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Default Problem with Okuma CV 20 DLX drag

I have 3 Okuma Convector CV 20 DLX reels and have been told to always back the drag off when not in use. I backed off the drag last year and when I got them out to use this year the drag will not tighten down far enough to even reel in a 5oz weight on 2 of them. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen. I’ve searched the web for a repair manual, I’ve never had one apart and would like to see how they work. I did find the schematics for a comparable Okuma reel but not any instructions. I’m assuming there is a problem with the drag washers. To have them work fine at the end of the season and then not work for next season seems strange. Does anyone have advice on a repair shop in the Salem area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Problem with Okuma CV 20 DLX drag

you,ve got me. unless you backed them off so much the drag warsher came of the threads and started cross threaded when you tightened them down. i have tried to make it a pratice to loosen the drags on all my reels. it just keeps the washers from compacting. but you did notice i said i tried. but i really just dont see how this in itself would hurt the reels.

now i did have some reels last spring that wouldnt hold, so i sent them in to tuna toms in michigan to get them repaired. well it was an easy fix on mine. i had spooled my reels with the slick braid line, and hadnt used any mono backing. so the drag was holding, it was the line slipping on the spool. so they installed a little pin in the arbor to tie the end of my line to. that fixed those reels. now when i spool any more of my reels with braid, i first spool about 200 ft of mono backing. this takes care of my problem.
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Default Re: Problem with Okuma CV 20 DLX drag

Alan Tani is who I've used in the past (google him or on this board). I've had that happen to an Okuma before. After messing with it by tightening and loosening the drag while spooling out line it finally broke free. I sent it in after that for a cleaning, lubrication and drag washer replacement. I had less than stellar results from the reel repair shop in W. Salem and the often discussed one in Portland. Alan does a fantastic job and he is the only one I'll use.
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