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Default Prawns for steelhead

Last year I wrote about using prawn tails for steelhead bait. I thought I would write about them again, especially since Albertsons is going to have them on sale tomorrow.

Those ones at Albertsons I'm talking about are the grey colored shrimp.

The work great for drift fishing or for tipping your jigs and the hooks of your plugs. They also work good in combo with eggs.

They last in the freezer and you can take out as many as you want for the time you will be fishing. Just keep them cool.

They're tough and they don't die either.

Another prawn tail option is the kind of prawns that are cure up for spring chinook. These prawns can be found in the bait freezer a few sporting goods stores, I think I've seen them in Fred Mayers and G.I. Joes.

When I was growing up me and my dad used these quite a bit with our corkie and yarn rigs. We would peal them and juice 'em up with shrimp oil.

In fact I cought my first steelhead on one of these prawn tails that I had peeled and dyed with flo. red Pro Cure.

For either kind of shrimp/prawn peel of the shell and break or cut them into the appropriate size.

Use them as they come or try adding some shrimp oil or egg cure.

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