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Default Tying a sliding mooching rig

I moved this over from a reply posted by Magnum

I tried to take pictures of the process I do to tie on a slip hook on my mooching rigs. I prefer to use 30 lb. Fly backing line in chartreuse for tying on my top sliding hook, but that's just my personal preference. A little color doesn't hurt. Hopefully the pics show enough info on tying a top hook. I'm not very good with writing instructions, but if you come in contact with me, I'll gladly show anyone my way of tying the top hook. :grin: Good Luck Springer fishin' to all & to all, many hook-ups!


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Default Re: Tying a sliding mooching rig

The pic's are great, you made it simple. A few years ago while springer fishing the Rouge with a guide he used this exact set-up except ties the slider on with green-waxed-dental floss. Seemed to work fine.

Thanks for the tip!
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Default Re: Tying a sliding mooching rig

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Default Re: Tying a sliding mooching rig

Has anybody tried the Owner Boa mooching rigs. They slide but will not slide if there is pressure on the hook. They use spectra braid but it is tied in a different knot. I would like to see if anybody knows how to tie this rig.
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