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Default Scotty vs Canon downriggers

I would like to know opinions on electric downriggers. I am looking at a Scotty 1099 model with a 24" boom and a Canon magnum 5t model also with a 24" boom.

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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

Scotty is guarantee for as long as you own it. That is what swayed me to buy Scotty over Cannon. Have not had any problems with it since it was new. (4 years) Fast retrieve, no power needed to lower.
I don't think the depth counter is very accurate. I let out 30' of cable, but my tape measure showed only 24'.
You will get several answers, but it will come down to a Ford or Chevy. Good luck.
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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

I like my Cannons, but that's all I've ever used. Take a peek at this question on the search function. Lots of replies there about this.

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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

You can't really go wrong with either brand, it kind of boils down to personal preference. I like scotty for the tilt feature and the auto-stop beads. I do a lot of stacking and also like to leave my ball in the water for the most part (run my bottom line off a stacker clip a few feet above the ball) so I like the scotty auto-stop better than the cannon auto-stop where it stops when the ball reaches the surface. But that's just me, guys I have talked to that own cannons seem to be happy with their choice as well.
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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

For a few years I had my Scotty on one side of my boat and my buddies Cannon on the other. We tried to keep track of which rigger caught the most fish, hands down it was the Scotty. Now I run two scottys. I have a couple of used cannons if you wanna buy em.
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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

1.With the Scotties free tune ups annually.

2.Life time warranty to the Original buyer. One switch and a motor went bad in the three years repaired for free by John's Sporting Goods in Everett, WA

3.Can run braid instead of the wire. Less blow back Switched out two hears ago. No need for a black box to correct the voltage

4.The new ones can run a 20lb ball. ones have a LED light at the line counter for those early mornings

I listened to a friend said that the 24" boom would be fine. After a year I swapped them out to the extended version.

It in the end does come down to a Chevy verses a Ford. I only owned 2 Scotties and 2 manual Penn's Fathom Masters with the extended booms.
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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

Not sure about your specific model of Cannon, but alot of them have circuit baords. Salt + circuitry ain't good. I had old cannons and was told "We can't service those, they have old baords in them. You gotta get the new ones." The only fix offered was a manual up/down where you had to hold the button and stop them manually. Scotties are more mechanical...meaning easier to repair.
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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

For manuals I like cannons, easier on the arm. Electrics, scotty all the way, they are easier to control for me and the auto stop beads are great.
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Default Re: Scotty vs Canon downriggers

I had Penn manuals for 25 years. Switched to Scotty electrics 4 years ago. The Scottys have been great. I kept my two old Penns as backup but I think I should sell them since the Scottys seem bulletproof. Downrigger trolling is 90% of my fishing. Scottys have gone up a lot the last few years since the US buck took a dive vs the Can buck.

The other thing is service. Scotty has servicing dealers you can take it to but Canons you have to send away somewhere for repairs. At least that is what I was told.
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