Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

April 2011
Birds, birds, everywhere! It's Spring, despite the rain!

April 1st

I have no April Fools, today! Dangit! Where does the time fly? I wonder, tho, if I'll get a Fool played on me. That usually happens. I have to watch my step, everywhere I go!
Hey! I put Stan's column up! Want to learn about the new Gammy Wicked Wacky hooks?
I'm not much of a bass fisher, but I do like to use bass gear to fish for salmonids! I do! You'd think I was crazy, but I've done well! Plus, I just like to learn every aspect of what's out there, because my mind goes crazy with the "what ifs".
This is a what if fish. :)

37 pound springer, caught on Power Bait!

...and that isn't an April Fools! I really did. Bill shook his head, when I molded a piece on my hook, and flopped it over the side of the boat. I made sure I still had a good spin, and wham! Fish on! And it wasn't the ONLY fish I caught on Power Bait, either!
This is an old story, but I hope there are some of you that haven't heard it. There are new people on ifish every day. Plus, it makes me giggle to think of it. Giggling is a good thing!
My brothers and my Dad were out fishing the garbage hole way back when, and they saw some springers jumping, over by the shore. They had steelhead rods in the boat, and some kind of small plug. They started to cast and guess what? Fish on! Another fun "fish on!" story that makes me giggle!
Speaking about fishing and my Dad... yesterday would have been my Dad's 86th Birthday. I had a tough day of it.
I woke in the morning, looked out at the rain and didn't think I could possibly make it through yet another day of sog.
I really think it's driving people batty. The board has more than its share of negatives, lately. People happily report a catch of fish and others come on and just say the coldest, most mean things. Why do people do that!?! I don't get it! So, the weather is nasty.. but someone caught a fish and is all excited and someone posted... what?!
That will get better as the sunshine comes, right? RIGHT!
So, the thing to do, lately, is cuddle up on the bed with the dogs. So funny how different they are. Kilchis is a soft, long haired, lovey-dovey that will rest his head on your lap with his stuffed bunny as a pillow. He wants love and knows how to give it back. He's relaxed and falls asleep easily, all cuddled up. I run my fingers thru his soft fur and it makes me doze, too.
Now. About Rev.
Rev wants love so badly. But, Rev cannot relax. She wants to! Oh, she wants love so badly! She wants to cuddle, but she simply cannot. She does not know how.
And, I try, every night. I am trying to train her to relax. Good luck!
I give it all I have. I want her to learn to be lovey! I whisper softly. I touch her softly. I try to pet her softly!
But, she shakes and shivers. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Love! LOVE! LOVE! She wants to LOVE ME!"
She comes to me, wiry and excitable and stiff! Totally stiff as a board! Rev is made of hard muscle, and each one is stiffly contracted at all times! Her legs stick out straight like toothpicks, going each and every way! Her neck is pulsing as she tries to dig into you, further. It's like she can't get close enough. She doesn't rest upon your lap, she pushes into it! Hard! She has no "soft" to her- except for one part. Her ears! Her ears are like silk! They have no muscle, so they remain soft and pliable. Oh, how I wish that she could rest the rest of her! I usually give up, after about 20 minutes of being squashed to the bed.
Agh! It does make me giggle, though, even through the pain of her stiff body, pushing into my thighs! Ouch! Love hurts!

April 1st later...

There is good in the world! I just saw our first goldfinch! Yay! April 1st is pretty darn late for our first goldfinch!
Interesting, though, he is pretty beat up looking! Do Goldfinch molt? It looks like half of him is yellow, and half this dusky ugly tan color. Oh! And he looks as if to have fungus on his nose? We had a fungus covered goldfinch a couple years back. He had fungus on his toes. Or a tumor? Same thing here, but on his face! Well, I hope this isn't a sign of bad things to come. Like late or few goldfinch, this year? Are they getting sick? Attacked by something? I know that backyard birds are on the decline. Just keep those feeders clean, if you do feed! And clean up under them, too!

April 2nd

Nothing better than butter!

April 4th

Good bye to my golden yellow finches. Good bye to my bright throated hummies. Goodbye to my curly little Kilchimecuteso. Goodbye to my wilders, Rev. Good bye to my Mollie the river cat. Good bye.
OK. I'm being dramatic. But, I'm going to come back from this glowing green, right?
I'm off to be radiated. Or, at least CT'd (AGAIN!) and tattooed.
I'll be back tomorrow, I think....
For some reason, tho, this appointment strikes me as scary. I'm being silly, right? Right.
Good bye to my river, where I go to pray...
OK! OK! I'll quit! :)

April 8th

Oh, argh. Here we go, again!
Problems on the mod board, from a few that don't understand ifish... It happens.
See? When I started ifish, I learned from all over the net, that I couldn't make a living on the internet, unless it was sexual, in nature.
(No, not sex in nature, sexual IN nature!)
Well, that was good with me! I was there to talk fishing! I loved fishing!
I didn't have business in mind. I had in mind a place to talk fishing. Period.
Put into this equation that I learned long ago, that anyone could be a stand up comic if they just uttered a few dirty words. They could stand up and say the "F" word and nothing else, and the crowd would go wild.
My parents used to talk about Bill Cosby and how he didn't need to say anything nasty. He was truly funny, without having to resort to that.
So, I learned about quality over quantity.
If I got on one of the ifish's Life in General threads and simply said the "F" word, I'd get hits like you wouldn't believe... and responses, and silly comments.
I've never tried it, but I bet you that would happen! I've seen things like it happen on LIG. People push the limits of OK.
The problem in this is that none of our current moderators are interested in the silly threads, so they don't get read or moderated. Then, they start out with a generally "iffy" post, and others come on and want attention, and push the limits a bit further, and a bit further, until the mods go to read an alert and see the folly, and the AUP infractions, and things that ifish was never intended to be... and they get frustrated, and close the thread.
"Not my ifish!" I hear, over and over on the mod board.
No one wants to moderate these threads, so they get closed, or just don't exist.
Yes, to some they are funny. To many, entertaining! But so is sex to many! But, I have chosen not to go there on ifish. That's hard to do with a group of fishermen! But, we did it!
We are still challenged about that choice, though. Perhaps, daily.
I want quality fishing information. Quality family talk. I want to talk about gardens and birds and the out of doors, please!
Some don't like it, and go elsewhere, where they do that, in slow times, but the fact of the matter is, we don't want to moderate that stuff.
Like crabbait once said, "Many would like a board where we could say anything, but the problem is, no one wants to moderate it." Or, maybe not quoted, but he said something close. That really hit home to me.
This is the website I started. I may not be fully in control, anymore, but as long as I'm working to uphold what I built, I am going to stick with how life in general was originated to be.
Perhaps someday I'll be gone, and it will be different. But, right now... it is what it is.
As for me and my family, we are going fishing on the Wilson. :)

April 9th

Red bench at my Dad's house.

This morning, the land is peaceful. The sun is hidden behind a wall of fog. The birds are rather quiet, this morning. But, they are all that is to be heard over the land.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and sing out, "Good Morning, Vietnam!"
You have to have an attitude in life, in work, in play. All the time!
What a great lesson that movie was, in how to approach life. I can't watch it too often, though. It's traumatic to me and tough!
But do it. Just sing out at the top of your lungs, "GOOD MORNING!" I can conquer anything, and with a smile, to boot!
Of course, we don't always have that in us, but by golly, if you reach down far enough, you'd be surprised. I sure am!
Change. It happens all the time, and we are constantly catching up to it-, constantly Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning and Transforming! Wow. That's a mouthful.
And now, my toenails are falling off. Now, if that doesn't feel good.
"Good Morning, Vietnam!"
My body is at war.
I thought it would stop at my fingernails. Do you know how often we use our nails? They are a tool! A tool, especially handy in fishing. Argh. You wouldn't think so, but when mine went missing/hurting, I found out! You can just believe me. OK?
My body is fighting cancer with all it has. It has chemo in it, and it's fighting, still! Good job, chemo! It hurts, but we are winning!
Monday we start radiation. I'll never forget seeing my sister in law's breast area, after radiation. It was black. Burned black. That was years ago. 20? Has it changed? Improved? I hope so! Argh!
We are laughing! What can you do, but just laugh, sometimes?
My sister said Super Glue would be a good option for my fingernails/toenails. It made me laugh, but hey! Maybe!
Ifish is always on constant change. Sometimes it's peaceful, sometimes it's tough, sometimes it's funny, sometimes sad. Always, it is a challenge to keep up with what is happening.
Good morning, Vietnam!
The changing of the guard, the changing of the mood! Members, Mods- some new, some old, some come, some fold.
All I can do is do my best, and hang in there! I remember when I knew most everyone's name. Now? Ha! Just try to remember everyone's name, moniker, boat name, nick name. It's a zoo out there!
It was such a relief, yesterday to have sunshine! Finally, peace! I dragged out my chaise lounge. Just one of them- and I got the padding to go with it, and lay it down on the deck. I made a glass of what I drink in summertime. What is that stuff? The diet drink? Oh! Crystal Light. Put some ice in a tall glass, and took it out with me, along with some reading material and I lay down. I closed my eyes.
Peace. Sunshine. Quiet.
I listened to the flit of the hummingbirds, battling over the feeders. I listened to the new arrival of swallows, who seem to only be busy during times of sun? I opened my eyes to the sight of the first white crown sparrow, as it landed near me. So cute!
Peace time. If it weren't for peace time, we'd all go crazy.
And that exactly is what we have been waiting for! After having been bombarded with rain for so long, the sunshine brings peace. Ahhhhh.
I drained my Crystal Light, and got up to face the chaos, once again.
It's that old ying yang thing. And if it weren't for war, for chaos in life, peace time would not be so wildly appreciated.
Life is a zoo! Isn't it? And when those times come, when all seems at war... Get up, get a smile on your face, and yell out, "Good Morning, Vietnam!"
Peace time will come, again.

April 11th

Cancer. Chemo. Radiation.
Cancer. Chemo. Radiation.

Those are the steps, these days, that so many are taking. Everyones doing it, doing it, doing it! It's the rage!
"Good Morning, Vietnam!"
See that red chair, all alone, down on my column, there? That's how I feel. Kind of lonely.
I guess I created this "solo" problem all by myself, but I am feeling a bit lonely, here.
I'm going to get up, by myself, drive to Portland, by myself, and go get myself radiated, by myself! I got chemo-ed by myself, so I can do this, too!
Why on earth does this bug me more than chemo? I guess it's totally simple!
I can't tell you the times I've turned down company for my treatments-, but today? Today I am feeling lonely.
I just kind of think that I am the one who has the cancer, so I need to fight it- by myself. There really is no time for holding of hands in the radiation department, anyhow!
Bill is fishing the Columbia. I hope he'll be OK. It's kind of snotty out. At least, here. I woke to a pile of hail on the back deck. You know, right next to my chaise lounge! Isn't that an odd site!
Anyhow, Bill is fishing with Dudley and Joe. They had a trip planned a while back, but it didn't work out, so today is the day. I wish I were there, in that boat, with it's top up, all toasty warm, and fishing.
But then again, I wish I were in Hawaii! I wish...
Oh well, radiation it is!
But- But- But- my motto is always, "Do it now! Life is short!"
I'm doing radiation today, so that I can do anything at a moment's notice, at anytime for a long time to come. :) That's it.
How easy it would be to simply pack a short bag, drive right by that radiation clinic and onto PDX. "One ticket to Hawaii, please?"
Yes. I could go to Hawaii all by myself! No problemo!
On the way to radiation, I need to stop at North Plains to take Dave Smith (on ifish) a stack of Bill's old STS magazines. Bill had them on the ifish classifieds. Clear back to the 50s! Wow. I can't believe Bill is giving those away!
And then, I have to make a stop at Costco for some dried fruit and nuts. I love their dried fruit! It's like candy! Try the berry and mango mix. Yum!
OK... wish me adieu and I'm off!
Good Morning, Vietnam! I'm going to win this fight!

April 12th

I did it! I radiated!
When I first was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn't have anyone be nice to me or it made me cry. I didn't want people to sympathize. I didn't want to cry! When people are nice, I tend to join the pity party and cry, too. :)
So, yesterday I was in Starbucks and the girls asked me what I was doing. Told them I was going to my first radiation and that I was scared. (Why did I invite niceness?) They were nice. Said nice words... I cried. Or, almost!
I think, perhaps, that I am almost healed from the sadness of getting diagnosed with cancer! I am able to cry and I even invited someone to be nice!
So, then, I drove into my clinic and just got it done!
It was painful, as they had me in all kinds of positions that people with marfan can be in! I had to stay still, though, and that's never good for my body. When I finally could move, I was frozen in that position. Youch!
It's weird, though. Some days my body will do that and be fine, but yesterday... I hurt! I was frozen in a position and wowza it hurt to get out of it!
Today will be better. It's only 15 minutes, and I can do that! From here on in, it will only be a short visit. Yay, God! Progress!

April 14th

So, my life goes like this.
After a weekend off, I get up on Monday, and go to radiation at 9:30. Then, I go home. I then go back on Tuesday at 3:30. I stay overnight and on Wednesday morning I go to radiation at 9:30, then come home again. On Thursday, I go back at 3:30, and stay over until Friday, get my radiation done at 9:30 and I'm done for the weekend!
For seven weeks I do this!
And, it's so hard for my mind to process where I am, and when! It's driving me crazy! LOL. I mean... when do I fish? What morning? I'm so confused. LOL.
I hope you'll join me in praying for my friend Ginny, this morning. She is having a test, and she needs prayer and comfort. :)
OK, off to the "zzz" beams!

April 16th

Week one of radiation complete! Yay!
And I'm no worse for the wear!
The folks at the cancer center are becoming friends of mine. Family, almost! They have a community puzzle to put together, while we wait. I'm having fun with that! I'm really doing well! I forgot how much I enjoy putting together puzzles. It's a great rainy day affair that always reminds me of sitting at the table with Jim Erickson's wife, Loretta, while the guys are out in the shed doing whatever guys do. I miss that! I still miss Jim, daily... and Milton... and those days. Those days it seemed like the rain was appreciated and lived in, regardless. Id' fish in it, no problem. I was tough, then. Not so much, now. I long for sunshine as much as I long to hear Jim's voice, and feel his hugs.
Why does Jim have to be gone? Why can't my Dad be here, either? In the rain, it seems sad memories abound. Why is that? Why is it that wonderful, clean water falling from the sky... Why is it associated with sad things?
The olive greens are here. (Swallows) and the purple finches. Things are slowly flying into Spring. Uh oh... you can't fly unless you go fast enough, so I'll just say they are dropping into place. Slowly. Very, very slowly.
My lettuce seeds are finally sprouting.
We keep calendar notes over the years, of which birds comes when, when the cherry tree blooms, the pear trees, the apple trees. When the mason bees hatch, etc. This is a very, very late and very wet Spring!
You know, last year was late, too.
I like to look back to my journal and see how I enjoyed the sunshine, by now. This year? Well, not so much. There isn't any sunshine!
I keep worrying over a column Bill Monroe wrote on global warming a few years back. He said that our coastal rivers will be better suited for bass in the upcoming "warmed" years, and not so much salmonids. Yikes. Reading that was like Bill reading that book "1984" to me.
Bill often talks about the fear that book set in him, when he had to read that, in school. Well, Bill Monroe's column did that for me. The Kilchis? Bass? Yikes.
Lately, I stare out into the river, and I see a slow moving body of water, swirling, with little current... more like the smallmouth bass rivers in the Southern coastal part of Oregon.
Everywhere I went while I was in Portland, people grinned at me with the words, "Sunday!" and "Monday!", looking out their gloomy office windows and with glazed, dreamy eyes, forward to the sunshine that is predicted on the TV weather stations.
It has been so long! Long, cold, wet days with record rainfall. Cold to your bones, icky, awful weather. "Look to Monday... Look to the sunshine!"
With the same glazed eyes, I smiled in turn, but you know, no matter what, we have to learn to live for today! Rain or no rain, it's precious living time! Life is too short to only save it for sunshine... So I say, "Party in the rain!" We must!
I can really see it in the discussion boards. People are really grouchy and a bit less tolerant than when we have nice, dry, sunshine! You watch! The first day it is really nice, the boards will go dead. I mean, dead! No one will be around! People will be lunching at work out on the benches, instead of inside, at their computer terminal. Folks will play hooky from school and go fishing! You'll see them lined up- all the way from Portland to the coast on hiway 6!
And then, come evening it will turn to threads on "What did you BBQ, tonight?" and happy topics, where no one argues, but everyone celebrates the sunshine! I love it!
But, you know, we could be doing this now, too! Play hooky in the rain! BBQ in the rain! Fish in the rain! Put your nose to the sky and let those drops fall on the tip of your nose and enjoy it! It's really not so bad to get wet! Is it?
People living in drought conditions love the rain! Appreciate every drop! And yet the Oregonians, so sick and tired of the every day rain scowl and turn the rain to pain!
Thing is, though.... Truthfully?

If it doesn't sunshine, soon, I'm going to hit someone.
If it doesn't turn nice by Monday, I will.
I promise!

April 17th

I'm so emotional, today. I'm tired-- didn't sleep well. The sunshine feels so good!
I was out doing my favorite thing, (one of them!)... Laying in the chaise lounge in the sun, and reading the paper. I flipped thru the Freddies ad and saw a bright, beautiful hanging basket by the name of "Carnival" It did! It reminded me of the Tillamook Fair in all of its bright colors.
But, summer?
Dare I believe there will be warm days ahead, and summer? Will I make it? I have cancer! Will there be a day when my hair grows long, and I can run my fingers thru it? Not be afraid my wig will fall off? And... I will still be alive? After cancer? It won't go to my brain, or to my lungs? I will be here? Come fair time? Come...summer?
There will be warm days? Fly fishing in my shorts, or a summer dress and water sandals?
I'll be able to see Loretta's flowers in the Fair contests? And have a elephant ear while watching the pig races?!
Pretty soon I had tears coming down my cheeks. I told you I was emotional!
I've nearly made it past a huge pothole in the road! I've nearly made it!

April 18th

I caught one before the season ended! Yee haw!
It's a beautiful little hen!

Click to Zoom

OK. It's off to radiation for me!
Oh-- This was a first cast with a First Bite Jig that Mark gave me at the show! It workee, Mark! Without bait or anything! Can I call myself a fly fishermen, now? Almost? Teehee.

April 21st

Running, running, running. Off to Portland this morning to go meet with the real estate gal and then to radiation, then stay over and radiation in the morning and come home.
Then... Then I'll have time to do things!
Until then, see ya! I can't wait to get back to my fishing!

April 23rd

...How earthy old people become --moldy as the grave! Their wisdom smacks of the earth. There is no foretaste of immortality in it. They remind me of earthworms and mole crickets.
Thoreau, Henry David

Just thought of that, while digging my bare toes into the earth, by the river, today. I wish I would someday get wise. Even with dirt beneath my toenails, I still don't 'smack' of anything but just dirt!
I remember once, a long, long time ago... I had a fight with my boyfriend who lived in a condo in the city. I lived in Cannon Beach and I was driving home to the coast, hating the city as if the city were the cause of the fight. Couldn't wait to get back to the coast, where it's clean and salty and cool. (And did I mention clean? Pure?)
The car just wouldn't go fast enough to get me there in time. I did! I felt like the city was dirty, the cause of our problems, and in fact, it partially was. I'm still convinced that if it weren't for the city parties, the things that went on, there... life would have stayed clean and simple for us, and maybe...just maybe, we'd still be together!
But, we weren't. So, I pulled over to the side of the road and headed into the trees. I found that thick, soft dirt that lives under the trees, and I sat down in it. Wearing only a pair of shorts, sandals, and a home made halter top, I dug my legs down in it, and with my fingers, sifted the soft, pure dirt over the rest of my legs... covering myself as if I were sifting sand on the beach.
It felt so earthy! So cool! So clean! Dirt? Clean? Yeah! It did! I began to cry, and just let it all out.
I wonder if that would work to get rid of cancer?
Seems like I've been hearing more and more bad news from friends, lately and it's got me a bit down.
Is everyone getting diagnosed with cancer? Seems like it! And friends pets dying, and I don't know. It's just a week of bad news. You know?
And no sunshine until today. Oh, does it feel good, though! I loved today! I have butter-yellow and beautiful goldfinch, today! They are just thick, here! So cute! So colorful!
Rain is predicted for tomorrow, again! Sheesh! I looked back at last year's journal and I was talking about all the rain last year.
But thru it all, I have this song running thru the back of my mind. I've decided to stay home, this year, and not go to my relatives for dinner. Driving to Portland and back 12 days in a row does not sound good.
But, still, I have that song on auto repeat.

He lives, He lives,
Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me
Along life's narrow way.
He lives, He lives,
Salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart.

In all the world around me I see His loving care,
And tho' my heart grows weary I never will despair;
I know that He is leading thro' all the stormy blast,
The day of His appearing will come at last.

I just have one question. How is it that other people can make it through life without Him?
I am amazed!
And now, I think I'll go dig in the dirt. Maybe that's why I like gardening so much!

April 24th

I think this is the first time in my entire life that I haven't gone to church on Easter. I tried. I was planning on going to the sunrise service at Camp Magruder, but I overslept.
Sleeping seems to be my priority, during radiation. So, so tired! I can't knock it! I'm just pooped!
So, I'm going to listen to a sermon on the internet, by my favorite pastor, and just be so thankful that He Has Risen!
I have the most adorable, bright yellow goldfinch out my window. He reminds me of the most beautiful Easter egg! Perfect Easter colors!
I'm going for a walk, and then, hey! I might go lay down a bit more!
He Has Risen! And really? That's all that matters!
Please join me in praying for my friends who are going through very difficult times. Thank you so much!

Click Pic to Zoom!

Bill Jr. Monroe and Kaitlyn Monroe
His and Her springers! Whoo hooo, you guys!

April 26th

Finally! I figured it out!
Two days ago, I heard it. That same old bird song that I've wondered for years, who sang it. I'd hear it, look out the window, and I'd see several species of birds. So, which one was it?
It was three tones, sung smoothly down the scale. Half notes, to be exact, and if I were to write a song with them, I'd probably set them to 3/4 time. A waltz.
So, the internet is catching up with me. Five years ago, Google didn't know what it was. Nor, three years ago, or each consecutive year that I searched it. This year, Google is smart! I found it!
So, listen! Listen! Aren't they cute?
First, I narrowed it down to either a white crowned, or golden crowned. That was the majority of birds that I could see this morning, when I heard it.
So, first I looked up white crowned, and the song was close! Oh-so-close!
But, then, I looked up golden crowned and man oh man! I was so excited!
It's only a youtube video someone put up, but it id the one!

There is a bit of chatter, but it's those magical three tones I hear, that descend. Starts with a "C", I believe, then F sharp, and D? I think? But, finally, the puzzle is solved!
See? This website was around last year, when I searched, and the song they play here doesn't match, so the golden crowned must have variations, when they sing. Maybe according to geographic area?
Anyhow... as I lay in the radiation machine, that bitg old machine plays one tone, and one tone only. It's F sharp, or better yet, G flat. G flat and then G flat one octave below. G flat is scarier than F sharp! F sharp reminds me of the key of G major. A happier sound than flatted scales or chords. Maybe I should envision it as an F Sharp from now on, so that it is a healing, happy sound. I'll try that!
I'm not sleeping well, lately, with my chest on fire. My entire right side of my chest is burned. I ordered some magic cream that I heard of, by the name of "Jeans Cream". I have heard the best about this cream, and that it soothes and heals the burns of radiation. I will let you know how it works! I can't wait to be done with this dang/darn radiation. I know it's healing me, but still! Fast forward to the finish date! May 25th!
Then, Springers!
Although the team at OHSU cancer center in Hillsboro is awesome and much like family, I still grow tired of driving there, each day. Yesterday, I got up at 6, left by 8, got there by 9:30, spent 10 minutes inside getting radiated, and then home by 11:30. I had half the day to live, but instead, I was exhausted from the drive, and tired from the treatment.
They have puzzles the patients work on there, and I swear, some days I feel like just plunking down and staying there till the next treatment. It's fun and competitive! The patients all want to help and I just love that! I've met the most wonderful people! One lady who has her fingernails falling off, too! I just wanted to hug her! Hey! I know what you are going thru! Come here and hug me! LOL!
Yesterday was the first time I actually felt burned, and it still stings, today. I can't wait for the magic Jeans cream! They say it can heal you overnight! I wonder? Mostly, I can't wait!
We were going to go springer fishing, today, but Bill didn't sleep well, and frankly, neither did I. It's a bit early in the season, anyhow... but I sure can't wait!
Off I go.... it's time to be radiated, again...
This too shall pass. Right?
We all need to learn to live for today. Today is living, no matter what it brings. We need to appreciate each and every bird, every person, every thought, and make the most of our days, here!
How awful for people to look forward to something far off, only to have life taken from them, before then. Let that not happen to us!
So, come on kids, let's live! NOW!

April 28th

Tell me what this dream means!
Last night, I dreamt I was in charge of a beautiful horse. I had no leash or no halter, nothing to lead him with or control him, and I was inside, with a bunch of kids, somewhere. It was almost like I had to charm the horse, to keep him with me, so he wouldn't get loose and stampede anyone.
It was a constant worry, all night long.
At one point, I had to lead the horse across a stream. Somehow, it got loose, and a barge was coming down river. It was a small barge. Larger than a raft, but .. like the Canby ferry! That's what... but a little smaller. Anyhow, the horse got caught on the raft/barge/ferry, and there was a man at the head of it. The horse was being drug by the ferry, head and shoulders were out, and the horse was looking at us at shore, in distress. We yelled at the man, but he didn't comprehend, and the horse went under, and finally, appeared out the other side of the river, obviously hurt.
He came to shore, and it was too steep for us to help him up. Visions of this being on the news went thru my mind. How to rescue this horse? (I wonder if there was a story on animal planet like this, while I went to sleep last night?)
We did get the horse up the bank, but then I woke up.
So, tell me? What is this about? My journey with cancer? I don't know! Dreams are silly. :)
All I know is I miss that horse. He was beautiful and I want him back!

April 29th

Bored on my drives to Hillsboro...

April 30th

Goooood bye, April! :) Adios!
OK, April brought some good things, and then it brought rain and wind and radiation! LOL
May is going to bring sunshine and freedom and a new life! YES!
And... Stan's column! Read it, here! Just put it up!
I have been using Jasc Paint Shop Pro, otherwise known to the old html gurus as "PSP" for years. As long as it first came out, in fact.
Then, it sold to Corel. You know, I even used a few Corel products, way back when, and they were OK! And, the first versions of their paint program were "OK". But- when they got to 3, it became worrisome, and now? The 4th version? Don't download it, let alone pay for it. I paid for it! I paid for it to totally mess up my computer! Argh!
I purchased and downloaded the latest Corel "Paint Shop Pro-fessional" or whatever they now call it, and I was forced to delete every Corel file on my computer! Total bloat wear! It was awful! It changed my system so that I hardly recognized it! Yucko!
So, I'm trying to get used to using Adobe Photoshop elements again, and it's tough for me!
I am mourning the loss of Jasc, this morning! What has Corel done to this simple, useable program? I'm so sad. My name is Jennie Logsdon Martin and I approve this rant.
Anyhow, read Stan's column. As always, good stuff!
Enjoy the sunshine, boys and girls! It's gorgeous, outside!