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Default When to jetty fish for cod

Hello all,
Being boatless presently (new N.R. Seahawk comin' in May), I want to take my son fishing....is this a good time to jetty fish for cod? or any suggestiions?



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Default Re: When to jetty fish for cod

The Umpqua river (is there a relation here) south jetty in Winchester was very good for me during September and October using 1 oz. Zingers (florecence green and red) for brown and black rockfish 1/2 to 1 pound fish. I always limited out (10). Since there really hasn't been any real deluge of Oregon sunshine lately ( the great crabbing in the bays is evident of that) I believe the rockies are still in the bay but you have to move around to find the schools and they could be from the very bottom to just a few feet from the surface. A few anglers brave the elements of the night use their laterns and glow-in-the-dark jigs to catch rockies and this is fast action. The upcoming fall and winter brings dangerous conditions so be carefull of sneaky waves as well as slippery rocks but the fishing is great for Lingcod (24 inch legal and one a day). Now poke-poling is another story.......So hows the fishing?.......
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Default Re: When to jetty fish for cod

Not really. Sea Bass, Cabezon, Rainbow Perch and Greenling maybe. Problem is twofold. The Lings move in towards spring to spawn in the Jetty's--so primarily it's a little guy show now. Much more important is jetty conditions. It's a hazardous time of year for the rocks--sneakers, and just big swells are serious threats. If you do go, be carefull.
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