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Default Sheds

I took a trip east for a few days this week hunting Pheasants and chukars and picked up a fresh dropped shed. I've picked up fresh ones at the end of January a few times before but never this early. I did see 5 bucks on the trip sporting headgear, so it obviously is an early drop. anyone else find em this early?

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Default Re: Sheds

Seems real early!
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Default Re: Sheds

I seem to find one just about every year while out bird hunting around the first of the year! Normally bigger bucks though! Definitely early for them though.
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Default Re: Sheds

Picked up a fresh 3pt shed today as well while out bird hunting. Was a little surprised.
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Found a bloody one on New Year's Day a few years back. It floored me when I saw it!!

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Default Re: Sheds

Wow never heard of this early before.I will have to check for this guys end of Jan.This was a couple weeks ago out yote hunting outside of town.
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