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Default advice needed: long-casting a bobber

What's a good way to get a really long cast on bobber rig? I have the right pole/reel, but It seems if you ad weight, you have to increase bobber size. That adds wind resistance, so you have to add more weight.... Any tips? Photos?

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Default Re: advice needed: long-casting a bobber

If you're talking slip bobbers you can buy weighted ones that will wing out pretty far. I also replace the plastic tube with soft drawn copper tubing and flare the ends. This adds a little more weight and your line won't saw notches in it that your line can get hung up on. I think that the lower the bobber sits in the water the better (as long as you can see it). My theory is that the fish won't feel as much resistance from it when nibbling on your jig or whatever you're using.
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got chrome?
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Default Re: advice needed: long-casting a bobber

I use the bright yellow Ray's Jig Bobber. It is weighted 1 oz. This bobber will clear almost any river you cast into. It's not as sensitive as the West Coast or Thill, but I have almost caught more steelhead on the Ray's bobber. It also works as a fixed float or slip float.
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Sand Shrimp
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Default Re: advice needed: long-casting a bobber

Try using the hard plastic bobbers with the stem running through them. You can put water in them when you need to for added casting distance.In the past Ive used these on the Clack when I needed to make a long cast with great success.
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Default Re: advice needed: long-casting a bobber

I'm with got chrome. If I need to make it across the river I use the hard plastic Ray's bobbers. Not very pretty but you can sure "wing'em". I've caught a lot of fish on them even though they look like they would scare every thing in the river off. I think estacada tackle manufactures them. Sportsmens Warehouse carries them. I go off the idea that Bradbury wrote in his book. If a fish hits your jig, the wieght or bouancy of the bobber will start the hook set on the fish and you don't have to worry about missing a hit as much as you do with lighter bobbers.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: advice needed: long-casting a bobber

You can wing just about anything across most rivers with the correct reel/rod. Take for instance this set up. I am using the Okuma Inspira reel on a Okuma celilo 9.5 ft rod, and I am flinging west coast small float, First cast Micro jigs, and also the matching weight for the micros across the east fork of the lewis, and also most the way across Northfork Lewis. The line I am using is 15 lb tuffline xp. I think if the reel is performing correctly and you have the correct wieght ratios you should have no problem. Also the other reel that I have seen really wing bobber setups is the Shimano Curado paired with a 1 oz weighted bobber from Danielson. If you go down to the river and see people bobber fishing....8 out of ten people will probably be using the Shimano Curado (if the've been at it awhile.) Thats my two cents. the other two cents is this: how are you casting? watch where you let go of the line as well as where your weight is when you are casting (dependant on baitcaster or spinreel)
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Wild Chrome
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Default Re: advice needed: long-casting a bobber

A couple more thoughts:
You need to control all that line at long distance, so a long rod is a must (Mine's 10.5 feet).
A lighter line will cast farther. Braided line will cast farther than mono.
All things equal, a spinning rod will cast farther due to less resistance off the reel.
With a fixed float, if you add weight to the rig, do not do so right on top of the will spin and reduce forward momentum. You will have an easier time controlling your depth/drift at a long distance with a fixed float, though they may be harder to cast that far unless you are fishing very shallow (up to 5 feet).
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