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Default ANyone launch at Willow Grove??

Just wondering if anyone launches at Willow Grove or Abernathy Point? I was told there is a launch at Abernathy Point and it is decent for small boats. Just wondering because of the serious neck down in the river below Crims Island, just across from Abernathy Point....seems to me just might be a worthwhile spot to check out in the up coming weeks. :smile: Russ

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Rod Holder
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Default Re: ANyone launch at Willow Grove??

Willow Grove in Longview is a great ramp with plenty of parking. If you're coming down I5, Kalama may be an easier/quicker launch site.
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Default Re: ANyone launch at Willow Grove??

Willow Grove is my home ramp. As far as Abernathy, i believe at low tide it may be inaccessable this time of year, not for sure though. If your fishing near Crims, launch at Willow and head down, its only a little ways. Like RH said its a beautiful launch. Just bring your patience if you go on the weekends because of some of the twice a year crowd. Like paying at the launch while blocking it and prepping in the ramp area or tieing down on the ramp while blocking it. The launch has a prep area and a tie down area but some people are to ignorant to realize that. Sorry for the rant but its annoying. :grin:

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