Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
April 2008

See the Babies? It's Spring!

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Y'all be careful and wear your PFDs.

April 2nd 2008

It's onward and upward, and off to the doctor. See? I'm keepin' on, keepin' on! Today, it's my retinal surgeon and my cornea surgeon! Roo has to go to the retinal surgeon, too. (Andrew) So, he is riding along. Hopefully, we'll be able to meet David for lunch, downtown.
Stan's new column is up! Please read it here, or on the board in the archives. Stan always has interesting things to share!
Off I go, and have a wonderful April 2nd. The afternoons will be warm and sunny for a couple days!

April 3rd 2008

Just long enough in between dreams, Andrew and I will have surgery again, soon. Andrew starts off this round, next Wednesday.
And now...for a little springtime music...
I messed up a bunch, but hey-- it's just for fun, and I haven't played Moonlight Sonata since I was a kid.

April 6th 2008

Click for wallpaper

Just for fun, some pics off of my iphone.
Let's see if you can all pray me to church, today! It's early enough for me to get ready. I feel alright-- I think I'll go! David Johnson has been after me to visit his church. I think I can... I think I can... I don't know what it is, but it's just hard for me! I don't know if it's that I'm afraid my emotions will get away from me, as does happen, or if that I'll just feel uncomfortable at a new church or what. But, the fact is, it's been hard for me to get there!
Maybe, just perhaps... it's the fact that my schedule revolves around doctors and illness!
Get this! This is what I have to keep track of.
Surgery for Andrew on Wednesday, this coming.
-An echocardiogram for Roo. He hasn't been keeping up and hasn't had one for 2 years. Scary!
-An appointment with Dr. Boyer of the low vision clinic for both Roo and I on the 30th.
This month.just for me:
- An appointment with a doc I haven't seen since I was 20 for an experimental procedure to keep me from being anemic.
-A surgery for a corneal transplant.
- An appointment with a vascular surgeon to check my stents and why I have no pulse in my foot.
-A dental appointment
Is that enough? I'm not sure, cuz I think I'm forgetting some.
Yes. I think I need to go to church. Some greater power than I will have to be responsible enough to make it to all of these dreaded appointments, anytime-- let alone, during Springer Season!
What's even more frustrating than the appointments is that they all have the possibility, and most, the probability of turning into surgery.
Thus, I dream about vacations, but the probability is that my vacations will be spent in the hospital!
I have to laugh. If I didn't, I'd go crazy!
The wind is howling, outside. The dogs are restless and want to run on the river beach. I think I'll bundle up and do that, and then come in and shower, and get ready for church.
A cup of hot coffee to go-
When I get home, it's the kind of day for roast beef and gravy and biscuits. You know, that homey kind of thing, before bbq season hits in full.
Light a fire in the woodstove, honey, I'll be home, soon!
I just can't complain. Every new month that happens, I get to check off another month as I write them, here.
I get no greater thrill! Life is so awesome!
Thank you, Lord, for each day!!!
Teach me to use them in a way that glorifies you. I want to make you happy, Father! Teach me to love my brothers and sisters! Those who say that they love you and do not love their fellow man, do not know You.
My goal in life is to learn to love like our Father loves.
Wouldn't that be awesome? :)

April 8th 2008

Bill and I both anxiously await both Springer season, and the arrival of the steelhead redds.
Still, neither of each, but it's exciting to have something to wait and wish for. I think we should get one of those calendars on our fridge like for Christmas, except this one would be for Spring(ers!) -where you open a window and a new surprise of spring, each day!
In the past week, we have opened windows to the arrival of our first grosbeak, little shoots of last year's crocosmia coming out of the ground, and our first bandtail!

I'm still checking on my freesia. I have some bursting out of the ground, but not too many. I do have one that held over from last year, that has actually got buds on it! That will be a treat!
The road to town is becoming a lush green tunnel of new growth. The truck that comes to mow it all down hasn't come yet. I don't like that truck! I know that it is necessary, but I kind of like my tunnel to town! It's like driving through a hanging basket of ferns! LOL
Our daphne will soon smell heavenly. For some reason, I lost all my leaves on my daphne, but fresh new growth and flowers are still about to burst out. When the daphne blooms, I take a different route into the house, just to walk by it and breathe deeply. It smells heavenly!
Andrew has cancelled his surgery for tomorrow, which leaves me open to... what? FISH? Oh my gosh! OK!
He had promised to help a friend by flying to Arkansas to move his things back to Oregon and then realized he can't fly so soon after surgery. They are going to drive back home via San Francisco, where Andrew hopes to move. Andrew is checking on an apartment that he has all picked out. A new life for Roo! He's excited, and will have his surgery when he comes back, I guess. Mom wasn't so hot on the idea, but kids will be kids. He's an adult, now, and must do what he chooses. (You know, as long as he pays for it!) I will miss him, but at the same time, I'm excited for his excitement.
So, this does free me up a bit. A fishing trip just may be on the horizon! Can you believe it?
However... I do have a family meeting tomorrow night in Lake Oswego. I will have to still make a trip that way.
I woke this morning, with this song in my heart. I just have to write it down. This is where my writing flows from this morning, and it 'sets the tone'.

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I sang that in church every Sunday for so many years from rote, and did not think of the meaning, or from what spirit it was written. Funny, how when you grow older, the words come alive and dance in your heart.

April 11th 2008
What's hot?

The fin clipping at the Whiskey Creek Hatchery!
Have you ever attended? It's so much fun and we need your help!
Afterwards, join the NW Steelheaders for their banquet and auction in Portland!
Keep an eye on the upcoming CCA activities, here!
Tournaments are "Spring"ing up all over the place! Join us in any of these!
Bounty on the Bay
Kings For the Kids

OK, and besides that... I had this idea for people for Mother's Day.
There are a ton of women that like to fish. But, sometimes? Sometimes we women like to be pampered!
What do you think of making everyone happy on Mother's Day? Kids, husbands and especially Mom's?
Put together a Mother's Day package like the one below!
You know, you can figure it how you like... and Mother's Day falls on a Sunday, so on Mother's Day, do you regular gig: -Go to church, fix Mom breakfast in bed, buy her flowers, whatever you normally do. Then, wrap her up a present she'll never forget!
Start by booking a fishing trip with your favorite guide, or plan to fish yourself, whatever you like! There is a list of guides or charters on ifish to choose from. I trust them all with my life! So, book a trip for you and the kids, or you and your buddy, or just you!
Then, book an overnight accommodation at your favorite beach location around Tillamook.
You can do this at any time, you know. Whenever your favorite fishery is happening. Fall Chinook? Summer tuna? Nehalem summer run? Spring Chinook? Or Summer Steelhead bank fishing on one of our local streams? Whatever you like!
Then, (here's the Mom part!) book a massage, a facial, a hair cut, a suntan, or any and all of the above!
I have this lady in Tillamook that I just adore. Everything she does is organic and natural. A day with Sarah at "The Total Look Salon" in Tillamook would be my Mother's Day wish come true!
So, while you and the kids go fishing, she can be relaxing and being pampered at a salon!
I got this idea from watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8". Have you ever seen that show on TLC? It's about a couple who had twins and then sextuplets! I don't know how I stand watching it, because it's full of kid screams, but I like it! I do! Maybe it reminds me of when my kids were little? Anyhow, on Mother's Day, she was at a salon all day! Wonderful! I'm envious!
But-- what a great time for all! Mom could spend time with the kids the night before for dinner and a night at the beach, and then the kids and Dad could get up early and go fishing (Whoo hooo!) and leave Mom to sleep in and leisurely get up to go to the spa!
Everyone could have the time of their life!
Sarah gives wonderful pedicures and facials and manicures, oh my! She does makeup and waxing and she is so wonderful and kind and gentle! It is always my favorite day when it's girls day!
If you want to call Sarah for your wife, (or girls, if you just want to come down and treat yourself after fishing!!) her number is 503.842.4486.
Just ask for Sarah and tell her that Jennie sent you.
I just love all the natural products that she uses!
Anyhow... I'm all excited for today. It's sunny!

Look at that blue true dream of sky!
..and can you believe it's supposed to be up in the 70s? Wha hooo! Get out the chaise lounges and let's go have coffee on the porch!
I'm thrilled! I needed this so badly!

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

This is my Father's world!!! and to my listening ears all nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres!
Lotsa music going through my head. Can you tell?

April 13th 2008

Seems as if I had way too much fun, yesterday! I can't move at all! I finally got up to do some things, but man oh man, do I hurt!
Too many hugs! Too many smiles! Too much walking, for sure, but way, way worth every bit of pain!
Maybe it's the falling barometer, but I think it's just that I overdid it. Sometimes, though, it's just worth it! I'm still smiling, even though I can't move!
Andrew leaves today for Little Rock, Arkansas. He's helping a good friend of his move back to Oregon.
They are flying over and driving back with all of his things. What a grand adventure. I'm following his travels on a map. He's going to call every day and let me know where he is. Ah, youth! I miss those days! I'm envious, but I will live vicariously through his phone calls.
I saw David yesterday! He was all wet from spending a beautiful and warm afternoon of sunshine at the fountain with his fellow college students. I think that if he were majoring in friends and fun, he'd be doing really, really well! On the Dean's list, I'd think!
He is blessed with an amazing carefree spirit. He's lost his room key, his wallet, his cell phone plugin. I do wonder if he has anything left at all! Thing is, he doesn't care! He has had no money for a month, and he had no complaints! LOL.
Let's just hope that his academics are going half that well, and his spirit, not so carefree in that regard! LOL... I can laugh at this. I can! I'm learning!
The beautiful, warm sunshine really caught me by surprise! My body just wasn't ready for that! However, it's cold and wintry looking outside, again. We were given one day! One day to lounge in the sunshine, and I had plans that kept me from it! Darn! Still, I was able to enjoy it yesterday morning. It was a shock to my system! I had to dig down to the bottom of my clothing drawers to find anything appropriate, that would expose my skin to the sunshine!
Finally out, I walked on the river beach barefoot(!) and it just felt so wonderful!
I sat on the river beach, while the gentle summer-like breezes blew softly through the hair on my legs.

At least I live in a place where no one else could see nor do those that can see, even care! Regardless, it's time to buy some new razor blades! Summer is over and the winter coat simply must go!
Interesting that I've come to a place in life that no matter how I hurt, I can still laugh.
I read in the paper that this cool spring is a condition of La Niña and may last until July. Tell me it's not true! Oh well, if it is, then I won't have to worry about the winter fur.
Seems the older I get, the more I crave nice warm temperatures, and don't tell anyone, but I'm beginning to understand my Father's choice to live his winters in Palm Springs. I'm becoming my worst nightmare. A fair weather fisher!
This week, I have lots of fishing planned, though- regardless of weather! I can't wait!

April 14th 2008

Please remember that every 15th of the month, we are blessed with Francis Caldwell's writings. Please click here for the latest. I put it up early as I'm not going to be around much, tomorrow. I always feel like I learn some really interesting things, following Francis' writing. Listening to him tell stories is even better, but for lack of that at the moment, this will do nicely!
Stan Fagerstrom's articles come out on the first, and I feel so lucky to have him, also! I don't know how we struck it so lucky to have such wonderful writers on ifish, but by golly, we do!
I'm so thankful for these awesome blessings in my life!
You'll find their articles first by clicking on the links above, but if you've fallen behind, you can find their archived articles, here. Or, just click on the discussion forum above, and scroll down to the ifish archives.
What a great thing to do on a rainy day! Get reading!
My entire face is numb this morning as I had a visit with my dentist. My dentist is so cool! His entire office is decorated with fish. He's an avid fly fisherman and a wonderful doctor! I feel so at home, when I'm there.
Interesting that a fly fisher would choose dentistry as a profession. Nothing like sticking the hook to a fish's mouth in his free time, and setting one to mine for hire. Ouch!
I think I'll carry on with the pain and go get my legs waxed by Sarah, today. Warm spring weather just has to hit soon. Doesn't it? It snowed this morning on my way home. Maybe if I lose my fur coat, the weather will warm.
Or- maybe I'll freeze. Who knows?

April 17th 2008

Teee heeee... I'm still smiling! I'm a perma-grin fishing girl!
You know, for months now, or at least for tens of days, I have been on the edge of thinking something that would shock even me.
Instead, I've been hanging onto the hope that I was wrong, and I'm so glad that I did!
Still, I tried the thought out on Bill Hedlund, here at home. I thought he'd argue some sense into me, but instead, when he heard it, it scared him. I probably should not repeat it, here, but I will.
"Bill, I'm burning out on fishing."
He said to me sadly, "I never thought I'd hear that from you."
It made him sad. It made me sad, too! More than you'll ever know!
What was wrong with me? Fishing is my life! What would I do if it weren't for fishing? Where would I be without the intense joy that fishing has always brought me? Nothing in the world had ever made me happier!
Last month, before the local CCA banquet, I was exhausted! If you click to find March 20th, you'll see it:

"...I complained to Bill something that I never thought would escape my lips.
I said something like, "Fishing, fishing everything! Fishing banquets, fishing shows, fishing trips, fishing rods in my mailbox, fishing lures! Fishing meetings! Fishing e mail! Fishing clothes! Fishing, fishing fishing!!!"

I felt the same before the Steelheader's banquet, just last week. But, I went, and I'm so glad that I did! I came home so happy! I was so relieved that I loved it! It was so fun seeing all of my friends and talking about fish. There was something there that night that ignited a flame of hope. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was there.
Night before last, I couldn't sleep at all. I had that feeling when you know you have to rise early, and you gaze at the clock all night, knowing that you only have another hour to sleep and you just can't!
I watched the neon lights of my alarm as it went off at 4:20 AM. I was so tired! I think I got about an hour's sleep, and fitfully, at that.
But, usually I have a dread that goes with that feeling. Yesterday, I didn't have that. How puzzling! What was happening?
I got up, showered, Bill checked our pre fishing list off, and poured a strong cup of coffee to go. Bill and I hit the road and as the warm heater in the truck washed over me, a familiar excitement began to come alive.
I know now that it was the same feeling I'd had as a child, when my Dad chose to take me fishing. Me! Instead of my brothers! ME! I loved that!
I was going fishing! But, still... still, I didn't fully recognize or appreciate what was happening inside me. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time. I just knew my heart was happy. That surprised me, after having so little sleep!
On the drive over, I was a little disillusioned by the foggy rain that saturated the air. It wasn't rain-rain. It was that soaking Oregon stuff that seems not to fall from the sky, but rather be suspended in mid air. The stuff where you simply walk outside and instantly become soaked to the bone!
Thinking back, now, there was an inner battle going on. One part of me was searching to prove to myself that indeed, I was tired of fishing. The rain! I'm cold! I'm tired! I have too much to do to do this! -but the natural progression of this fishing trip, and all that I knew and loved was winning!
We finally arrived at the parking lot, and got our things together to head to the boat, moored and waiting for us. My legs ached as I struggled to carry the net and all of my bags down the dock at Hayden Island. It seemed forever to the boat and my muscles were screaming.
My hair hung in wet clumps over my eyes, and I had no hands to push it out of my vision. I couldn't see well at all. Frustration was mounting. How far was it? My legs screamed. Sigh. See!? I'm burned out! I don't like fishing! Not at all! LOL...
I climbed into Bill Monroe's 17 foot open jet sled and we headed out to the Columbia.
I think I was kind of looking for negatives. I was tired of fishing, remember? I was searching for negative experiences fishing the Columbia in the past. How bout the time that a huge barge rolled a six foot standing wave in our path? I still have nightmares about that! Or when the wind blew up and we'd get caught out on the other side, and have to slam our way back in with our jet sled, my body aching, waves soaking me to the bone.
Or what about when I have to use the ladies room and the river is full of boat to boat combat, and no one will take me to shore? Yeah! What about that?
So, with all that is negative, why was I here? And why, as we trolled through the harbor, did I burst into song, "Oh, the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me, the things I need, the sun and the rain and the... fish I eat?"
"See the boats out there?" Mr Monroe said to me. "That's where we are fishing."
My heart beat faster. We would soon be fishing! Whooo hoooo!
He put up the kicker and started up the big motor. Oh, no! It was so rough out there! I can't do this! But, no sissies on Bill's boat! He just got down to business and boogied right through that boat chop!
Later at home, Bill and I discussed that it was actually much rougher yesterday on the Columbia, than any trip he'd taken on the ocean, last summer!
So, as Bill Monroe got up on plane, we slammed our way to the top of the drift. -And I mean we slammed! We rocked! We rolled!
At first... I thought I couldn't take it. At first... I thought I'd have to go back to the dock (and if I kept this up, I'd soon have to GO to the doc-tor!) At first, I was sure I was done! Kaput! No fishing for Jennie! This is too rough on me!
But I held fast. I was determined to stick it out!
As we continued to slam through the waves, I looked over at our captain. Wow. I saw 'that look' on Bill Monroe's face. I knew that look! It has been so long, but I have seen it so many times on Bill Hedlund's face, too!
I'll never forget that when I first rode with Bill Hedlund in his jet sled, I noticed that the faster he went, the younger he looked. It's like the speed of the motor transforms people! Running a jet sled is the nearest I've seen to a fountain of youth!
Any aged appearance on Bill's face was wiped clean as the motor raced faster! The wind and the g-force (tee hee) was probably partially to blame. I just always put it together that it was the excitement and glee of that racing motor that wiped years from people's faces! It was the splashing as we flew over other boats wakes! It was the speed of a fishing addict on his way to fish that was to blame for the youthful look, and likewise, the happiness in my heart!
That absolute happiness is so contagious! -and I caught it yesterday, again! It has been soooooooooo long! So long, that I had forgotten it!
My body is just totally killing me, today, but you know? I don't care! I'm still smiling from ear to ear and I'm so relieved to find out that I am not tired of fishing! No way am I tired of it! In fact, now, all I want to do again, is fish!
I am leaving today to go to Portland to get in on the last days of fishing the Columbia!
I'm hoping to go fishing with Chris Sessions on his new, beautiful boat this afternoon, and Liz and Art tomorrow, and whoever I can find, the rest of the remaining days! Wahooo! Thank you, Bill!
It had been so long!
Why was I waking every hour the other night?
Why when I woke, could I not get back to sleep?

Because, my dearest Mr. Monroe... and it didn't hit me until today, but it was because I was going to go fishing! I have had that "can't sleep before fishing" since I was a child, but I forgot!
Sometimes ifish and its business so consumes me that I totally forget why.. I FISH!
Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart! I am alive, again!
My life... it is indeed "fishing, fishing, everything!" And thank GOD for that! I had the time of my life!

April 19th 2008

Click to zoom

Well, at least my Uggs season is extended! My feet are so cold!
Snow! In April! Everyone is just shaking their heads. Well, that is, except for the dogs. They love it!

Click to Zoom

Click to Zoom

The last picture there is Rev, doing his "Kilchis Bash". Man oh man. Rev is two and a half now, and still hasn't slowed a bit. She is wild and destructive! We are thinking "Ritalin" perhaps?
Bill laughs, but I'm serious! I do wonder if there isn't something askew, upstairs, and she is going to hurt something or someone! She is so rough! So wiggly. You just can't stop her! You can't stop to love or pet her, either. When you do, she just wiggles all over! Maybe by the time she's five?
I flunked chinook fishing 101, this week. I really do see it as a personal challenge. One of independence. When I have what I do, I love it when I do something myself.
So, I made it to Portland, and I parked. (This is no small feat in downtown Portland!)
I got David's sax to him. That was a challenge, too!
I drove around Portland State about 10 times, before I found a spot to stop or park!
I made it to my room, and got unpacked.
David and I went out to dinner, and we had the best time! I really enjoy his company, lately. He's a solid, nice guy and I'm proud of him!
I made it to bed. (That wasn't hard at all!)
But-- when I woke up, I hadn't slept well at all and I was not in good physical shape. I felt awful. It was catch up day! I could tell when I opened my eyes and tried to move. It just wasn't happening!
And so, I didn't fish yesterday, and I strangely feel like it is some kind of personal failure. I flunked the independence game. I absolutely despise letting people down and I feel that it was very special to be invited on Liz and Art's boat! I really wanted to talk to Liz and Art, meet Liz's Dad, and visit with Joelle Robinson, who was also on the boat.
Joelle is with the National Wildlife Federation and does very good work for us. She also writes beautiful poetry. I'd share it with you, but I don't have permission, yet!
Anyhow... I called and apologized.
Shortly after, I heard the weather forecast for snow on the coastal pass. I had planned to spend the night again, but I didn't want to get stuck in Portland, so I got in my car, and made it home.
I was so tired!
A good night's sleep last night was most welcome! You know, the snow would be most welcome also... if it weren't our fifth or more snow, and if it weren't April!
I'm really excited for warm weather and gardens and Spring! Oh my! So, where is it? Bring it on! Please!
I sit, on April 19th, huddle up by a space heater, my Uggs wrapped warmly around my feeties, shivering.
It's stew season, and the roast is in the slow cooker. This shouldn't sound good right now, but it does! Think I'll make some bread. Start a fire... get out a blanket and a movie. Maybe some popcorn, too.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

April 22nd 2008

So much going on!
I'm so sad to report to all of you that KATU Channel Two News has let Grant McOmie go. Can you believe that? I'm just speechless. Bill Monroe wrote about it on ifish, here.
Nearly 20 thousand people reading ifish aren't happy, from the looks of it! I looked at the stats for that thread, and it's amazing! Grant sure has lots of admirers! But, then again... we all know that, right? So.. (I'm speechless!) Why? Why on earth???

Photo of Grant McOmie
from KATU news.

Grant has always been the voice of our family dinner meals.
Grant is all about why we live in and love Oregon!
Grant is the rain falling while huddled around a steaming stove full of good smells! I listen to the news in the background, and ask Bill to let me know when Grant comes on.
If we were already seated at the table, we'd race from our seats to the television when we heard his voice over the clatter of dishes.
"Coming up, Grant takes us to..." and then they'd tease and lead us through commercials and more stories until finally... finally... Grant came on!
It just can't be(!) and I urge you all to write to KATU and let them know how you feel about Grant leaving the show.
Here's the contact KATU link.
Note: You can direct this to station management.
KATU is a wonderful news station but I really feel like they know not what they are doing, in this case. I hope they don't find out too late!

April 23rd 2008

Alright, girls! It's time for "Jennie's beauty secrets!"
It's Spring, and it's time to build our spring wardrobe! I found this great place to shop for shiny new things! It's the Casey Eye Institute and they have awesome corneas there!
You know, plastic surgery is extremely popular, these days. I went to Palm Springs once and I noticed that almost all the women were just beautiful! They sported new noses, eye lifts and lovely bust lines! But- how selfish! They don't tempt me! Huh uh!
I'm in for a new cornea! Whoo hooo!
The cool thing about this, though, is reverse beauty! Ever heard of it? It's the absa-fabsolute latest! I won't look any prettier to you, but when I look at you, you will be beautiful!
Now, see? What a great idea! If we all had this done, no one would need any of the other!
When I got hold of this new fashion news, I jotted down the name that the nurse repeated to me, much like I do when I go to Nordstrom, and they recommend clothing for my long legs, etc.
For instance, last I was at Nordstrom, the fashion clerk said I should try "Not Your Daughters Jeans". She said that they fit great, and tricky woman that I am, I tried them on, loved them, and walked right out of the store, without them! They were too expensive!
I came home and immediately clicked up Ebay on my home computer and typed it in. I quickly learned that they go by their initials. "NYDJ". Presto! I found a pair at one fourth the price and hit "bid". I won! At a fraction of the cost!
Likewise, when that expensive place called "The Casey Eye Institute" said I needed a "Descemet's stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty" I immediately knew!
No way was I paying the full price! I knew that no one selling one would type all of that out, so once at Ebay, I typed in, "DSAEK".
I waited anxiously while ebay searched it's database for the reverse beauty trick of all tricks.
Hm. No results. Nothing!
Confused, I typed out the whole thing, carefully... "Descemet's stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty."
Nothing! Nothing but a sponsored link that said, "Endothelial Keratoplasty." Hm. I guess that these are too new and wonderful and I was really in for the latest and greatest!
I could hardly breathe, I was so excited!
I did a google search, then, to see if anyone else carried this new reverse beauty trick.
Dr. Mathers at Casey Eye came up. That's who recommended it to me! I guess he has a monopoly on this new procedure!
Deciding that I was worth it, and using that wonderful woman reasoning that 'you only live once', I opted to buy!!!
Alright. Enough! In all seriousness, ladies and gents... on May 1st, I am going to have a partial corneal implant.
I'm not looking forward to it at all, so I'm trying to make the best of it!
I did google it this morning, trying to learn more. I found several links, and this one was a generic, easy to read explanation of the surgery.
Of course... there are a ton of complications that can happen with my marfan eyes, so it's not always as easy as it seems on these little pages.
They don't mention the 10 eye surgeries I have had prior, or the ones that didn't leave me more beautiful, as promised!
I really do wish I could have just hit "bid" on ebay, and had it done and over with.
The "NYDJ" was a wonderful find, and I felt so darn tricky for bypassing Nordstrom's expensive prices.
I guess the lesson here is that sometimes you just can't put a price on beauty, and sometimes we miss the real thing- what true beauty is all about.
Last evening, in between rain showers, I walked the dogs out to the river beach. I walked down to where a large conifer had fallen during the big storm, last winter.
I had been fretting, so tired of the weather! Tired of the rain, the cold, the lack of Springtime!
A few raindrops fell and left little ringlets on a calm, deep pool under the tree. I startled as a huge papa river otter splashed it's tail and sent ripples, far and wide.
Everywhere around me was a thousand colors of lush green. Mosses and ferns and over here- the treasure of tiny purple flowers! Oh my! They were stunning against the deep green, surrounding them!
Kilchis was busy digging a hole in the soft, rich earth and Rev pointed, wagging his tail at the river otter, barking and challenging. "Watch out, Rev! Remember? You'd best not!"
It hit me, as I put my hand to my chest and felt that familiar but odd ticking in my chest.
This is Spring! I'd been spending my days complaining about it's absence, but it is here, and it is extremely beautiful!
Don't blink! Don't miss it!

The most expensive thing that I have, and by far the most beautiful, is my St. Judes Valve.
It was placed in my aorta when it dissected and I nearly died, about three years ago. (In fact, I did die!)
Perhaps I shouldn't complain about missing Spring! Perhaps I should enjoy the weather!
I'm still ticking and I can hear and feel that valve as I breathe in and out. There isn't one day go by that I'm not aware of it, but I'm afraid that sometimes I forget to be thankful for it!
Of all the things I own and wear, this one small article has added the most tremendous beauty to my life!
Life, itself!

April 26th 2008

Absahablutley (how many times did you try to say that?) love to sing "Heavenly Sunshine, Heavenly Sunshine!" but, there are so few days in which to sing it! Today is one! Yippeee!

Q. Can I use PEANUTS images on my web site?
A. The only graphics permissible on the web are the official PEANUTS Link Icons available on our web site. You are welcome to link to as long as you use one of the Official Link Icons.

The weather forecasters warn, however, not to get too used to it! Another extremely cold and unusual record making cold front may be on it's way. In May? Yip!
Just like life, really... you just never know. Fragile yet precious life we live here, folks. Grab hold of that brass ring as it goes around because you never know when or if there will be another one!
I'm playing the game of "bring your plants in-Take your plants out!" Kind of like, "You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out..." I've built a trail from the mud room to the back porch with my boots. My plants are going crazy! They want s u n s h i n e! So do I!
So, today I'm going to lounge on the back porch with a hot cuppa joe... reading the newspaper and seizing the sunzhine.
It's been a heckofa week at ifish.
It's been rainy and cold which drives people indoors. To their television sets, to their computers, and I must say, the mood hasn't been too chipper. This keeps the moderators on active duty 24.7!
Not only that, but there aren't a million places to fish, right now. Add that all up and we spell "cranky!" LOL...
So, ladies and gents, toss out your Television sets and close up your computers!
Fill up your life with warmth and join with me in a praise filled round of Heavenly Sunshine!
Perhaps by Monday, you will be so filled with it that your heart will be singing! I hope so! Cuz, if not... I'll be in surgery by Thursday, and you'll have to deal with the mods! (Probably best!)
Oh! We went on a shakedown run on Tillamook Bay the other day. Everything was working except for our lures! But, that's OK! It was just for fun, and we didn't expect the big bite. Although... one year in late April we were on a shakedown and we did catch a beautiful springer! It was with that memory that we tried again and will probably do the same for many seasons to come.
Since then, we have said each year, "Remember that one time when we did a shakedown and....?"
Ah... good memories!
Now. Pray for me, please. I've decided that I am going to watch the utube video on the surgery that I'm going to have. Yikes! I've thought about this and thought about it... After speaking to David King about it, I think I'm going to do it. I'm not sure why.
Warning! This eye surgery video link is gross. If you are brave enough, though, watch it! I'm going to... right now!
(Update: I couldn't do it! I couldn't! Three seconds and I was done! I'm a wimp!)

I'm repeating this, just to make sure everyone sees it:

KATU Channel Two News has let Grant McOmie go. Can you believe that? I'm just speechless. Bill Monroe wrote about it on ifish, here.
Nearly 20 thousand people reading ifish aren't happy, from the looks of it! I looked at the stats for that thread, and it's amazing! Grant sure has lots of admirers! But, then again... we all know that, right? So.. (I'm speechless!) Why? Why on earth???

Photo of Grant McOmie
from KATU news.

April 27th 2008

Funny. I saw this most beautiful necklace on TV when I was sick, yesterday, and later that night, I told Bill about it.
I have never paid 200 dollars or more for jewelry, so I was kidding, of course, but I put on my "am I cute enough" voice and asked if he'd buy it for me.
He shook his head, laughing and said, "Of course, as long as I can sell one of my boats to pay for it!"
His armada of boats now includes a new duck boat that he bought from Bill Monroe. Does Bill Monroe have as many boats as Bill Hedlund does?
I don't know! But as I glance out and look at the line-up, I doubt it!
The habit of collecting and trading boats does seem to run in this crowd, though.
Never mind that Bill already has a duck boat. We now have a NEW duck boat. New to Bill, anyhow.
I have a necklace, too. But, just like boats... I need several! Besides... I don't have ONE boat! I need necklaces to make up for that.
Yesterday I was so ill that I didn't think I'd be going anywhere, this morning.
But, somehow, Bill Hedlund has talked me into going on a shake down cruise in the new duck boat. Of course, we need to take fishing gear, just in case the new "duck" boat is a new "trout" boat, too.
Trout fishing, often referred to by me as "giggle fishing" has to be done at least once, each Spring time.
Sick or not, I'm going. I can sit in a boat and fight a trout, as well as I can lay in bed. (I think!)
I'm going to try it, anyhow! I'm bringing a blanket, aspirin and off to Lake Meares we go!
The hospital is very close, just in case! (giggle)

April 29th 2008

Yesterday I went to a nursery and picked out beautiful annual plants and flowers for my pots and border gardens.
Unlike usual, I didn't touch them when I got home! The pansies are still dancing in their plastic pots and the beautiful-to-be begonias still hidden inside their bulbs.
A time for everything... I whispered. Not yet!
Usually, I can't wait to start decorating and planting this here and that, over there.
Instead, I put them on schedule for when I return from the hospital. I neatly laid them out on the garden table, and went about my business, preparing dinner.
Last night, I lay in bed, dreaming of where I'll plant them all.
I also dreamed of seeing them in incredibly vivid and new color! I bought these plants so that I'd have something to look forward to, when I return... with wonderful eyesight! Yippee!
I have nothing to lose! It's getting to the point where it's almost better if I just close my left eye. I never dreamed I could live with one eye, but it can be done! I can even drive safely!
Of course I am always a bit worried about surgery, and I'm kinda bummed about the anesthesia and antibiotics that I have to work out of my system for the umpteenth time this year.
But- I'm mostly hopeful!
It took me a while to get here, but I absolutely adore Dr. Mathers and have tons of faith in his work. I feel good about this! I feel positive! I have prayed about the surgery, prayed for the doctor, and totally put the whole ordeal into His hands. The trip to Portland, the surgery, my care and my families care, and my ifish work in my absence will not worry me! Why worry? It does no good!
In fact, I'm really excited!
How many surgeries have I had this year, alone? I've stopped counting.
I still giggle that I feel like I'm Humpty Dumpty. I keep falling off the wall! -but as long as all the King's horses and all the King's men can put me back together again, I'm all good!
I have a question. Where did it ever say that Humpty Dumpty was an egg? Look at all the pictures. It's always an egg! How come?
Hey! It feels like Spring again! We lost that feeling for a while with the cold spells, but this morning as I opened the door to let the dogs out, the sounds of the morning birds and the moist air hit me hard.
We have one bird that sings the most mournful melody. It's a high C, then B, then G and it's always the same notes. It's a minor cadence and is so mournful and beautiful. It plays over and over in my head, all day! How do they do that? I'll have to write a song after it. If I only knew what kind of bird it is!
There's also a rich hue to Springtime mornings right at dawn's light. It reminds me of strawberry picking and summer. The memories of picking strawberries on wet, cold mornings isn't a good one, really, but the thought of it somehow brings me youthful thoughts and happiness. Routine, no matter how unpleasant, brings a sense of security to me. We all need it, I think.
Bill insists that we have dinner each night, complete with salad, vegetable, starch and meat. I balk at that, sometimes, wishing for a couple nights where I could just throw on a grilled cheese at the end of a long day, pour a glass of red wine, and go out to the river to eat. But when you come right down to it, I appreciate that he's brought this kind of routine back to my life. My Dad was like that, too, and it's comforting to me.
It is for all of these reasons, that perhaps there is a small part of me that enjoys my escape, my trips to Portland for my medical appointments.
I am free of schedule! No routines! I can run to Ben and Jerry's and have ice cream before dinner, ("Horrors!" Says, Bill!!) and grab a loaf of bread, fruit, and some strong cheese to take to my room, after! I tear off hunks of bread and break off pieces of cheese and enjoy (so much!) while I watch a movie. I love that!
But, it's equally good to come home. Home, where there is routine! Mashed potatoes and roast beef! And even the dogs keep me on schedule by knowing when it is time to walk on the river, and when it is time for their dinner!
Spring is here again, not quite on schedule, but close enough!
I do think that we are all meant to thrive on a schedule. When Spring is late, people become a bit out of sort. The whole of the earth works on routine, as we all pass from one day to the next and from morning to night. From season to season, and year to year.
It's nice to know what to expect. Isn't it? Comforting. Safe.
Life has so many unexpected challenges in it, that it's necessary for our peace of mind and perhaps our survival to have things that are constant.
It's 9 in the morning, and Kilchis is wagging his tail, beside me, nosing my hand to quit typing.
He knows. It's time for a walk on the river and I'm late!

Ecclesiastes 3
New American Standard Bible ©
A Time for Everything

1 There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven—
2 A time to give birth and a time to die;
A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.
3 A time to kill and a time to heal;
A time to tear down and a time to build up.
4 A time to weep and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn and a time to dance.
5 A time to throw stones and a time to gather stones;
A time to embrace and a time to shun embracing.
6 A time to search and a time to give up as lost;
A time to keep and a time to throw away.
7 A time to tear apart and a time to sew together;
A time to be silent and a time to speak.
8 A time to love and a time to hate;
A time for war and a time for peace.
9 What profit is there to the worker from that in which he toils?
10 I have seen the task which God has given the sons of men with which to occupy themselves.