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Default Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

I would love to hear about your thoughts/experiences on the Leuopold Dot Reticle scope. It seems like it could help you determine the range of your target to adjust your shot...I've never hunted with it though. What's it like to hunt through a scope with a "dot" in it? Problematic or positive ? I've heard it's better to have the least amount of "stuff" in your scope as possible...Thanks for your feedback!

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

You can do that with the standard reticle as well. Determine the spacing between the horizontal and the thick part of the post on the verticle. Mine turned out to be 8" at 4x at 100 yards which means 16" at 200 which is about the width of a deer's chest. at 6x it was 16" at 300. I carry my rifle at 6x if the chest is too big to fit he's closer than 300, put the cross hairs on the heart and fire. Smaller and he's further dial the power ring and divide the # by 2 gives you the range in 100's of yards.
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Adrenaline Junkey
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

I have one on my varmint rifle a 6.5 to 18. I love it but sometimes its a little hard to shoot coyotes running threw the brush as you lose the dot sometimes against the dark background.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

If you are talking about the Long Range Duplex that has only 2 dots for ranging, I like them. In fact I have replaced most of my VX3 scopes with Mark 2 scopes with the LRD. But thats just me, I'm sure you will get lots of imput in this one
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

I use a Burris Fullfield2 with the b-plex reticle, on my 25-06 and it works great!
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Your Thoughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

I may be incorrect but I believe the LEE Dot and Leupold Dot are one in the same correct??

Many years ago my grandfather and I were talking rifles, loading...and scopes.
He began to talk about the LEE Dot and I listened. Although I don't recall the specifics about the LEE Dot's demensions and how he held it using his old .280Rem, I did get me to thinking about reticles and I did some playing around w/ my leupolds.
This article is what popped out the other side: Using The Rangefinder Inside Your Scope
You may or may not find it useful, but many of us here have. This is the info that Stickfish mentioned above. I have leupolds on most of my rifles and the Std Fine Duplex reticle in my 6.5-20x's will subtend ~13" at 500yds on 20x. Since my .338Ultra drops 24" at 500, this means I simply have to hold the tip of the post flush to the back to compensate for the 24inches of drop.

Although your rifle, caliber and ballistics may differ from mine, the simple fact of KNOWING that your scope's reticle can be used as a measuring stick is useful. Personally I think you'll find some setting (As Stickfish & myself have) that will result in the perfect measuring stick for your caliber and sight in zero preferance.

I sight in my rifle's using the MPBR Theory (MAX Point Blank Range) which says that for normal hunting we can tolerate a sight in range that results in the bullet being no greater than 3-4" high at the mid point and still kill that animal w/ a dead on hold. For me that range is typically 200-250yds for std calibers and ~300yds for the magnums. This also typically means my bullet will be ~3-5" low at 50yds beyond my zero. This means I can hold dead on to 350yds without compensating for drop. And this is were Stickfish's mention of setting the scope's magnification such that a deer/elk is "Bracketed" by the reticle. This is a GO or NO GO measuring stick. ANd you simply hold dead on....and it's dead. It's only when you find that the animal is smaller than your predetermined GO/NO GO setting that we get into hold over. And again a little knowledge of the Leupold reticle will arm you w/ the nessessary measuring stick to make a precise measured hold over shot.

Lets take my .338Ultra as an example again.
I'm dead on at 300yd, -5" at 350, -9 at 400, -15" at 450 and -24" at 500

I hold dead on to 350yd, fudge 6" high at 400, hold cross flush to back at 450, and (adj scope to 20x) and hold tip of post flush to back at 500.

I'm sure you'll find some similar combination with your caliber.
Works plain and simple. A rangefinder and a measuring stick right there at your fingertips.
Just need to learn how to use it and put it to work for you.
Hope this info helps,

PS: I had one of those fancy LR Varmint reticles put into a 6.5-20x VARI-X III on a .30-378WBY.
I have to admit it seems pretty cool, but we haven't had need to use it .....YET.

PPS: Here is a thread we had on MPBR Theory: Max. Point Blank Range and where to Zero
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

I have experience with a leupold VXIII 6.5x20 target dot reticle. It is excellent for varmit hunting. With a 22-250 I find it very easy to make adjustments for wind or distance. (simple is good)
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blacktail hunter
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

I just bought a 6x leupold with the target dot can't wait to try it.
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

I have essentially never used anything other than a Leupold with fine tapered crosshairs and a dot. I could see myself changing to another type Leupold with the distance reticules, but that simple dot is it for me now. I have a custom 7mm mag that was built by Darrell Holland in '91' with that scope. I shot two shots at 200 yds. the other day at 5/8" and didn't shoot again. I have no problem acquiring the dot and if I hold it appropriately that is where it hits. I believe I had to special order the fine tapereds with the dot.

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Don Fischer
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Default Re: Your Toughts: Leupold Dot Reticle

Using different things in the scope as a range finder probably works for guy's that use their rifles a lot and are intimate with them. For most people My opinion is you are much better off learning the MPBR of your load and recognizing it when you see it. Beyond the muzzle there is no scope reticule as accurate as a decent lazer range finder. I like the duplex reticule and even have a Nikon BDC reticule, hate it! I also have an inexpensive Leupold lazer range finder, RX II that will range things to farther than I will shoot.

If I see an animal at say 300+ yds, often somewhat less it will generally give me plenty of time to range it with the range finder, which is more accurate than the scope reticule. If the animal is standing where getting a good view is bad, the range finder can range something at the same, or close to the same, distance and range the animal reguardless. If on the other hand it is moving, I don't think most could range it with reticule's and couldn't with lazer's anyway.

The only advantage I could see to the reticule would be that if you were good with it and it was accurate enought, might be, the rifle will already be up in a shooting position and you won't have to put down the range finder and get up the rifle.

Befor the lazer range finder I think that learning to use the reticule was a good idea but myself and my friends spent countless hours estimating and steping off ranges. Everything then was measured in paces, including our shooting ranges.
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