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April 2000

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April Fools Day

Did you know that in France on April Fools day they put a fish on peoples backs? Please make mine a Spring Chinook.
Bill Monroe came yesterday for the interview. What a nice guy! I have always loved reading his columns and here he is at my house! FUN! I made cinnamon rolls that were ready when they got here, (MMMMMMM) and then we just talked, and then walked out to the river for a couple casts. Really nice photographer too! It was really windy and very difficult to get your light lines and lures out and down to the right depth. Still, how fun to fish for steelhead in short sleeves and tennis shoes!
******* has a new fishing report that is very interesting, as always.. David Johnson has some new Guides pics up. There are some new links on the links page... Like 'Trollin Lures!' Cute little troll doll lures! Then we have 'Annie's Anglers' which is a web page for fishing women and 'Northwest Fishing' for anglers in Washington.
I am going to try to make it to Portland to catch my Springer on Monday.... unless all of you are out catching the rest of the quota today..I believe in sharing..... save some for me, OK? Bill is out today, and I will let you know how he did later. I'm not mad either. I'm not envious that everyone is fishing and I am going to a soccer game. No, I'm not mad at all... How much is military school? :)
Pete Morris sent in this nice pic of a fish he caught while out with Don Larson of the Sturgeon, Salmon and Steelhead page. (Don had a nice day in the sun.)
Dang.....I have been sitting at this computer compressing and uploading fishing pictures and updating fishing web pages for 3 hours and it is only 9:00 in the morning.. That's ok. You people are fishing.... I'm working. Really, I'm OK with that! Does anyone know a good web master for hire that works for free? What is it like when those Springers hit? Talk to me about it! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Describe it in detail... I need a rush!
That's it. I have had it... Stan Fagerstrom caught a 5 lb bass yesterday and told me all about it.... everyone is sending me pictures of fish, fish, fish everywhere....A girl can only stand so much! I am going to tie a cat toy to the end of my rod and cast it into the window for my cat to tug on. This is desperation. I simply can't take it anymore!!!!!!!

Jennie from

April 4th

The doc knew that I couldn't hold my eyes open. Reflexes.... They are so strong that even with a wire cage holding my eye open, I wanted to blink, shut my eye so badly that I almost bent the wire! You would have too! "O.K., Jennie... I am going to drop a small amount of acid on your eye ball. Don't blink!" He knew better! Thus the wire cage! I had this procedure done several times in the office to try and close a bleb (hole) in my eye caused by surgery. He was trying to make it heal over. Acid in my eyes? Don't blink? Yeah right!
Spring Chinook on my rod? Don't grab it? YEAH RIGHT!!!!! I need a physical restraint.... a wire cage.... cuff me to the boat seats, something!
Same thing when I stand out close to my humming bird feeders with my finger out for them to perch on. When they land.... Don't gasp! Don't move! Don't BREATHE! The moment that is suspended in breathlessness.
So there I sit, staring at my rod.... knowing darn well there is a monster at the end of it.... and I have to remain with my hand three inches from the rod...fingers posed and rigid for grabbing.... but I can't yet? WHEN???? At the golden moment when you know he is hooked? Is there such a thing? When is the 'for sure' take down? Now? Now? Now? Do I want to miss him before he takes or wait too long while he figures out he doesn't want it? You half heartedly look around for the approving nod to procede...But do you trust them? I mean really trust them? Of course not! Reflex says go! Reaction says grab! Impulse says NOW!! But Noooo! You have to sit there and pretend you are patient. Pretend you are sipping coffee and eating bon bons and can't be bothered by such a small intrusion. But then.. all the way down it goes! Drop the coffee, bon bons overboard, and grab that rod! Set the hook with all your strength...Will it zing thru the air with the lure flying at rocket speed through the air? Will you set that hook deep, get that beautiful fish all the way to the boat only to have the hook pop out at first sight of the net?
I have a dream.....a recurring dream.... and it I always wake up before it ends. Some people have dreams of falling, and this is similar. The bite... the bite of that spring chinook...and I am sitting there in my seat, . waiting for just the right moment, it bites again, like a smolt, like a trout. Shall I hit it? and then I wake up! ARGH!
Tomorrow I am going fishing.... all I want is to find out how my dream ends.

April 6th

"I can't possibly write a column tomorrow." I stated emphatically as we drove home last night, exhausted and a little disappointed from the long day. How could I possibly admit another failed attempt at Spring Chinook? How does Bill do so well? I didn't catch one. OK? I fished hard, long, concentrating on my every move, the depth of the lure, I did everything right except catch a fish! I fished prawns, herring! I guess that is why I continue to fish though... If it were easy there wouldn't be the challenge. Now I am hotter to go on Saturday than if I were to have had a Salmon BBQ last night! Remember.... the quest is best! I used to have this theory about men too... including catch and release! I finally landed a keeper though! Got my trophy.
I talked for a long time to Craig at the ODFW today. What an interesting guy! Within 10 minutes of asking questions to this knowledgeable guy, along with his co-hort Rick, my brain was so full that I needed to get off the line and think it all through!
I asked him about the whole magical, supposedly secret (It's not... just complicated) formula for coming up with the catch rates.
Here is the best that I, Jennie, can explain it, and PLEASE excuse me if I got something wrong!
OK, it is based on sample rates from the combined statistics.

They take all of this information and simply, (ha ha) basically, calculate the key effort. They do this by determining boats, with 2.5 people estimated on board each boat, the hours that they fished, and fish caught taken from info that the fish counters take in. Then they take into consideration the boat counts, fishing pressure, etc.
Is that correct, Craig?
Fishing yesterday was most pleasant until it came time for me to give it up. At the start of the trip I told Bill, "I have to be home by four to greet the kids from school." Well, fishless at that time I said to him....."Well, Bill, I don't really HAVE to be home.....they will be fine..." But I gave up anyway... We were tired. Arrived home guilt (and Salmon) free to greet the kids.
I tell you though, all the more respect I have for fishermen driving from Portland to the Coast to fish. That makes for a long day! I would do it again in a second though! I love it! I am going to keep at it until my Spring Chinook dream ends.. It still hasn't ended yet..... Yesterday didn't count!
It took me a while to write about this, but the other day I went out to the rabbit cage, a little later than I normally do, and found four dead little bunnies. I was torn apart about it. The Mother looked so pitiful about it! The kids cried.... It was awful. But we will try again.
Today we got 7 little baby banty chicks, and the house is alive with the sound of their little voices! They are SO precious!

April 8th

Another day full of sunshine! And another chance to get the Springer of your dreams! I wish I could go. I had planned to, but things got in the way. I am so disappointed, but soccer calls. Tis the season!
Tonight is the Northwest Steelheaders Banquet and Auction. Those functions are always fun. Plus, I get to dress up. I think I am multi talented for being able to diversify. I can wear hip boots one moment and heels the next. I may wobble and fall over, but at least I try. But then they push the envelope and add a dance afterwards. Dancing in heels may just push me over the limit.
I've got all my trout gear together and will be updating the My Three lakes reports. I would very much appreciate any info on these lakes as they are not as accessible to me anymore. :( I do miss them! But I will be able to add Cape Meares and Lake Lytle (sp) to the list!
Have a great weekend, and I hope that you do well on the river today. Here is to hoping Bill brings one home!


April 10th

The reality is that I probably won't be bringing home a Spring Chinook this year. Call it a pity party, call it whatever, but the faith isn't there. As I watch the quota crawl up and the days on the calendar that I may be fishing.... well, I don't think it is going to happen. I can be thankful though that I have enough work to feed my family! Yeah, good way to look at it! I have work stacked up so high that I don't see the end!
Welcome to Ifish, Marty Peterson of Gone Fishin' Guide Service. He has lots of pictures to come, but I thought I would work on it as we go, and get his page up anyway. Marty is an excellent fishermen, and knows his rivers extremely well. He and his wife are just neat people!
Haven't heard back yet on the new discussion board I purchased, and I am getting antsy! I can't wait!
Beautiful sunny day today.. Hope you are all out there catching the last of the quota.... WAH!!!!! save one for me, OK? I do have one in the fridge, I shouldn't complain.. Bill caught one on Saturday. Go BILL!
Back to work!........

April 11th
New Column for Stan! Makes me want to go Crappie fishing right now!

There is very awkward time period when I first hop in the boat with a new fishermen or fishing guide. It is the moment when I try and dispel the thought that they are taking a woman fishing. It is when I attempt to convince them that this trip will be more fun than giving up an entire day to do something like taking the kids out trout fishing for the day. To convince them that, yes, I can cast. Yes, I can bait my own hook, and by golly I can tie many different, and some pretty sure fire bait hooks! I know how to back bounce, and I know the difference between a mud shrimp and a sand shrimp.
Women fishing. It is a difficult concept for men to conceive. "Hunting and fishing is a mannnnnnly sport!..UGH!" Who says??? I fish... and I don't always smell like rotten bait! I enjoy taking bubble baths, and I love to dress up. You can be a girl, enjoy being feminine, and still fish!
There are several things, however, that can help to make fishing trips with men easier on both of you.
First..... do not take your purse! Take a waterproof fanny pack with essentials. Men have the luxury of carrying their license in their wallets. I carry a season bag with me, and include my license in that. I do have to remember that I need to transfer it from bag to bag though, as I change fishing tackle bags for different species. A fanny pack with the days necessities is a good idea. Take tissue, chap stick, hair bands, etc and have them all right there. The only problem I have found with fanny packs is that they do get in the way once you have to play a big fish and use that area to pump the fish in. Be aware of that, and maybe tuck it under the boat seats when the bite is hot.
There are several ways to convince your fishing partner that they don't have to babysit all day. If you want to go fishing with your man, be prepared, and make the trip more enjoyable for both of you!
What a beautiful pic in the weekly winners category of Traci with a Willamette Springer. This picture speaks to me! Thanks Traci! And way to go!
Have a great day.... I'm smoking fish today! YUM!

April 12th

Life never stands still. So quickly we accustom ourselves to routine without seeing the constant changes going on around us.
In just the past three months Iíve grown accustomed to waking at 5 a.m. I find myself calling the dogs to join me. I sit down to a steaming cup of coffee while the wagging tails of the two loving Labs knock vases off the furniture. They have, you see, in just three months also become accustomed to routine.
Time to fish! I struggle into my waders. Gotta get those darn straps adjusted just right. Now into the garage to get my rod, open the door of the bait fridge and grab the fresh eggs. The dogs are ahead of me, waiting and watching. ďCímon, Jennie,Ē they seem to say, ďletís get to the river.Ē
Iíve been taking it for granted. Life, I thought, would just stand still as I fished for steelhead day after day. Now the river tells me Iíve been wrong. It whispers to me softly as it trickles around the exposed rocks at my feet, rocks that now wear the mossy green covers of a new season. The water is now clear over the shallow gravel beds. Every rock, every indentation, every hiding spot winter steelhead used short weeks ago, is now exposed.
A quick glint in an isolated pool catches my eye. I remove the small aquarium net I have in my jacket pocket. I use it to catch these new fry that have been orphaned by the receding waters of spring. How high the mortality of these beautifully opaque little creatures must be.
Carefully I lift one after another of the babies out into the main river. Thereís only one left. Gotcha! Into the river you go little guy.
Already I find myself dreaming these little ones will survive and return. They will return to the river in which I am standing. The unseen hands of the same loving God who guides our own fortunes will bring them back.
But things will have changed again when they arrive. When next these little ones come back the river where they first saw life will have changed just as you and I will in the time they are gone. The slight current in the water they call their temporary home now will then be powerful and strong. The water that now barely covers my boot bottoms will tug at me. Iíll have to brace myself against its constant pull and even then my boots will want to slide down river.
Iíll hear the muffled roar of that river as it lulls me to sleep in the damp darkness of a winterís night . One of those little ones will come at night to the pool nearest our riverside home. And how he will have grown! Heíll be a glistening slab of supple silver and heíll be there waiting for me in the morning. And Iíll be there, rod in hand, waiting for him.
Yes, the river tells me about change. No matter how routine it might seem, the changes are constant. The only thing that doesnít change is change itself.
No, indeed.
Life never stands still.


April 15th

No, I didn't go fishing for Springers Friday, and no, I am not going today either. But I have something to be proud of! The New Bulletin Board! (aka Discussion Board). I finally got it up and working, and it is SO cool! I still am fine tuning it, and would love your comments, input, etc. Might have an area for bass fishing, fly fishing, etc. Reel Truth is still there, (YAY!) and a new for sale area... Free Advertising! And have fun with all of the little smiley icons! Cool!
I will catch a Springer still, somewhere out there in one of those bodies of water... one is tagged for Jen.
It is rainy, dark, and like winter again. I knew it would do this, it always does. Quick! Take a look at Spring, bask in the sunshine, get your summer clothes out of storage, plant the flowers! By the time you are done preparing for it, PHT! Gone till about July 5th...(seemingly the official start of decent weather.) Oh well, I like it rainy.... sort of.
My birds are thinned out so badly, and no matter how hard I try to attract them, they are well fed elsewhere, or migrated off to who knows where. My hummingbirds are even gone right now. I hear them out there, but they aren't interested in my feeders. Hmm.
I have done html and computer work so much in the last two days that while cooking I heard myself saying... "Time to download the potatoes, transfer the kids to the table, and upload food into them."
Now I just wish I could save them in that format...fully fed... and still in bed.

April 17th


Click here for proof!!!

Praises to Dennis Stewart of Salmon Master Guide Service! What a neat guide and a fun fishery at Youngs Bay too!
The sun was shining, my outlook was great, the sky was beautifully dotted with 'Winnie the Pooh' kind of clouds. (Do you know what they are? The puffy floaty kind? )
Anyway.. The night before I went fishing I was feeling a little cranky. I had cooked, cleaned, had an overnight guest for my son, made sure Bill had fresh coffee for his fishing trips, spent all day putting up the board. I was exhausted!
Anyway..I got up the next morning at 4 to watch Bill get ready to fish with Dennis Stewart, and me ready to drive to Astoria to work. I went to play for church, and afterwards, hurried to meet them at the Yacht club boat ramp. I stood at the back of my subaru, threw off my shiny black shoes, added a pair of socks and boots, tore off my blazer, and replaced it with warm and water proof gear.
Into the boat I jumped, and introduced myself to a really nice guy, Dennis Stewart, and said hi to Bill. He slunk away... ??
Catch anything? I couldn't wait to hear.
"Yes." Silence.
I jumped into Dennis' beautiful sled, a roomy Alumaweld Super Vee. Dennis has everything put together just right in his boat. Nice comfy seating, clean everywhere you look, and his tackle is all well organized, proof of a man who cares about his profession. I held my rod all the time the first hour. No fish. Then I relaxed and put it in the rod holder. I started to get desperate, I talked to the fish, gave them a bit of strawberry rhubarb pie that had been generously offered to me. I even gave the fish a tiny swallow of coffee to go with it. A true sacrifice! No fish.
Sure enough, just when I gave up, just when I looked around at the scenery and realized there is more to fishing than the fish. When I stopped to listen to the birds, and all of the noises that used to be home to me.... Whammo! My rod began to dance to some crazy kind of hip hop tune!
"There he is!" I yelled, got up, grabbed the rod and stuck it! They thought I was joking.... I wasn't! No time to fool around with this one, no need to feed him! There he was! Out of four rods, mine called Bingo! This fish had a very annoying way of coming about four feet from the boat, mouth open, swaying back and fourth in the river. ARGH! Stop it fish! Run! Do Something, but don't do this to me! He ran once, came back and did the very same thing. It is a truly frightening sight, knowing that he could throw this hook at any time. I think we netted him before he was truly ready, but at the rate he was trying to spit the hook, we decided to end the stress! Jennie got her Springer!
Thanks to Dennis, and to Bill for waiting it out for me! After all, I didn't have to put in my full 100 hours this year for a Springer! (Bill is right now telling me he is proud of how I played it... smile).
I could hear that all day!

April 19th

I am going to Portland to help with my Dad moving again. I hope that everyone enjoys the chat tonight at 7, but I won't be there....... :(
Fished Youngs Bay yesterday, and didn't even mark a fish. The Gillnetters were all getting ready to do there thing, so the boat launch getting out was a mess. The water was not as clear, and we played dodge the weeds all day. Still had a great time though!
Off to work...... Bye!


April 21st

Annie's Anglers did a little interview with me, for all of you female anglers. Kind of fun!
Jerry Shipe gets the pic of the week on the Winners page...
I'm home from Portland, trying to help my Dad move out of the home I was raised in. Emotional week! YIKES!

Sometimes I lay in bed and ask Bill to tell me fishing stories. They comfort me and take me away from life stresses so I can sleep.
One particular story I love to hear about most are the stories of the 12th Avenue bridge in Seaside, Oregon. I can relate to this one, because I, too, have fished the 12th avenue bridge and listened to other fishermen tell stories about this legendary bridge.
You still see people carrying on the tradition of fishing on the bridge to this day. Somehow they represent a ghost of what once was the social center for kids and families vacationing, or living on the coast.
Starting in the late forties, Bill Hedlund stood up to the bully of the bridge, Bob Gammon, and earned his rights to fish for many species including the Tom Cod, a fish that has mysteriously disappeared from the Necanicum river. Depending on season, they would catch Shiners, Piling Perch, Pink Fin Perch, Sea Run Cutthroat, and Coho Salmon. The Chinook were introduced in the late 60s by the state, but after initial plantings, were propagated by some of this very group of fishermen who grew up to form The North Coast Sports Club. They made sure that Steelhead and Salmon were plentiful in the Necanicum.
"The 12th Avenue Bridge".
Fade to black and white.....I can just visualize the home movies.
The bridge was made of wooden planks, and when they were replacing the bridge planks at times, you would need to totter across one 2x12 plank to make your way across the water. Easy for the loggers with corks, but as a child, you just might want to walk up to the next bridge!
The 12th Ave Bridge is closest to the ocean, therefore, by far the most popular. Funny thing, the lure of choice for Fall Coho remains the same... What we now call the size 30 Hot Shot.
The bridge was a busy social center for crabbing, fishing, and gathering to find out the latest gossip. Ladies with babies in buggies would stroll by. Tourists who had traveled far would be welcomed by all, unless you ran into Bob. Bob holds the record for catching the most coho there, and almost always had his choice of fishing spots.
There was the Fourth of July tradition of catching the plentiful mud cat, stuffing it with a M-80 firecracker and throwing him back in the water. The police would cruise the bridge and holler at the boys who would repeatedly, and gleefully throw their unwanted catch of mud cat on the wooden planks of the bridge for passing motorists to flatten.
Bikes would gather at the side of the bridge even before the sun came up, as they would, day after day, year after year, gather at the bridge, forming a friendship and a bond that will never die.
Last Tuesday some of the gang came back The bully was there too, and now will remain at the spot that was his home.
It was his right to be there, it was where he wanted to be.
After trading stories and remembering Bob Gammon, his brother, Dick, slowly released his ashes into the Necanicum river. Some stayed in the river, and some headed out to the Ocean.
You can still fish on the bridge today. But watch out where you fish, the bridge belongs to Bob.


April 22nd

Hop Hop Hop.
I have a friend who knows my moods. He knows that I am up and down corresponding to fish on, or fish off. He sent me this. It made me giggle!
Happy Easter!


April 24th

Stan Fagerstrom has me dying to go Crappie fishing. Read the last in the series, or start with the first. I want to go!
Pete Morris sent me this great picture! Wow! Way to go Clifford!
I went for a long walk along the river yesterday. It seems so... I don't know, unfishable! It is closed for fishing. :(
I remember once fishing with Milton Fisher on the N.F. Nehalem. We stopped for lunch, and I found this just awesome skipping rock and let her fly! WOOPS!
I guess that was not a good idea. Milton nearly flipped. I think I scared all the fish in the next hole.
I skipped rocks to my hearts content yesterday. Threw sticks for the dogs... Dee Dee the black lab is fearless, and very determined to find every stick. So much so that the current caught her and down the rapids she went. Backwards, twirling, and then through the curlbacks, which bobbed her under several times. She was not even stunned! As the water calmed, instead of coming in to receive my sympathy, she still swam around looking for that stick.
Looks like today is the last of the nice ones for a while. Bill is out rototilling for our new garden. I can't wait to get my hands in that dirt! It is so rich looking!
The birds are still all gone. I can't help but worry, but I suppose they are all out nesting. But don't they get hungry? Are there too many bugs out and flowers blooming for the hummingbirds? I have been deserted! We have a few white and golden crowned sparrows and then the jays. That's it!
I am getting my Mothers piano delivered to my home today. A beautiful new Yamaha. I have been playing on this old Estey for years... Maybe it will inspire me to play more. Interesting how I haven't kept up in the last year. What if I forget my entire repertoire? Scary! I still know pieces I played in the 2nd grade. At least I did!
Have a great day! What is fishing like?


April 27th

I used to laugh with my musician traveling partner on planes where it was so rough in the Texas weather that we were sure the little shuttle plane would go down. "If we had valium we could sell it for thousands today...." we would say, half joining in the fear, and half jokingly.
Flying didn't bother me... I did a lot of it at one point in my life. Then years later I boarded a jet bound for Florida and it hit me.
My turn is up. I felt I had had SO many safe flights that fear built up in me. It felt so strange. So unfamiliar. So new. I was really frightened!
Maybe it was the fact that I had family then, maybe it was that I was older. Regardless, I had air fright. White knuckles. The whole bag. The flight went well, and I am safe today.
Thus it is with equal fear, but yet confidence that everything will work out today.
Andrew and I will walk in to the testing room today, as we do every six months, and get our echo cardiograms to make sure everything is fine.
If our aortic root measurement has not changed, out we continue our lives until the next six months.
But if there is a change, it could mean open heart surgery. Andrew and I both have enlarged aortic roots, but they have remained fairly stable thus far. Thus the chance is slim.. but always there when you have Marfan Syndrome. Makes me wonder if this is going to be the bad flight.... Is my turn up? Will the plane crash today?
It's as if we are going to a fortune teller. I keep hearing the song.."When I was just a little girl..... I asked my Mother... what will I be?
Turned into.... When I was growing older still.... I asked my surgeon... how long will we be? !!!!
Is it scariest for me, or for my son?
For those of you who think I am too casual about our condition. Believe me, there are moments, like last night.... not being able to sleep, that it seriously affects me.
Bill took me down the Wilson yesterday, and it relieved my tension. It was beautiful. I didn't think about anything at all. I gazed into the water most of the time.. my eyes searching over the low water into the gravel beds for spawning redds, for Steelhead.... for pretty rocks. Searching.... searching....
I am sure, somehow, deep down that everything will be fine. But deep in my heart of enlarged aortic root hearts.... there is fear. Both for my son.... and for myself.
The answer remains though... and I'm not sure of the spelling..... but Que Sirah, sirah..... whatever will be, will be. The future is not ours to see.... Que sirah. sirah.

April 27th later.......

I can't believe it! I came home to Goldfinch in the yard! YAY! 3 males and counting!
As for the Que Sira...... well..... Thanks for the spelling lesson, Pete.... It will be O.K. Sirah..... and I think I will now have a glass.
Andrew told me how the Goldfinch got here. The hummies that have been missing had gone to my old house in Astoria, where we saw them last Autumn, well fed and all. They told them of the great feast to be had here in Tillamook, and wallah! Now we have the hummies back, and the Goldfinch!
I'l buy it!
Tomorrow I will go to visit R.T. I bought him some beautiful flowers that I am dying to keep myself. Guys don't like flowers anyway, right? Kidding.... Sort of... I do want them! But thanks for all the letters. It will thrill him to get them all, and the flowers will go to R.T. Until then, I'll enjoy them immensely!
The testing went well for Andrew, and I'm O.K. too! No surgery for me! HAH!
Now to go spy on my Goldfinch!


April 27th

5 in the morning.... ugh. Off to help with the estate sale at the home where I grew up. :( Hey, anyone want to come? It's at 285 SW 3rd in Canby! Come visit! Lots of stuff! Byeeeeee


April 28th

I feel like I haven't fished in years. I want to jump into my subaru and head to Alaska. Sound fun, LET'S GO!!!!!!!
Childless and in my twenties, I would have done it. But now..... I'll just mop the floor and dream.
Someone wrote me a kind of nasty letter that I haven't responded to his e mails, and then left a bad forwarding e mail. Cute. It was about not getting back with him to book a charter. I don't book for the charters and guides, but you know, everyone needs someone to yell at! And, if I can't e mail you, and you don't leave a number.... well.... chances are I won't get back to them!
I am so glad that most of my e mail is fun, funny, friendly and fishy!
I may take the kids out to Cape Meares today if Andrew gets to feeling better. He's got a Spring Cold... the worst.. Or are they all the worst? :) Nope, the ones I get are the worst!
Going to find out about the lakes in North Clatsop County this weekend. This is my goal.... Reading about Stan's Crappies are driving me crazy! I want a Crappie, or a blue gill..... or something!
The cat has been bringing in shrews and mice daily... lays them at my feet and smiles.... just like I do with my fish catches. I can relate. I think I will put up a cats catch page soon. NOT.
Wind River......The Hoh.... The Columbia.... Icesicle River..... They are all calling my name. The mop bucket just doesn't have a good bite right now.