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Jonah's Revenge
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Default Preparing antlers for a mount

How do you clean/ dry out the skull for an antler mount?

I finally have a set of antlers worth putting on a piece of wood and am trying to dry it out and get it clean. I took the scalp off, tried scrubbing it, and also put a ton of salt on it. It is still wet.
My next step is to spray it with bleach/ water mix.
Is there something else that works better?

Do I just have to wait until summer?

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Preparing antlers for a mount

Im no expert, Im sure someone else will answer this better. but,, for a home job,, I think just keep the salt on. the salt will dry it out, it just takes sometime. Try to keep the antlers in a dry place and over sometime all the "funk" will dry and flake off. What wont fall off you can scrape off. I think its a time thing. Good Luck !
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Default Re: Preparing antlers for a mount

I normally saw my antlers off of the main part of the skull, and then boil the hide off of the remaining piece that I am going to mount. I just make sure the pot is big enough to get the skull portion completely submerged. I just use straight water, nothing else. It usually takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. After it is done the hide and whatever else is left just peels off. I have never had a problem, other than the fact that it could be a bit strong smelling. The buck I got this year had been rubbing on a fir, so when I boiled the skull out, what water and steam that was hitting the horns, made my place smell like pine. The horns didn't lose any color either. I would say, do what ever works for you. Also, be careful of the bleach. Any over spray might discolor the horns. My buddy did that once and lost some color around the bases.
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Preparing antlers for a mount

My buddy is mounting a set of antlers from a bull right now that his son killed during the eastern oregon first season this year. He just removed the hide, salted them real good and let them sit in his garage for about a month and a half. They looked good and dry to me when I saw them a couple days ago. I'd agree, it's a time should be good to go about Febuary.
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Default Re: Preparing antlers for a mount

Get some 20 mule team boraxo and pack the base with it. That should dry it out pretty good.
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