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cant fish
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Default How to rig kwik fish and spin n glow ???

I would like to know how to rig both of them on one line. Do you put the kwik first or the spin n glow. If you can do it or not thank .


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Team goldfish
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Default Re: How to rig kwik fish and spin n glow ???

I would imagine a normal sliding diver rig would work. Maybe a little longer leader for you would normally run the diver. But that's where your going to run your kwikfish.
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Default Re: How to rig kwik fish and spin n glow ???

From the bank put the spin glo on the bottom and the kwik on top. The way I do it is to use a weight on a very short dropper attached to a slider on the main line. The leader for the spin glo is attached to the main line with snap swivel. About 3 or 4 feet up the main line cut the main line and tie in a swivel. Put a bead and a good sized corkie above the swivel (to protect the knot and to stop the duolock that comes next. Now attach your kwik to another leader (I use duolocks), and at the other end of the leader tie on another duolock snap.

Keep the kwikfish on the bank for now, but cast the weight and spinnglo out into the river. Cast partially upstream and try to have your weight settle so your line runs perpenicular to shore. Put rod in rod holder. Now grab your kwik and leader with duolock. Snap the duolock end of the leader onto the main line and place the kwik carefully in the water so the hooks are both hanging below the lure. Take rod from rod holder and slowly start to swim the kwik into the current by jiggling the rod a bit. Once the kwik bites into the current and starts pulling you don't need to be quite as careful, but keep jigging the rod tip to make the kwik swim down the line. It will swim down to either the swivel on the main line and be stopped by the corkie, or if there is a belly in the line it will swim down to the belly of the line. This is known as fishing a kwik on a slider since it slides down the line.

Put rod back in holder tighten up the line, and hang a bell on your rod. I use a local stick placed in the foot of a line guide and hang the bell from that. Put a ribbon on your bell so you can find it again after the next step.

Next step: When bell starts ringing and fish is trying to get off the hook. You grab the rod and RUN uphill away from the water until you feel the weight of the fish. Give it a good sharp hookset, and maybe more than one. The reason is that if the fish bit the kwik then you have a slider to contend with. Unless the duolock is directly in contact with the corkie, and the corkie with the bead, and the bead with the swivel, you may not really have set the hook since the leader can slide up and down the line.

After you've landed (or lost) the fish. Repeat the process. Of course your bell went flying when you set the hook, but you'll find it since you tied on a long colorful ribbon.

Remember only 3 hooks at a time to be legal.
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Salmon N Steel
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Default Re: How to rig kwik fish and spin n glow ???

Please tune your kwiks before sliding down your line. You may want to wrap it in sardine, tuna belly. Herring, or just use scent.
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Default Re: How to rig kwik fish and spin n glow ???

What a nice description Wayout. You have talent for writing.
"If you don't know what you're doing, don't do anything"
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