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Default Quick Fish & terrorists

Funny thing happened to my son at the airport. He was going through the security and they seen that he had a Quick fish in his luggage. They took the lure and tool him he could kill someone with it....toooo funny.

Hook sharp?

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Ryan Pultz
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Default Re: Quick Fish & terrorists

that is just stupid i bet the guard was going fishing after work and did not want to buy his own stuff. next they are going to say the reel and rod full of fire line is deadly cause you can cut with it. Some times i wonder.
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Default Re: Quick Fish & terrorists

Reminds me of this:

Written by David King.
Dear Sir,
The beautiful 6'6" #3 custom rod with a weight-forward line
rod that you made for me is safely here in Oregon. However,
when I checked in at the airport, I was required to check the
rod as luggage, due to the increased security...

Can you imagine trying to take over an aircraft with a 3
weight fly rod? I'd think right off you'd want at least an
8 weight rod for a jet aircraft. I'd go to barbed hooks as

So how would this scenario unfold?
After takeoff and climb, the captain turned off the 'fasten
seatbelt' sign, David leaped to his feet, extracted the
rod case from the overhead bin, assembled the two-piece
rod, and threaded the line.

Match the Hatch?

Reaching for his fly box, David selected a stimulator
that approximated the lumps of coffee creamer he saw
floating on the surface of whitened coffee. He tied on the
fly and stepped into aisle to false-cast shouting, "Remain
in your seats and you'll not be harmed. These hooks are
barbed and dangerous."

Double-hauling, David aimed for the door to the cockpit just
as a flight attendant opened it to hand a cup of whitened
coffee to the captain. The fly gently floated to the surface
next to a real lump of creamer, just as the captain took a sip.
As David mended the line, the captain took the fly!

Setting the hook firmly, David began the delicate task of
retrieving is quarry on light tackle. Without a net, landing
the airline captain would be especially difficult. And, David didn't
want to alarm the co-pilot, who would be his next quarry...

Best scenario I can come up with. Gosh I feel safer knowing
that no other fly fishing nut has his/her weapon in the cabin of the

Kind regards,

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Whoo hooo! What a Ride!”

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