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Default How to fish multiple rods on a downrigger

I have a new downrigger on order and am interested in stacking two rods on it but have limited use with downriggers and have never stacked one.

How far above your first clip should your second clip be?

Do you let out the same amount of line on each rod before puting it on the clip?

When you get a fish do both rods have to come in?

On the same downrigger note I have some questions for people who use them for trout and kokes.

I heard you need to let 50-100 feet of line out before puting on the clip. Have you found this to be true?

Have you ever rigged your clip to the end of the flashers so when the fish bites there is no hardware on the line? If so how did you do it?

I would appreciate any help on the questions above. I just checked and my downrigger is in route from Hermiston to Portland so I should have it tomorrow and my son really wants to hit Detroit this weekend.

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Default Re: How to fish multiple rods on a downrigger

I'll try to explain how we use two or more rods on one downrigger. Let out about 40 to 50 feet of line and connect the first line at or near the downrigger weight. Drop down at least ten feet let out a little less line on the second rod and connect the clip to the cable. Drop the downrigger weight slowly. If you drop to fast the lines have a good chance of tangling with each other. When a fish hits either line pop the other and reel it out of the way. We use Scotty line clip releases on the cable and snap type on the weight. Good Luck!
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Default Re: How to fish multiple rods on a downrigger

Thanks for the heads up on letting it down slowly. I have only done single rods where you just go ahead an zip it on down.
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Default Re: How to fish multiple rods on a downrigger

I am just the opposite as nerta. On the lower setup (mind you we use a black box so you want the gear in tight) I let out about 6-10 feet and clip it on, on the upper rig I put it at least 20 ft. up the cable and let out about 20 ft. of line and clip it on. I will agree with nerta on the speed, slowly or you will have a mess on your hands!! :shocked: I also like the Offshore medium releases. Try it both ways and see what works for you. :smile:
Good luck and tight lines, Jeff :grin: :grin:
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Default Re: How to fish multiple rods on a downrigger

With really big hardware like an Abe-n-Al's flasher, I take 6 feet of downrigger cable and crimp a giant snapswivel on both ends. Attache one end to the ball and one end to the flasher. Run the release off the back of the flasher or set a stacker just above and behind!

No drag on the line!

Fish Flash'es work well also!

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Default Re: How to fish multiple rods on a downrigger

My gig is too make sure the lower is about 8 feet longer than the upper stacked set. It allows the lower one to clear the upper more often. I usually leave the upper in place it I can, if it's gonna catch you'll know almost instantly. I've had numerous double by leaving the other set.
Just remember that if you're stacked, putting the boat in neutral can lead to a nice tangle, especially if you use a spin flasher. A tangle you can't believe if not caught quick.
I like to leave about 10 feet minimum between. I've also done well running a snap down the main line, as long as you use stout line. Tie a 4-6' leader to a snap and clip over the line. It will run down to the middle, or bend in the line. I've used this technique when I'm searching for schools that are dispersed in the water column. Ever try rubberbands for releases. Pretty cool and simple. They are cheap, and you never have
to worry about setting them too deep or too shallow in the release. You can buy a box of 100's for a few bucks or more, they make them in different weights depending on the type of fish you're pursuing.. Double over the line, cinch tight and attach to an open clip on the ball or cable above.
good luck!
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Default Re: How to fish multiple rods on a downrigger

Most of my experience with downriggers is fishing for Kokanee. First, the distance between the line at the ball and the stacked one will vary on how far apart you want to spread your offerings. For example, I had three rods two on one and one on the other. The single rod was fished at 30 feet. The two that were stacked were at 20 and 40 feet. I was trying to cover the water column. As close as I feel comfortable stacking the lines is 10 feet.

I like to have less distance from the clip on the bottom line and more on the stacked line. My thinking is that more distance on the lower line will increase the chance of a tangle with the stacked line if the bottom rod gets hits. When the bottom rod gets hit I try to steer the fish away from the stacked line. I also like to have the stacked line, which will be closer to the boat, farther back.

I generally donít bring both rods in unless it is a big fish. Often by keeping the other rod in the water it will get hit. When you have to rebait your bottom rod you donít need to pull the stacked line from the clip. Instead raise the cable until you can release the stacking clip from the cable with the fishing line still in the clip. After the bottom line is set simply reattach the stacking unit back to the cable.

Most of the time I have found that it is not necessary to let 50 to 100 feet of line out if your boat is grounded well and the natural electrolysis is between 0.5 and 0.7 VDC. If it is more or less than this I would let out 50 feet of line. I have a black box so this is not an issue. The time I do let out about 50 feet of line is when I fish less than 20 feet below the boat. Then I figure the boat will scare the fish so I like some distance between the boat and the lure.

I would not attach the clip to the end of flashers. When you load your rod when the line is in the clip it will pull the flashers up at an angle. If you want to avoid the flashers attach them to the ball. If you then put your clip about 1.5 feet above the ball it will not tangle with the fishing line when lowered slowly. Run the lure about 2 feet behind the flashers. The other option is to use a 0000 dodger inline with the lure. This still generates flash but has mush less resistance.

For Kokanee, the clips I like are the ones made by Vanceís tackle. They are yellow and have a reddish pad. I think Seps makes a similar one. I believe you can find these at Fred Meyer or Walmart.

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