Spring. But, where is that zip, zip, zip, in my heart that should go along with it? Where is my will to roll in it?
Maybe... just maybe those ingredients are in this little bottle of antibiotics. Maybe once this infection is gone, so will this awful feeling that my body is breaking down, and my life lays short, in front of me.
I thought I named my dog, "Willie" for the Willamette. But, perhaps it's for "Will". The will to live. For without him, I wouldn't get up in the morning, and feel the change in the weather- feel the cool mornings that remind me of getting up to fish for Springers - feel the mist by the riverside, as he draws me to the shore. Those things all bring me closest to the will to live. I can almost touch it, feel it, when I'm with "will-to-live-Willie, the springer.
I know. I know... This is quite depressing writing. But, it's the truth, and you know as well as I do, that without our downs, we don't get to experience the wild rush of happiness that things like Springer fishing brings us! So, let it be. I have written it, and it shall stay.
I promise you that you will see the flip side of me, soon.
I hope I will, anyhow! I don't think God is ready for me, yet. I have hope in my will to live!

April 20, 2012

Well, I sure got feedback on my last written words, here.
"You are always my sunshine girl! You can't write like that!"
That kind of thing... "I read you, because you give me the warmies!"
OK, so it's back to sunshine-warmies writing! I have to! I must!
Besides that, I am getting better. I have to! I must!
And, besides that and that, it is going to sunshine this weekend! Are we all ready for it? I'd say so!
I went to the doc, and found out I had the most itis he'd seen, and so he gave me a magic pill. (Several, actually!) You know those z-packs that are so often prescribed? He gave me a double pack! Instead of taking one a day for 5 days, I take two a day for seven! That ought to do it!
"Why?" I asked. Doc replied that he didn't just want to tease it, he wanted to kill it! Well, OK!
And kill it, he did! I began to feel better, believe it or not, the very next day! Wow! I felt alive for the first time in so long! I was able to walk long enough, that day, to get my very own shot of dopamine straight to the brain! It felt so good!
Happiness has once again come home to me. Praise God!
The thought of springer fishing has me bouncing up in my chair. "I want to go! I want to go, now!" In fact, I woke up, looked next door and my neighbor is out fishing. His boat is gone! I almost called him on the phone and asked if I could get in, just for a couple hours. I do wonder if his boat is full of clients. If not, why not? I want to go! Just to feel a rod in my hand, and feel the wiggle of my lure, against the current. It's been so long!
For the new issue of the ifish magazine, they asked for a recent picture of me with a fish. Ha! Let's see.... where would I find that!? No where! I have no recent pictures of fishies and me! That is so bizarre, after what? 30 some years of constant pictures, each season?
I mean, even back in my trout days, I had pictures of trout and I! This is just weird!
So, I have my work cut out for me. I need pictures of me and fish! Sounds like some pretty fun work to me!
Meanwhile, we are looking for some quality moderators. We have some great ones, but these are going to be different. Isn't it fair that those who use ifish the most should give back to the board a bit? Not only that, but don't we want to share the tone that we have all worked to set?
We are looking for moderators that would work a 2 month or so term. That way, hopefully, people won't get burned out. That happens, sometimes with moderating. Sometimes it is a tough job, and it takes a bit out of you. People are busy, and a 2 month term would zip by, and then you can feel good about doing your part!
We are looking for moderators from the group of people with the most posts, and from people who have been here the longest. We want people who know and care about ifish, and who post quality information on the board.
We, we NEED those folks to help the ifish community by sharing your knowledge about how you sustain and make ifish interesting with new comers!
You have worked hard to learn the boards, and you have discovered what it takes to be heard and get responses on the board. You know how to use the private messaging system, how to post pictures, etc. We would love it if you'd share that knowledge with others, by becoming a moderator! We need you to greet the new comers by saying hello! -to teach them to not only follow our rules, but to let them know why following the rules would benefit them and ifish!
If there are rules that we need to change, we want you to discuss these things with your fellow mods, and explain to them why they should be changed.
If you are the person I described above; you have lots of posts, and you have a long history on ifish, either PM me, or use the form below and choose "Write to Jennie" and let me know!
We are also searching for classified moderators. Classified mods do much the same, but only on the classified board. Often times, classified mods grow to become super mods. So, if you want a lighter job, and you would like to donate your time to help make ifish even better, tell me! We want a huge team of moderators, so that the work on everyone is less stressful!
Join the team! It's fun!

April 23, 2012

Lookee! Lookee! I am so lucky!

my ankle
My ankle, on the way to the local hospital. :(
Click pic to zoom,
(That is, if you think it needs to be any larger!)

I just can't believe it! Just as I was walking almost to my max distance, at my lung's full capacity, almost back to before the collapsed lung.... now this!
Yesterday, I was sitting in the sun, browsing on my iphone. I went to get up, and noticed that my right leg, which had been crossed over my left, was asleep. "No big"... I thought. It will wake up.
But, no!
It was way asleep and was not responding! Not at all! It dragged behind me, dead like, and my other leg was still operating at full power! "Go, leg, go!" I remember commanding, as I began to fall. Thing is, it finally did "go" but it was too late! I was already on my way face down! I think I fell, as my foot finally came forward. So, my body went straight, face down, with my foot in front of me. Crunch!
It was the worst fall I'd ever taken. Ever! I just realized this morning that I also hit my head. There is a huge bump on my head, and it's so sore.
I lay there, (excuse the drama-queen) calling out to anyone that would hear me. "Tammy!" I groaned... "David!" I yelled, raspy throated. "Annnnnndrew!!!!" I pleaded.... "Anyone! HELP ME!"
Frustrated, hot tears fell down to the dirt covered deck. "h e l p..." No one was around. I lay there, sobbing. I hurt! I was panicked, because I couldn't feel my foot at all. Then, I moved it. I felt it! Ohhhhhh, did I feel it! "ANDREW!!!!" Finally, I heard footsteps.
Of course, when he found me there, he panicked, too. Oh, great! Two people in shock!
"I'm going to wake David up, to take you to the hospital."
"NO!!!!!" I protested. I'm not hurt!
"Yeah, right, Mom. You are going!"
"No!!!!! I'm fine!"
And then, I was at least sitting, staring at my ever growing ankle bump. "OK. Get him up." I said to myself. Andrew had already left to wake David.
Nothing compares to the screaming pain of my ankle! Does it? I don't know, anymore!
I tell you, I don't think I slept a wink. Every time I turned, either Willie would want to sleep on my feet, or I crunched it the wrong way. So, I'd get up, put the splint on... nope! Too tight. Got up, loosened it a bit... nope. No sleepy! Got up, iced it, got back to bed. Nope! Turn on the TV. Turn off the TV. Pheh. This is pain! I'm beginning to wonder what pain is worse. Aortic dissection? Collapsed lung? Sprained ankle?
I spent all day in ER at Willamette Falls Hospital. I have never experienced such a slow response time at an ER. The people were so nice, but man, they were either really busy, or really slow! (both?) Still, I can't complain. The people were really nice, and they were trying to keep up!
I spent six hours there, to be exact. I spent that time to be told my ankle wasn't broken, and to ice it every hour or two. That sprains are often more painful than breaks, and take longer to heal. (Oh, great!)
Oh! Oh! I forgot the last part! David went to get the car, and guess what? He forgot to totally close a door, and the car was dead! Oh, brother! I've never had a dead battery in that car? How does he do it?
So, sitting in a hot car, with no AC and no open windows, I enjoyed the only sunny day we had had in ages, waiting for a jump from Triple A! Argh. :)
But-- I lucked out! I have no cast, and I can take a hot tub! Yay!
I waited nearly three weeks after my collapsed lung for my wounds to heal, so that I could take a hot tub. I waited patiently. I'm finally there! If the kind folks at the hospital would have said "no hot tubs" I probably wouldn't have a very good attitude about life, right now!
Instead, I find that I've lucked out, once again!
I can take a hot tub!
Things truly are what you make of them.
Yes. I can't deny that my body is slowing down and breaking a little more easily. However... if life throws you a sprained ankle, by golly, just take a hot tub! In fact, lounge in that thing!

April 25, 2012

I think I would heal a lot faster if it weren't for Willie. His heart is in the right place, oddly enough. It's really strange how dogs sense things. Isn't it?
He comes over to me and licks my ankle. The right ankle. I mean, the correct one. The one that hurts. But, it's not the licking that may slow things down. He wants to lay on it.
When Willie lays down, he doesn't lay down gently. He leans just a bit, and then lets fall. Boom! Down! OUCH!
As we sit at night around the coffee table, he comes over to me, sits beside my feet, leans, and then boom! Down! Ouch!
As I'm lying in bed, he climbs up, circles a few times near my feet and then Boom! Down! Ouch!
Why on my foot? Why on the injured foot that is already swollen to twice its normal size? Why?
I think it's because he knows! He knows that it's hurt, and it is his way of trying to help. Even though it helps not at all, it is a dogs way of perhaps protecting it from further injury? I don't know, but what I do know is that Willie knows that I'm hurt, and knows where I hurt.
If I could only teach him "gentle" we'd be good!
Bill says that if I can't drive by Friday, he's picking me up and bringing me home to the coast. Yay! Willie and I need the river, badly. We may go springer fishing! I may fish the river behind the house! I get to rest! Recoup! And Willie gets to run!
Bill complained to me, "Do you know you haven't been home but three days out of 30 or more?" But, he understands. I mean, I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and a couple days of that time. The rest of the time I was recouping and now I can't walk, nor drive. I can't tell you about the pain, though. It's wicked! Don't sprain your ankle like this sprain! It's considered a "high" sprain, and he goes all the way up to my shin.
Willie seriously misses running wide stretches. All he's had access to is my tiny backyard, here in Oregon City.
We usually drive to the puppy park. Oh, how he loves those words. "Want to go to the Puppy Park?"
And I have songs for everything, of course, and Willie is extremely musical. He knows each song, and what it means. The 'walkie' song has him going to where the leashes are stored. He picks his favorite leash and comes to us with the "leashie" hanging out his mouth and dragging behind him. The 'running' song (any of three of them!) has him taking off at full speed to do laps, wherever we may be. After the first three tones, he knows the song, and off he runs! The 'puppy park' song? He heads for the door, obviously wanting to go to the car. The "Dinner" song and he goes for his dish.
By golly, I think we have a musical wonder. Perhaps we should seat him at the piano. First time I played piano, when he was a puppy, he howled at it. Now, he just lays down and enjoys the music.
I have lost much of my ability to play, in the last months. I've got to get back at it. You know what they say, "If you don't use it, you'll lose it." So true, in so many ways.
The pesticide man is coming today. We have an ant problem that is out of this world. I'm not familiar with dealing with ant problems, so I've hired help. So much for my tax return!
Anyhow, things are going alright. I've got a musical pup to bide my time, and he is patient with me, as I heal. If only he'd be gentle, we'd be perfect, together! I think I'll work on a lullabye song for "gentle".
Soon, I'll be home at the coast, and just in time for the cherry tree to bloom! I hear we had our first Goldfinch at the house. I'm so sad to miss that! I've always been home, and have been the first to discover those buttery yellow delights! Oh well. It is what it is. I hope to see them when I get home!
Off I go to work on placing some new and wonderful folks on the moderating board! Things are looking up!
Can you even believe it's nearly May?
Things will be perfect in May. And, if they aren't, I've learned to deal with that, too. Life just happens.

April 29, 2012

I'm at the river. I'm home!
Home at the green, green, green coastal town of Tillamook in the Springtime! (The ringy dingy ding time! Birds sing! Hey ding!)
I drove slowly down the country roads to get here. They were crowded by overgrowth. There is not enough money to trim the growth back, this year. Hooray! The potholes slowed me down enough to enjoy it all. Every last blade of grass, every overgrown everything! I hope that others appreciate our potholes, as they make their way to the county park! It's the only way you won't miss a darn thing!
The cherry tree in the back yard is in bloom. We had it trimmed, last year and oh, it is beautiful! It's all manicured and perfect! If I peek thru the overgrowth, past the yard and trees, I can see the low rush of the river, and if I get closer, I can see steelhead redds. They are little bright spots in the sand, here and there. If I look even closer, I can see the steelhead at work, flashing their sides at me against the bright light of the cool, cloudy skies. There is sunshine behind these clouds! I can tell!
It's springtime on the Kilchis!
It's lush. That's the word for it! There are other words, I am sure, but "lush" captures it, pretty darn well. Green-soft-moist-lush. A thousand colors of green! Count 'em! Come on, you have time while you dodge those potholes!
Go slow! The potholes are so large that your car can become lost in one! Another gift, brought to you by the poor economy! Just think what we'd miss if we fixed those for you! Think of it as a good thing!
My peripheral vision caught a shock of deep yellow, against all that green. What was that? Buttery yellow with wings! An American Goldfinch! Wow! I haven't seen one in ages! A whole flock gathers on my feeder. It is the background of green that makes the color so intense that it takes my breath away!
The violet green and tree swallows are madly soaring past, as they work to build this year's nest, outside my window. We have four or five houses for their real estate perusal and use, but they always choose this one house, to fight over. The winners have taken over, and they are furiously building, building, building. If you wander outside, you'll be dive bombed. "Get away! Get away!"
I do! I move! I don't want one in my hair! They do come that close! They are serious and brave about their work. Just like the steelhead out building their redds. This is serious business, and not much will convince them to leave. I can splash my bare feet in the current, and they don't budge.
Oh! A purple finch is perched on the sunflower seed feeder. So, so pretty and so, so close to me! The violet greens spook her, as she tries to grab a bite and fly off! Two! Now, two purple finches!
Funny. I just walked into the kitchen, and my breath left me, again. "H-ohhhh, Bill! Look what you have!" Four grosbeak perched outside on his feeder.(s). Bill has a bunch of feeders, and I have...but one. :(
His and hers feeders. It's always been a battle, and probably will continue to be. Well, I battle. He, not so much. Who gets what feeder, what season?
I know, I know... I'm not here as much as I once was, but still! No fair! I have but one feeder outside my office, Bill!
Bill talked about how the grosbeak will roll the seeds around in their mouth, and spit out the shells. None of the other birds are that picky! It's true! I had never really thought about it. The other birds peck at what they drop. Messy, messy grosbeak!
We have Bandtail pigeons now, too! Springtime is alive on the Kilchis!
In Oregon City, I have a feeder that I parked too close to the tree. I learn by doing. One squirrel would get up in the tree and shake the sunflower feeder. Another squirrel would perch at the bottom and eat what fell out! Team work! I went thru a whole feeder full in an hour. I moved it, further away from the tree. A house finch discovered the feeder. We are all good, now!
It is my goal to come home. Home to the coast. Home at the coast means health. I need to be home where so much takes my breath away.
Sometimes I think I forget how much my heart loves it, here. Sometimes I wonder if I had to move away, in order to know that this is my home. In order to appreciate it.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder?
I am more well here. And, oddly enough, I need to be here in order to get well! Home heals me.
I miss it here, so much.
Oregon City is my "sick home" where I recoup, and can visit the doctor, but here? Here is where my heart is. The coast, the river, the fish, the birds! I love it, so much! I miss it, so much!
I do thank God for the home in the city, where Andrew and I are close to medical help, and God only knows how much I've needed it, this year.
I woke up this morning and my ankle is bright red and swollen. It might not have been good when Willie pounced upon it in bed, and I screamed in pain. Some way to wake up! I sure hope the redness and swelling is not a sign of something bad. It hurts forever, and I wish it would heal!
I wonder what on earth I have done to deserve all the pain I have been dealt, this year! I have to wonder!? One thing after another! Two days ago, I woke to take my protime, my INR. It was 7.5! It's suppose to be between 2 and 3. That means my blood was so thin that I could have had a bleed, somewhere, internally. What next?! Oh, my! Dear Lord, whatever I have done, Forgive me, and heal me!
I have to get (to my other-Oregon City) home by Monday, as Andrew has two doc appointments on Tuesday, and I am his driver.
I have to leave the (home-on-the) river, the birds, the wonders of this country world, where green is the theme and the wildlife are the players.
But- I'll be back! Bill and I have some springer fishing to do!
Someone, something is trying to keep me down, keep me away!!! -but you and I both know-- I don't need but one foot to catch a springer!