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Default valco boats

I have a chance to buy a 12 ft valco boat. Does anybody know anything about them? Thanks

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: valco boats

Had one back in the early 70's. Great littler boat. Had I believe a 9.9 HP on it...been awhile. Used it to fish and back and forth to duck blind. Other than that can't remember too much else about it.
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blacktail rattler
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Default Re: valco boats

Very good design for tiller drive, gunnel curves out so you stay drier than in a soakercraft when driving.
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Default Re: valco boats

I have a 14 ft Valco with 15 hp on it. Great little boat for fishing lakes etc. They are riveted and I have had no leak problems. If they do leak it is easy to hit the rivet a few times and seal it up. I would say go fo it - you will not be unhappy. FYI, Valco was purchased some years ago by Kalamath Boat works. There are a lot of Valcos still around
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Default Re: valco boats

I had a 14 footer yrs ago.Great little boat..! I used it for sturgeon on the Willy and springer fished with it everywhere.I wished I still had it now..!2 Thumbs up..!
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Default Re: valco boats

I've had one for over 30 years now. 12' on a trailer. Great little boat. I was asked by a friend if I wanted to sell it the other day since it sits on a trailer all year long - NOPE - Great little boat I can throw on top the canopy or tow with a small vehicle. Run a 9.9. Be on Detroit Lake Memorial Day weekend. Named "Yacht-Sea".

Riveted hull has never leaked. I split the center seat, put a hinge on it and use it for storage.
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Team Thomas
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Default Re: valco boats

I just restored a 30 year old one for my Dad. Only problem they seem to have are leaking rivets. If you can fix that, you are set. Great little boats, my first boat ever was a 12' Valco from the early 70's, with a 18 HP Evinrude. That boat did everything I ever needed it to and I know the guy who is still using it.
Team Thomas

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King Salmon
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Default Re: valco boats

Fantastic boats. They really shine in the Trask tidewater for fall fishing!
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Two Ducks
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Default Re: valco boats

I have a 1973 12 foot Valco and does not leak. It is also a fishing machine. I bought it in 1998 and in the month of June I put 31 springers in it. I also have a 21 ft Grady White that I would get rid of before that little boat.
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Default Re: valco boats

I sold mine when I got my arima. I have kicked myself allmost every day for doing that. Great little boat and very stable. We crabed newport in most any weather and no worries mate. Myself, Old coot,and my son six traps three rings never a drop of water over the bow. Powered by a massive 64 evinrude 6hp. Miss it alot!
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Default Re: valco boats

I used to drive by where they were built in Clovis, CA in the eighties they built a bunch of them I have never heard anything bad about them.

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Default Re: valco boats

I caught my first few salmon and steelhead in a Valco. Great boats.
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Default Re: valco boats

I have one my grandfather left for me. It is a bit shorter than twelve feet but it is a nice little ride. I also split the front seat and made it storage. It does leak a bit but I have not yet tried to hit the rivets. I may try that. I run an old 9.5 two stroke Evinrude and the boat flies. If you buy it, I hope you enjoy it. I'll never get rid of mine.
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Default Re: valco boats

I had a 14' I bought new in about 1986. Had it with a deep transom that required a long shaft. 15 Mariner. Good boat. Did not really like the 12'. the difference in weight was about 10# but the carrying capacity was about 175# more. I just think the 12' is too small if 2 big people and any chop at all.
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Default Re: valco boats

I bought a 14' Valco jon boat in 1972 to use as a duck hunting boat when I lived in California. In 1974 I got a transfer to Alaska and used it for fishing and hunting locally and for fishing in the Yukon. A couple of years ago I gave the boat to my favorite neighbor and he uses it for fishing. That boat has been on the Colorado River, Columbia River and on waters stretching all the way to the Kenai Peninsula and it still has some good years left.

Yes, I do like Valco boats and was sorry to hear of their demise. If I were in your shoes I'd buy it.
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