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Default Salmon Sausage or Pepperoni Recipe

I'm looking for a salmon sausage or pepperoni recipe. I use to get salmon pepper sticks at a fish market in Bandon just west of the boat launch that were down right tasty. I'm just asking in case somebody has something they are willing to disclose

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Default Re: Salmon Sausage or Pepperoni Recipe

Salmon Sausage

2----lb fresh salmon
1----egg, beaten
1/2--tsp celery salt
1/4--tsp crushed mustard seed
1/4--tsp freshly ground black pepper
1/4--tsp ground bay leaf
1/4--tsp ground cloves
1/4--tsp ground ginger
1/4--tsp mace
1/4--tsp ground cardamom
1/4- tsp paprika
1----tsp lime juice

Mix all ingredients and form into patties or stuff into hog or sheep casings.

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Default Re: Salmon Sausage or Pepperoni Recipe

Luhr-Jensen has a salami recipe for venison/hamburger/elk/bear. I used this same recipe for some ground salmon. The only addition I made was a cup of olive oil to give it some moisture due to the lack of fat content. I used recipe #1. Other than the texture, I could hardly tell difference in taste between red meat and the salmon. I was impressed at how well it came out.

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