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Default Borax egg cure

I just got a nice hen and would like some input on how to cure them in borax. I have eggs cured in Ammerman's and Pro Cure(all dyed eggs) but would like to cure up a batch natural. I have them out drying on paper towels. HELP!

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Default Re: Borax egg cure

Here is one I have recently heard about. haven't tried it yet though.

Egg Cure
2 Qts. H20
1 cup salt (non idonized salt)
1 cup sugar
1 cup borax
1 tablespoons of pro glow

Stir all the above together with stick in bucket add dye to mixture
butterfly skein lengthwise then cut into chunks with scissors 3?x3?
soak for ten minutes. not hard to touch
lay out on newspaper and paper towelst to let dry a little
put in ziploc with a handfull of borax then shake
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Default Re: Borax egg cure

I haved a very simple recipe I use for curing eggs that leaves them a natural color.

1 cup Borax
1 cup sugar

Apply to the eggs liberaly and leave them for several hours until they get to the consistancy you want. Then vacum pack them in a jar or get some meat trays from your local grocer and lay the skeins in the tray and pack them that way.

If you want to add color add some jello.
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Default Re: Borax egg cure

Simple, really. Cut the skeins into clusters--the size you intend to use as individual baits. Lay your clusters out on paper towels, and allow to dry until tacky. Turn them over, and let the other side get tacky.

While they're drying, get a mixing bowl--hopefully one that a female member of the household won't kill you for getting all "fishy"--and fill it about a quarter full with borax. Set it aside.

Get your storage container(s)--not styrofoam--and put a thin layer of borax in the bottom. Set aside.

Once your clusters are tacky on both sides, take two or three at a time and put them in the mixing bowl. Shake and roll the bowl around until the clusters are dusted really well with the borax. Take the borax-coated clusters out and lay them on the borax in your storage containers. Repeat.

You'll have to change the borax in your mixing bowl when it gets "clumpy" in order to do a good job of coating all the clusters. The idea is to keep the borax as fresh and clean as possible--within reason.

As you fill your storage container with borax-covered clusters, cover each layer with borax. Then, after the container is full of clusters, top it off with borax. Put the container in the fridge for a couple days to cure.

Good luck.
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Default Re: Borax egg cure

ditto on the Jell-O

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Default Re: Borax egg cure

The best cure I have ever used for steelhead eggs is good ol 1 2 3. 1 part salt, 2 parts sugar, three parts borax. If you want color add some jello.
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Default Re: Borax egg cure

Lipripper: This is a great recipe:

Good fishing, drifter.
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Default Re: Borax egg cure


Very lightly sprinkle non iodized table salt(like you would on a steak), then use a mixture of 2 cups borax to 1 cup white sugar. Wearing gloves I like to make certain that I get the mixture to every egg I can. I split the skeins and dry them for 1-2 hours prior to curing them. After coating with cure, put them in a glass jar overnight(12 hours or so) After curing put them in a collander to drain, must be plastic!!!!! I typically drain them for 10-12 hours, then using container of choice you can either freeze them or if you're going to use them soon refrigerate them. Nice orange coloring to the eggs this way and I had 1 skein catch 9 fish so far!!! :grin:

Just be sure not to tell anyone, OK?
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Default Re: Borax egg cure

Wrap eggs in paper and let drain in fridge for a few days(might be tough if you are married...) Cut em' into chunks you like to fish with(scissors are best). Powder both sides with any red jello(I like strawberry) then dust em' good with borax. Put a bit of borax in the bottom of a margarine container, layer eggs, borax, eggs, borax to the top. Refrigerate for at least a week than use or freeze. NEVER freeze them before curing!!!


Mad Mikey
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