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David Johnson
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Default The Perfect Gift Of All

Why do we give gifts at Christmas? We give gifts as a reflection of the gratest gift of all, Jesus.

When the angel came to the shepherds proclaming peace to men they were not talking of the peace from war, they were talking about peace with God and what the Bible calls "....peace of God, which transcends all understanding...." It's a trust in the heart that can only be had with a relationship with the Lord.

Jesus was the perfect gift of all because He is the way to a relationship with a living God who knows even the number of the hairs on your head. He cares deeply for each and every one and longs for every one to personaly know Him. That's the reason for this season, to celebrate the time when God left the glory of heaven and stepped out of eternity to became a baby in a dirty animal stall, only to live a sinless life and die in our place so that we could come to Him.

If you don't have this relationship seek it, you will find it, garunteed, no matter who you are or what you've done.

God Bless,


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