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Default 14 Tips for catching more Sturgeon

These steps will put more fish in the boat.
1)Best fishing is one or two hours before low slack water
2)Fish 2 hours either side of slack water
3)Always move with the current or tide
4)Work 3 or 4 adjacent spots during one tide
5)Sturgeon feed is most active on tidal changes
6)Sturgeon prefer sandy/muddy bottoms
7)Sturgeon territory is usually a channel/hole or side of drop off
8)Fish up current side of channels or holes
9)Midwinter sturgeon are in deeper water/holes
10)Donít stay any longer than 30 mins in one spot (unless catching fish)
11)Locate bait to find sturgeon
12)Use the freshest bait possible
13)Step on bait to release smells
14)Use scents on bait, wd-40, shrimp oil, herring oil etc.
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Steelin Steel
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Default Re: 14 Tips for catching more Sturgeon

For tip #13, you can also just poke holes in the fish with a knife if you don't want the mess form stepping on the fish.
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Default Re: 14 Tips for catching more Sturgeon

I'll add that if you are catching alot of shakers, pull in some anchor rope and get up river a bit. Bigger fish will often be upstream in the hole of the smaller fish.
works for me anyway.
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