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Default drift boat speed control

I have fished 2 years out of my DB on the big rivers, since I got a kicker. My biggest complaint has been controlling the speed at slow troll or backtrolling. Because the DB hull is a displacement hull, even a tiny bit of thrust from my kicker at idle speed pushes me too fast, or back upriver when BT'ing. I have been using a drift sock and it helps, but is often too much drag and forces me to run at higher RPMs than I want to. I was plannign to get another smaller driftsock, when the idea came to make this one adjustable. Got a snap kit at a local store for $2.50 and now I can change the drag by altering the size of the drift sock opening. tried it up at Bonnie and it works like a champ, get the heaviest snaps you can, SS if possible. Tight lines.


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