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Default Needed : Basic Info On Cooking Cedarboard Salmon

Hi All !

I'm new here. I've become sort of a BBQ freak in the last 6 months or so. Always looking for new ways to cook meat and fish. When I was in Ak., I had the chance to eat what they called "cedarboard salmon. " I thought it was the finest thing I ever had. I'm going to be the grillmaster at a friend's BBQ this Saturday, and want to give it a shot but don't have a clue how really. Can anyone point me in the right direction ?


PS I can get untreated cedar plank easy enough. I used to mine for it up near Forks, Wa. :smile:

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Default Re: Needed : Basic Info On Cooking Cedarboard Salmon

The untreated part is the most important. Pretty easy really. Soak your piece of wood in water for a while, as the heat cooks off the water it will steam a nice smoked flavor into your fish. Alder wood is great, too.

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Default Re: Needed : Basic Info On Cooking Cedarboard Salmon

I've even gone as far as drilling small holes in the cedar before its soaked and then while on the BBQ I cook it at low heat so it gets as much smoke as possible before being ready for the table Good luck its really easy just take your time it will be worth it

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Default Re: Needed : Basic Info On Cooking Cedarboard Salm

Safeway sells Jake's Seafood cedar planks. These are in the section where you will find charcoal, hickory chips, etc. You get two cedar planks for about $5.00. Expensive, but there are instructions included so if you have a source for untreated cedar planks, you may want to pick up the Jake's cedar planks just for the recipes and instructions. If I remember correctly, you soak the planks for 20 minutes, brush the plank with olive oil, and put several herbs and lemon slices on the salmon, then put the plank on the grill. This springer season, we cooked salmon two ways; the cedar plank method and by grilling in in our Brinkman water smoker over alder chunks. Both ways were very good, but I think we are leaning towards the Brinkman water smoker. The salmon comes out moister on the Brinkman and I prefer the alder flavor over the cedar flavor.
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Default Re: Needed : Basic Info On Cooking Cedarboard Salmon

Preparation of the plank depends somewhat on what you want it to do. Some people say to soak it for 3-4 hours so that it has more moisture to release. By trial and error, I have decided that when cooking on my gas grill, I like to soak the wood for about 30-40 minutes so that it will add some moisture but will also char enough to add the smokey-wood flavor. It's okay if the bottom of the board turns to charcoal! I have also had better luck cooking longer on lower heat.

Everyone has their favorite way to season salmon, but I have two that are easy and tasty. The kids like it when I marinade in Yoshida's and minced garlic (comes out semi-sweet). My new favorite marinade is 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup soy sauce, and 1 packet of Good Seasons Italian Dressing. This is less sweet than the Yoshida's method, and it has just the right amount of seasoning but allows the awesome Springer flavor to come through. Good luck!
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Default Re: Needed : Basic Info On Cooking Cedarboard Salmon

How you prepare your wood depends on what kind of grill you will be using. For a gas grill you must soak the plank or it will catch on fire, and thats not good. If you are using a weber type grill (this works best for plank cooking) you do not want to soak it at all. The plank will not ignite as long as the lid is on your grill.

Heres how I do it, and I have had excellent results. Start with a dry rub on your fillet of equal parts suar and salt. lightly coat the fish with the mixture, put it in a pan and cover for about an hour, or longer if you like it extra salty. Then rinse the fish off and let it sit out for about a half hour to let it dry well. Get the coals going, a single layer will do. When they are ready, put the fish on the board, put the board on the grill and let er smoke. I like to serve it on the smoking plank. You will have a dark firm outside and moist flaky fish inside. An untreated cedar fence board works great, but better to buy sanded 1x alder at the lumber yard, they sell it by the board foot. Dont forget to eat some before its all gone. Good luck!!
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