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Default Volvo penta shift problem

I am looking for ideas. I have a volvo penta DP-SM duo prop outdrive. It shifts fine when you first put in the water (although it is a little stiff) at low throttle.( When you are idling around the boat basin) However, if you put it up to speed and run for a while, then try to take it out of gear, it will not come out of gear. I have destroyed one control unit trying to force it out of gear, and replaced that. Still no better. The funny thing is that it shifts nicely UNTIl you put it up to spped for the first time each trip-then you cannot get it out of gear. They have visually inspected the cone clutch, and say it looks fine ( but have not disassembled it yet.) The volvo penta mechanics I have talked to are all scratching their heads on this one. Any ideas?

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