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Default rod storage for a pickup canopy

I have a canopy on the way for my dodge ram. And now I'm thinking it may be cool to build an elevated floor (to clear the wheel wells)and have rod/gear storage underneath but still leave space for a sleaping bag or two above. Its just a cabhi canopy so theres not tons of room, but I think it would still be doable.

Anybody done this? Any suggestions about how to do it or where to make access points on the storage. Any pics of something like this finished would be cool too.


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Default Re: rod storage for a pickup canopy

I mounted a Brekley Twist Lock Rod Rack diagonally overhead in the canopy my short box Ranger. It will handle a 6"9" rod.
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Tuna Ball
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Default Re: rod storage for a pickup canopy

Cabelas has a hanging rod storage system you could attach near the top of your canopy. You could only fit rods as long as the bed, but above and out of the way of sliding tool boxes and coolers and such. I haven't seen a good carpet kit in a while. Remember those? Sounds like what you were talking about. Boxes on the sides, then boards that can go between to make a flat bed across. Nifty slide ends to the side boxes that pull up to acess. They used to be everywhere. I think that's where SUV's came from. TB
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Default Re: rod storage for a pickup canopy

I made one once for a truck I had. I used 2x4's and plywood. I hinged the bottom (near the tailgate) about 18 inches up with a piano hinge, so I could open it and access the rods easier. I put indoor/outdoor carpet over it so I could put stuff on it or sleep on it. It worked good. I don't have any pictures, but if you have any more questions about it send me a PM.

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Default Re: rod storage for a pickup canopy

Use 2" abs or pvc pipe attached under the deck.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: rod storage for a pickup canopy

I don't know if it matters what type of canopy you have, but one of the companies makes fishing accessories that bolt to headliner of the canopy. I recently bought a Glasstite canopy and was looking at those accessories. I don't remember if Glasstite or Leer had those items.
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