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Default Re: Adding a plug when plunking

I've caught quite a few fish sliding a second spin glow down. The way I was taught we use a spreader on the bottom one with a swivel and bead a couple feet above the spreader to separate the two lures. It works well and you also get to fish two different depths.

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Adding a plug when plunking

There is a buncha unformation on the 2000 / 2001 archives on this topic. Here is one thread, use the search function to find others.;f=20;t=000066

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Default Re: Adding a plug when plunking

Have seen it work for others but not me. I do OK with single setup rigs. I can slide a flatfish down a line or an extra spinglo,but cant cast with more than 1 well. Usually dont get bit though! Most of the regulars who pull in most of the fish use double setups. I am happy with loosing less tackle and pulling in a keeper from time to time.
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Default Adding a plug when plunking

I saw a diagram on another board a couple of years ago on this. After your plunking rig (like a spin-n-glo and bait) has settled on the bottom, you run a Hot Shot or similar plug down the line using 3 or 4 feet of leader and a snap swivel, getting the plug to dive behind your primary plunking rig. Any ifish bank fishermen out there that plunk for steelhead that have tried this? Any success? I know there's no plunking water right now, but soon the rains will come.......Thanks,
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