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Default Bouy 10 report

After reading Rapid Roberts report I was reluctant to post mine but here it goes. I was out at Bouy 10 through high slack yesterday and it was extremely slow. I only saw maybe 30 or 40 fish caught out of well over 100 boats. We got one native silver the first 5 minutes and that was it. I never saw a single URB caught the whole day. We did manage to get a clipped silver and a tule about 35 pounds in another area but overall it was very a disappointing day especially after hearing that limits were easy the last couple of days. I guess I should have been up at the church hole and bridge.

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

It was "spotty" from what a friend of mine was saying, he was down Sat.

Don't feel bad most people are like me and don't want to post "bad" days. I just spent he last 5 days camping on a Columbia beach and was skunked 2 days!!
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

This might sound dumb, but what's a "tule"?
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report


A Tule is just a different strain of Chinook than your Up River Brights(URB's). They typically spawn in the tributaries of the lower Columbia where your URB's spawn in the upper Hanford Reach sections of the Columbia. URB's are almost like summer steelhead in that they are chrome bright and laden with fat so they can make the long journey upstream to spawn. Since the Tules are spawning on the lower river they are much closer to spawning and are generally considerably darker and have lower quality meat than the URBs. If you can get them when they are bright they are perfectly good eating. I caught one last year at bouy 10 that was in good shape. I ate it both fresh and smoked and it was excellent.
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Canyon Man
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

Just spent thurs thru sun down at b10. Final tally was over 100 fish hooked and 68 fish landed (32 chinooks, 35 coho, and 1 steelhead). I will try to post the pics later. It was absolutely amazing. Sat. mornings bite was one of those we all dream about experiencing at least once in our lifetime. We could not keep three rods in the water for over 1 1/2 hrs. without having a fish on one of the three. I will post more details and photos later.
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

Fished Saturday along the buoy line just outside and upriver from Hammond. We caught 2 native coho during the incoming tide. They definately seem to run up that line. After the bite was over we moved up to the bridge and during the outgoing tide we caught 2 more natives and finally one hatchery. Certainly not as great as some, but for a newbie, I was pretty excited.
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

Sunday as guests aboard another Ifishers boat was our first experience in the Hammond area and certainly lived up to my expectations.

We ran out beyond the CR buoy and started there just after 7am with a good coho and Tule bite - I don't think my line as out a full 60 seconds before a big nasty Tule buck was taking me for ride, (released him).

On it went for an hour or more with a lot of native silvers released.

After the tide was running out we finished the day above the bridge with four more fish; one being a nice 29# URB.

Certainly my best day ever on the Columbia and looking forward to returning.
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

we started out at b10 early sat looking for a hot start of incoming bite like it was a week ago. it didn't really materialize so we headed upriver towards the bridge etc. and ended up with 6 keepers and saw a lot of fish caught.
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

I guess it depends on where you were, It was slow til mid morning then got into a good bite with 20 plus hookups and limits around in our boat. We saw lots of others that only got 1 or 2 fish, that happened to me on Sunday. The word to describe yesterday was spotty.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

well fishing for me on sunday was like being in the 90%......the day started out fishing near the picket fence with fish biting but not for us.....then later in the day we moved towards 12 with no fish seen anywhere.....trolled back towards oregon side and saw fish or 2 picked up.....certainly not enough fish for the amount of boats of course that fishing.....

i fished following the last news from ifish fishing anywhere from 13-22 pulls using delta divers and FF.....

the 1 difference i did notice is that people were using smaller herring then i.....i was using blue label from GI joes.....which looked like purple label.....brined with my recipe....which has worked well in the past...

we changed to green label to no avail....tried trolling 8 style.....fished near guides away from guides....close to shore and far away from shore......

just couldnt pick up any sort of pattern to follow

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Default Re: Bouy 10 report

My reprt- fished the last 2 days at b10. Oregon side slowing down. Washington side seems to be picking up. used rainbow spinners,herring, coyote spoons and a 2 tone green "glow in the dark" spinner. we had 2 hits on the green spinner, but the first wasnt hooked and the second came off after a good run. im moored in warrenton, seemed the boats fishing on the washington side did ok. they mainly fished by where the yellow can used to be, down from illwaco. overall, thins seem fairly slow compared to last week. and now, im out of gas money.......
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