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Mr. Carkington
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Default Jetty crab

Got a few yesterday, 21 for 3 fishers on the CR jetty. Big swell with occasional huge sweepers. No wind and I am sporting a sunburn for the first time in two months.

Gotta find a better steamer spot. Or walk a different direction from the access point.

Nice to get a little sodium chloride in the middle of the TUNA! drought.

Crab it's whats for dinner.

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Jetty crab

had a blast doing that with you and john last year prior to going out and getting some razor clams need to get down that way again soon.
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o clarki
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Default Re: Jetty crab

Are you throwing pots? Fishing snares?

I've thought a bit about crabbing off jetties, but worried about pots getting hung up on the rip rap. Any tricks to avoiding snagged pots?

Any other recommendations for a jetty crabbing newbie?

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Default Re: Jetty crab

Get yourself a crab snare. Its tied to a heavy rod. I've watched people try to throw pots from the jetty. I'm usually so far away all I can do is shake my head and hope for them. Don't throw pots or traps off the jetty. Very bad news...
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Mr. Carkington
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Default Re: Jetty crab

They sell castable crab traps (danielson?). A little black bait box cube with the loops on it. Tie strap a lead on it and stuff it with bait. Crab hawk works better in sand than in the rocks. You need bonneville bank fishing gear. 12 to 14 foot rod and good casting reel. Mainly so you can cast your rig far enough.

We use homemade and they work. Chicken drumsticks for bait. Cast far enough to clear the foot of the jetty and wait five minutes not more than ten. Wait longer and you reel in a chicken bone and no crab. The crab hawk and bait box style are solo rigs and require no net. You can fish alone. Our homemade rigs require a net man. We fish in teams of two or more to minimize climbing up and down the jetty every time you reel up.

Last tip is to fish the slow water or slack tide. Anything faster than about 1 knot of current and your crab catcher will swing until it drifts into the rocks. Wear a life jacket and don't turn your back on the ocean.
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Default Re: Jetty crab

Be careful. During the last clam tide we were out there, got pinned against the rocks once, and knocked over once as well. Look at the SJ buoy, swells over 8 or 10' are not your friend. We had to hoof a couple limits of crab back over the jetty as well. Just a bunch of work if you ask me.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Jetty crab

Originally Posted by MattPark View Post
Just a bunch of work if you ask me.
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