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Default Beretta Xtrema shotgun opinions

I would like to hear from anybody that has shot a Beretta Xtrema 12 gauge autoloader. I can get a deal on one from a friend. I was pretty much sold on a Benelli SBE but would like to know some opinions of the Beretta. I already know the mechanical differences but would like to specifically hear about any problems or any raves about the gun.


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Default Re: Beretta Xtrema shotgun opinions

I have one of the original Xtremas (first year gun) as a back up gun. It came with a lawyer-proof 12 pound trigger. I sent the action to Seminole Gun Works and had the action polished and the trigger pull reduced to a crisp 5.5 pounds and all the slack and over travel removed (one hundred and ten dollars thank you very much). The trigger was the biggest complaint Iíve heard on the original guns. Iíve also read a lot about the gun shooting upwards of a foot off center. I havenít had that problem. WRT the Xtrema II, Iíve only seen two and they were being used by a couple of fella I was shooting sporting clays with at Michaelís. One of those guns had multiple feed malfunctions. It just wouldnít load the second shell. The gun had the whole squad frustrated. And BTW, the Xtrema is a big frame gun.
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Default Re: Beretta Xtrema shotgun opinions

The new SBE IIs will be lighter and overall thinner fit. It will also have a lighter felt recoil. I liken it to a .22 in most cases. The Xtrema II is also a great gun, but a half a pound heaver and bulkier. The rubber overmold is a nice touch. The felt recoil on it is light as well.
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Default Re: Beretta Xtrema shotgun opinions

My hunting partner has the extrema and in three years and no real clealing it has never jammed. IMHO it is the best autoloader made for waterfowl. Just get the camo dipped one, it is worth it for the saved maintence.
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