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Ifish Nate
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Default Wilson (steelhead bank) Report

My newphew got his first steelhead yesterday at Sollie Smith's. A small 18" native. Later in the afternoon, I caught a beautiful 10 lb buck (another native) up what I am going to call the Christmas Light House hole. We fished in the afternoon between Sollie's and the RV Park - working up river. We had most spots to ourselves.

We started our day chatting with Marie at Tillamook Bait Shop. I am a believer in those sandshrimp and Marie's famous scent.

We got our fish on bobber and jig - my first success at this technique. Pink and white with a sandshrimp tail (and scent) was what paid off. The river is deadly low - I attribute our success to Marie's bait and a technique that was easy to fish and cover water given the conditions. I also tried Mark's (First Cast Jigs) recommended round cork bobber and do like how that is easy to read for drag.

This was definitely an Ifish day for us.

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Default Re: Wilson (steelhead bank) Report

Congrats, I was down river and had no luck. I did see some fish move through though.
Rusty Bell
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Default Re: Wilson (steelhead bank) Report

Sounds like a great day fishing and catching. I'm a believer in Marie's scents. I pick some up every time I in the Tillamook area. Also their sandshrimp are the freshest.
The only words I want to hear are...FISH ON!!!
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Gus Orviston
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Default Re: Wilson (steelhead bank) Report

Congrats on picking up the lil' guy and you buck.

I was lucky I bagged 13!....okay bags of leaves, but the voices in my head were singing ...here fishy fishy fishy....

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