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Default Duck Breasts You Can Actually Eat

Ok, We all know the jokes about serving duck. Cedar planks etc. etc. Here is one you can actually serve to people and feel good about it.

for 3 to 5 duck breasts

-fillet the meat off of each side of your duck breasts.
-rinse until most of the blood is out.
-soak in salted water (not brine) for 3 or 4 hours.
-re-rinse breasts.
-place in small container and cover with worschestishire (sp?) sauce.
-add 2 or 3 cloves
-sprinkle enough sage to evenly cover the breasts
-add one small cap full of vanilla extract

let sit in marinade for a minimum of 5 hours. overnight is preferred. pan sear and then slow cook until meat is just slightly red in the middle. approx 7 to 10 minutes depending on breast thickness.

thin slice and serve over flavored rice.

this works well with puddle ducks. i recommed extending the marinade time for divers.

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?who da ville?
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Default Re: Duck Breasts You Can Actually Eat

I, for one, like the taste of puddle ducks. This recipe looks really good.

Regarding divers, the best recipe I've found is:
- Pluck the duck lightly (remove the big feathers)
- Use a large knife to make a few slits through skin & meat
- Attach firmly to a crab trap
- Marinade in salt water
- Boil and eat the crabs that you catch.
- Yum!

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