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Ifish Nate
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Default Excellent Steelhead recipe! mmmm

Here is a recipe I discovered a few months ago for Steelhead.

Place a fillet of steelhead on a plate and pour teriyaki sauce over the fillet. Next, get your favorite spice (I use traegers beef rub or salmon shake....and some crushed black pepper) sprinkle this lightly on your fillet. Finally get some creamy italian dressing or plain itailian dressing and drizzle this over the fillet. Now, take and place the fillet in your smoker and add alder chips, smoke for 45 minutes to 1 hour, then take fillet out of the smoker and place fillet meat side down on Barbq grill. Cook for 10-15 minutes or until meat is flaky, place on plate and put a slab of butter on the fillet and serve..........this steelhead recipe is the best I have tasted.....it works ok with salmon but not as good as fresh steelhead

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Excellent Steelhead recipe! mmmm

This is a great looking recipe! If I can yank one on the bank this Winter, I'm definitely going to try it.

Thank's for sharing.
~Soli Deo Gloria~
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