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Default Cooking merganser

I found this on another forum, but thought I would post it here for those adventurous enough to try. We can all do with a few less mergansers eating juvenile salmonids, I'm thinking. Thank you Mergus, from Paco's leverguns ...

n Stew71's thread titled "Any Day Duck Hunting", 86'er asked for merganser recipes. I didn't want them to be unnoticed as mergansers can be great eating, BUT you do have to know how to cook them.

Here in Vermont, we have tons of mergansers. The daily bag limit is 6, and that's above and beyond the bag limit for "other" ducks. With that much shooting opportunity, it seemed like coming up with an edible recipe or two was a good idea. These recipes work with any of the three types of mergs commonly encountered in North America. Here's the two recipes I use:

1) Grilled Mergs wrapped in Bacon. Breast the merg out completely, removing all skin and fat. The fat holds much of the "bad" taste associated with mergs. Marinate the breast(s) in pineapple juice for at least 24 hours. 48 is better, 72 hours even more so. Drain the juice off, rinse the breasts and wrap each breast with a slice of maple cured bacon. Then heavily slather with BBQ sauce. Grill medium rare and serve hot.

I served this recipe the day after Christmas at my parents house to a group of 15 people, most of whom were non hunters. They RAVED about it. Since they were non hunters, they didn't know they were supposed to dislike mergs.

2) Merganser Sausage. Breast the ducks out the same as above. Marinate with pineapple the same as above. Then procure enough lamb shoulder meat to equal about half the volume of merganser meat you have. Add lots of fennel and sage, brown sugar and if possible REAL maple syrup. Grind and mix well. Make patty's and freeze. When you cook them up, place a slice of blue cheese on top of each patty in time for the cheese to melt over the patty. You don't want to do it so early the cheese melts off. Serve warm and be amazed at how good it tastes.


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