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Default Tie your own pre-tied bobber stops on a straw

How to tie your own pre-tied bobber stops on a straw:

The materials you'll need... scotch tape, kwikfish stretchy string or dacron, scissors and some small diameter straws...

Take a piece of tape and make one wrap around the end of the straw. This will secure the line at this end to make wrapping the line a little easier:

Lay your working end of the line onto the tape and wrap the tape around the straw once securing the line against the straw:

Tie your Uni knot around the straw:

I made 7 wraps - 5 wraps might be easier to dress on your mainline when you put this stopper knot onto it:

Release the end being held by the tape wrap and then pull both ends gently to snug the knot against the straw and then slide the knot to the end of the straw and cut off your straw in approximately 3/4" to 1" length. Cut your line to about 1" long tags - long enough to work with on the water.

Start again on the same straw for your next bobber stop and so on... Instead of buying a box of 500 straws I just snagged about 10 or so from a restaraunt. Shhh! 8^)


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