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Default What kind of crawfish traps?

Im in the market for some new traps. I currently have a few of the cylinder ones but they don't seem to work as well.

Which ones do you guys have and recommend?

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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

I got box-shaped cages. They work for me.
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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

In the 70's I built hand made traps very similar to the cheap traps that Fisherman's has on sale right now. They were about 3' long and 1' diameter. A can of cat food in each trap in the Columbia or in Lake Billy Chinook under the bridges, we caught a crap load a dads. Cooked in a beer keg cooker with corn on the cob, good memories!
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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

I use the cylinder ones and they work fine. I would suggest where you place them and for how long and finally the bait you are using is your problems.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

cylinder traps work great...it is the bait thats most important.....shad works great...but trout is even better. Both of those baits work much better than canned cat food or hot dogs.
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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

I made one with a computer one time...it actually worked! I like to toss out 4 or 5 of the circular ones with a small bait box centered in the middle so crawdads dont crawl around on the sides and chew on the bait. While those are soaking I toss out some danielson bait boxes designed for crab pots full of bait and tie them off and then net the crawdads when they start surrounding them.
Last year a couple of friends and I went out there and caught 250+ in a day... They were great.
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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

Watch your traps closely!!! Just had two of mine ripped off at lost lake.
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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

the cheap danielsons on sale at fishermans work great for me. friday at timothy lake we got 71 dads in a four hour soak. cat food, leftover steak, and chicken scraps.
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Who needs a trap all you need is

Ok kidding aside, I made my own looks like this one but not as nice

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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

Sorry if I'm off topic but I catch tones of crawdads without traps. While fly fishing on my favorite central oregon rivers I sacrafice one keeper trout (small as legally possible) right off the bat. I take this fish and put it out of its misery than stab the living crap out of it with my pocket knife and wedge it inbetween rocks in water that is at least shallower than my waist. Then I continue fishing and check the trout occasionally. When crawdads show up all I do is walk slowly up to em and slowly move my left hand in front of there face then slowly grab their tail with your right while they are distracted. The key is slow. If it doesn't swim off on approach then it won't move unless you move too fast. There are almost always at least a couple of crawdads lurking nearby your "bait" fish and throughout a whole day of fishing you can get a ton of crawdads. My record using this method is 67 crawdads in one day on the deschutes. I feel sorta bad for "waisting" a trout and many of you probably consider this sacrelige, but I almost always get enough crawdad meat to equal or far exceed what I woulda got out of the trout. With crawdad cages and traps I often end up loosing patience waiting for gathering crawdads to actually figure out how to get into the cage and just get into the water catch em by hand. In the end I spend almost the entire time fishing and end up with crawdads as a bonus. Awesome survival skill too which I have used when I have ran outta food and money in the past.
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Default Re: What kind of crawfish traps?

i use the square ones made here locally by a guy I think it is wally crawdad traps and a couple of the cylindrical traps. the square ones out catch the cylinder traps about 5 to 1. I use the same bait and put them in the same areas. I can fill a 70 quart cooler full in two days with five traps out overnight chrecking them twice. just my 2 cents.
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