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Cosmic Lazy Susan
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Default Little Chief Smoker Tips

Having a Little Chief smoker and a wood deck as my only suitable smoking location there were a few hurdles I needed to get over.

One of the first things I wanted to know was my smoking temp. For this I used a meat thermometer and poked a hole in the lid with a 16 penny nail.

Thermometer installed

To reduce the fire hazard I laid down some cement stepping stones to put the smoker on.

To further reduce the fire hazard and get the smokers temp up I got rid of the ole cardboard box trick and got a 30 gallon galvanized garbage can. Lay four bricks around the smoker and set the garbage can upside down over it.

Put the lid on the bottom and it will keep rain from pooling on the bottom of the can.

I've found that my smoker temp is 5-10 degrees higher with the can as opposed to using the cardboard box.

The last trick is that you can turn the can rightside up to store your smoker in.


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Default Re: Little Chief Smoker Tips

Those are great tips for the Lil chief/Big chief, Where I live it can get vary windy, causing the temp to fall in the smoker, The trash can is a great idea as long as you make sure you provide enough air circulation to the smoker and, at the same time keeping the temp up..
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Deleted User
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Default Re: Little Chief Smoker Tips

L. Jensen (Lil Chief) has a fire safe insulated cover for their smokers. I have had good luck with mine even on cool windy days. Cost is about $14.00. Purchased mine at the sportsman's show last year.
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Coho Kid
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Default Re: Little Chief Smoker Tips

Awesome tips on the Little Chief Smoker. I have one and my box is crumbling, and I have wanted to find out the temperature for a while. I will be looking into the garbge can idea as I need something to protect the smoker when it is wet and cool outside.

Coho Kid
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Default Re: Little Chief Smoker Tips

When the burner element burns out and you want to smoke your fish a little hotter, go down to the local thrift store and buy an electric skillet, gut the element out and put it the skillet. Now you have control over the heat and the skillet holds a lot of chips for smoke. It works great.
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bauer buoy
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Default Re: Little Chief Smoker Tips

Poke some holes on the bottom of the garbage can, so it vent out alittle bit. also use charcoal pieces in your pan also to got hot faster. If you put the chips over the charcoal it won't hurt the meat or fish. Just don't use the stuff that comes with lighter fluid in the charcoal, it will cause a problem.
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