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Default something to look forward to

Earlier tonight, I came across the latest wolf census data from Montana. Here are the exciting numbers:

Population: 653 a 15% increase from last year.
Packs: 130, also an increase
Breeding Pairs: 39, also an increase.

Hunters killed 165 wolves prior to the count. Some additional wolves were killed by agents, but I could not find that number.

Montana's goal is 425 wolves, so they are currently 150% plus of objective, after holding their first wolf hunt.

Can't wait to see the numbers we end up with.


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Blacktail Slayer
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Default Re: something to look forward to

I know there is talk about MT having a trapping season in the near future. Lets hope it happens. They also have different archery and rifle seasons for wolves. I wonder what kind of wolf hunting/trapping season structure Oregon will have in the future.
Adam Raymond
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Default Re: something to look forward to

I wish I was 45 years younger and knew what I know now about trapping wolves, sometime in the future we will be reeradicating them and I'd love to help.
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Default Re: something to look forward to

Originally Posted by Blacktail Slayer View Post
I know there is talk about MT having a trapping season in the near future. Lets hope it happens.
I read that Montana about lost all trapping in 2010 so the Montana trappers association didn't want anything to do with wolf trapping out of fear that would be the boost the anti's need to end all trapping. Strange world we live in today...
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