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No Wishin Just Fishin
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Default Phoenix Az fishing

Just bought a winter home inGoodyear, ArizonaPhoenix. Any info on fishing in the area would be appreciated

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Default Re: Phoenix Az fishing

Hope you like bass! AZ has some good bass fishing. There are some trout in the higher mountain lakes. Otherwise, San Diego isn't that far...8 hour drive.
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Default Re: Phoenix Az fishing

Just watched a show about bass fishing called "City Fishing" and they were talking about the lake fishing in the city lakes in Arizona. Have fished Lake Havasu several years ago and it was great for bass, catfish and stripers. Just my .02
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Salmon King
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Default Re: Phoenix Az fishing

Closest to you will be Lake Pleasant...

I fished that lake for YEARS before there was houses built up around it and it had great bass fishing. Now it's more of a waterski/jetski type of place...but if you get out there early enough or late enough there's still some nice fish to be caught.
Other than that there are a few man-made lakes scattered around the valley of the sun you can fish. Many of those are no wake lakes.

If you go up into the mountains East of Phoenix there's some real big DEEP impoundments with terrific Panfish, Bass, and Catfish fishing. My kids cut their teeth fishing in those lakes. One of the best kept secrets in Phoenix used to be the fishing in the irrigation canals. Back in the '70s I'd catch fish in them every time I went...toady they are too polluted.
There's also Pay fishing on the Indian reservation East of the metro area.

Hope it helps,
Terry B.
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Default Re: Phoenix Az fishing

Ok let me help you out since I have lived in Phoenix all my life and have only moved up here to the North West in the past few years. I also go back down there 2x-3x a year to visit and fish as well.
I have several family members that live in Goodyear as well. Just depends on where in Goodyear you are going to live. If you are going to be at, or around, the Estrella Mountain Ranch area (Take Estrella Parkway west off the I-10 straight over the mountains) that community has 2 awesome sized lakes that have some great bass. Last time I fished there, December '10, I caught several 5lbs Largemouth Bass. Do not fish the canals! They are disgusting with no fish, plus you might get mugged or stabbed while fishing. Lake Pleasant, which is about an hour north of Goodyear, provides ok fishing but it you will want a boat. Also be prepared for high winds and a lot of traffic on the weekends. Another good spot to enjoy fishing use to be Tempe Town Lake which was about an hour and a half east of Goodyear. But the dam's bladder blew up and the entire lake drained along with killing all the fish with it. They have since repaired it and restocked it however it is not the same. Also checking the AZ game and fish website will lead you to good areas. You can always send me a PM and I will be glad to help as well. Good luck and enjoy my home state!
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Hawk JJ
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Default Re: Phoenix Az fishing

I don't know about now but Alamo Lake had nice bass & bigg'un crappie.
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