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Billy Boy
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Default Angry Sea's

The shot of the lighthouse at 1:00 was impressive. The shot at 3:35 was scary. I remember when I was young Dad would take us to Shore Acres to watch storms.

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First Due
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

I think that might have been slightly edited. A touch of CGI on a green screen purhaps.
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Metal Manipulator
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

No need for the edit remark as this happens nearly every year and that light house is highly photographed during storms.
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

This video keeps showing up. Does anyone know where the town and the lighthouse are in this video?
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

Makes the sled vs 23' reduntantly saftefied tuna boat argument seem moot. (and mildly more humorous)
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

I don't think I could trust any boat enough to put that kind of beating on it.
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little doc
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

I think the lighthouse is off the coast of Brittany.

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Default Re: Angry Sea's

another fun watch is the SafeHaven videos.It is a boat manufacture over in Europe some where.
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Smoked Salmon
King Salmon
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

Minot's Light off the south shore of Massachusetts gets pummeled by winter storms, with waves over-topping it on occasion. It was destroyed in one storm, and has since been rebuilt, and automated. Tons of info in Wikipedia on it, including a picture showing a normal wave hitting the 150 year old structure.

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

Very cool video. Thanks!!
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Grady 300
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Default Re: Angry Sea's

Originally Posted by Paddler View Post
Very cool video. Thanks!!
Thant video could make a fair weather fishermen out out a lot of people. hope my wife never gets that angry at me
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