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Sammy Salmon
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Default Wolves or cougars

I've read some of these threads. And looked on my own. I have never seen a wolf in the wild but however I have seen cougars. I do realize that the wolf population is gaining, however the cougar population is there and real! So my question is which would win in an altercation? The wolf is never quit till it dispatches it's victim. And the cougar is no altercation just grab and kill by the neck bite! If it goes wrong it runs.... however the cougar is much more stealthy and it has those retractable claws which are razor sharp and much more versatile! I feel the wolves in numbers may tree one, and may get it if they wait it out. However one on one cougar wins! Hands down. Too agile and they use their back legs as Guillotines!

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Default Re: Wolves or cougars

There was a post about this a little bit ago. I think it was in Idaho, from the pictures it seemed a big tom cougar had it's way with a pretty good sized wolf, killed it. Yeah, one on one, a mountain lion is gonna usually win I think. But a wolf pack is just flat out nasty.
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