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Default out of state hunting - Wyoming

In my opinion, Wyoming is the best option of all the western states for non-residents. i will likely split the info into two posts. This one will deal with the seasons, rules, preference points, costs, etc.

Preference points: Wyoming has a unique system which I personally really like. applicants may either purchase one as part fo the application process when they apply, or purchase preference points only between July 1 and Sept 30 each year. Here are the fees for preference points only:

Elk: $ 50.00
Deer: $ 40.00
Antelope:$ 30.00

This is the total cost for a preferenc point for each species.

Maximum points you can have after 2011 is 6, so newbies are not as far behind as they would be in other states.

Wyoming has two types of tags, general and special. The tags are identical except for the cost. For antelope, the regular buck tag is aournd 280, speical 520. Deer is slightly higher as I recall. Elk is around 590 for regular, and 1,030 for elk. ( these might be a little higher, haven't had an elk tag for awhile.)

The fees above include the license, but you have to buy an access stamp if you draw, $ 12 I think.

Wyoming gives many more tags to non-residents than Oregon does. NOt completely clear on the percentages, and they vary by species, but much better opportunity to draw than Oregon for non-residnets. They also run separate draws for non-residents and residents, so non-residnets get all of the tags, unlike Oregon, where non-residnets have a cap, but are not guaranted to get all of the tags. 75% of the tags go to maximum point holders, 25% to a random draw. HOWEVER, if there are less than 4 non-resident tags in the draw, they all go to maximum point holders, and there is no random draw. Wyoming will also issue additional tags if a party is drawn and there are not enough tags left. For example, if there are two tags left to be drawn, and there are four in your party, and you are drawn, all four will get tags.

Wyoming DOES NOT round points up or down. if three of you put in with a total of 8 points, you will have an average of 2.66, and you will be drawn ahead of someone with 2.5 points, or 2 points. Unfortunately, when reporting the draw statistics, Wyoming lumps everything together between the even numbers, so you cannot calculate if you will draw for sure, in most cases, but you will get real close.

As far as I know, Wyoming does not offer Muzzleloader only hunts, and also offers a very small number of bow hunts. Most of those are in the bighorns, and will have a 9 after the unit number. male only tags will normally have a 1 after the unit number. For bowhunters, Wyoming has a very unique system across most of the state. You put in for a rifle tag along with everyone else, then if you draw, you can pay $ 40.00 to get an archery endorsement. You can then hunt the entire month of September with your bow, and then go back and hunt with a rifle during the rifle season if you did not tag out with the bow. You can also use a crossbow on these hunts.

In a lot of units, especially those with small numbers of tags, it is likely you will have the bow hunt pretty much to yourself, since the majority of hunters are rifle hunters. in some of the more popular units, such as 7, 19, 100, etc. for elk, a lot of bowhunters are starting to put in, and there could be almost as many bowhunters as rifle hunters in some cases.

Finally, Wyoming has a superb access and habitat program. There are several different types of land that are available to the public, but the two major ones are "Hunter Management areas", and "Hunter Walk-in areas".

To access this information on the Wyoming website, click on the "public access"link, then click through til you get to the page with the types of access across the top. Click on those, and you will get maps, and detailed info on the various areas. My group will normally not put in for a unit that does NOT have a decent amount of either walk in areas or hunter management areas. My partners 6 point bull this year, and my other partners mid 70's antelope buck in 2008 were both killed on Hunter Management areas.

In my opinion, Wyoming is a must build points state if you plan on going out of state.

Tomorrow, I will actually post about the hunting.


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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

I just started building points this year! Thank you for posting this. As A guy who is completely in the dark when it comes to out of state hunts, this information is much appreciated!
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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

Thanks for the Post Scoutdog. I really appreciated your insight on the phone the other day!
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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

The big problem I have with Wyoming is that non-residents must hire a guide to hunt in wilderness areas.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

Good info we have 4 points for elk , deer and antelope going into this years draw. Going to try to draw an elk tag but the odds are not real good.
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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

Thanks for the info scoutdog, I've got one point in WY so far, and am hoping to do an elk bow hunt there in the next 2-3 years at most.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

Before burning your points, call the bio's over there and check for winterkill. Seems they had a really bad winter last year, at least in region G. Who knows what will happen this winter.
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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

Thanks for posting this. I'm just starting to look into going over there, maybe next year for antelope and/or mule deer.

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Default Re: out of state hunting - Wyoming

Originally Posted by waterbobber View Post
The big problem I have with Wyoming is that non-residents must hire a guide to hunt in wilderness areas.
I believe their are two types of guide licenses in WY. The normal paid your guide and go hunting one and a non-compensation guide license. The non-comp guide license is basically so you can take friends and family into the wilderness areas to hunt. You can't paid the non-comp guide. Please double check that with the WY F&G.....and make a friend in WY.

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