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Default Surfperch fishing at Newport north jetty.

I'm going to Newport on Monday and would like to try my luck at the North jetty for surfperch (incoming tide) then try bottom fishing at the ship wreck structure, have anybody tried it? or is there any other place to fish for surfperch?
Thanks for the helps.

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Default Re: Surfperch fishing at Newport north jetty.


I think almost everyone is focusing primarlingly on Tuna, Salmon, and halibut fishing right now.

Best of luck,

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Default Re: Surfperch fishing at Newport north jetty.

I can't tell you where to go in the Newport area but I can tell you what conditions to look for.

1. The first thing that I look at is the conture of the beach. I am looking for a steeply sloped beach that the waves will break hard on. When the tide is high a "pool" will form at the base of the slope and will allow the fish close and safe access to the food supply which will be washed down the steep slope as the waves churn the sand and the water from the wave retreats.

2. Secondly, at low tide, I look to see what type of invertebrates are available and how prevalent they are. Perch, flounder and other fish know these locations and will congragate in the surf to eat what washes down to them. If you can find a place that has plenty of food and a way to get it to them you will most likely find fish.

Mole Crabs are just about gare-ron-teed as Surf Perch bait but other things will work like various worms (especially those green little millipede looking ones) and shrimp found in the inter-tidal beach zone. I like to use mole crabs that are a little bit smaller that pictured above. Another advantage to Mole Crabs is that their shell will help keep it on the hook.

3. During the low or incomming tide gather up some bait. Keep them fresh in a bucket with sand and sea water. Don't cook them in the sun.

4. The heavier the surf, the heavier gear. The area that I have fished for perch is quite mild and I was able to easily use a 10-20 salmon rod and an 8-12 steelhead rod using 3oz. and 2oz. pyrimids respectively with 15# test line. Other areas that I fished near Port Orford and Bandon we brought out the big surf sticks throwing 8 and 10 ounces (or more) using 30# test line.

5. Place a snap swivel on the end of your main line and add the appropiate pyrimid sinker. About 18" about the weight tie a small loop in the main line and then another one up another 18". Take you pre-tied leader and hooks (I use them because they are good and I am lazy :tongue: ) and loop them through the loops in the main line and pull them tight.

I have found that a 1/0 bait holder hook works well. Pierce your mole crab through the center of the back and thread up past the bait holding barbs.

6. Understand that you do not have to try and cast your gear to Japan. These fish are waiting at the bottom of the slope for their dinner to get washed down to them. A significant amout of pearch I've caught has been in less than two feet of water and I've caught quite a few in less than one foot of water.

7. Wind, rips, waves and plants can add challenges to your fishing. I hate it when I have 10 or more varieties of marine flora hanging on my line getting caught in the wind and the waves.

8. If you see a seal swimming in the surf a few yards out, note that they are fishing for the same prey as you are.

I hope you find a spot to fish and good luck to you.


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Default Re: Surfperch fishing at Newport north jetty.

Mark- thanks for the info. I have always wanted to try surf fishing, but never had a clue how to do it. I think I'll try it next weekend if I get a chance.
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Default Re: Surfperch fishing at Newport north jetty.

Thank you for much for a very informative post.
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