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Default Big Creek Reservoir

Anyone have any general or specific info they wouldn't mind sharing about Big Creek Reservoir near Newport?
Any help is much appreciated!

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Sled Dog
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Default Re: Big Creek Reservoir

I've had really good luck this summer, for nice sized trout, fishing small chunks of herring under a bobber.
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Default Re: Big Creek Reservoir

I haven't tried the herring method, but may have ot give it a try in the future.

Earlier this summer i started talking to another fisherman at Olalla Lake and i mentioned i was headed to Big Creek, long story short, he gave me a black leachy looking thing he hand ties up and told me to tie about a 4' leader on it and slowly troll it around. I killed them that day and ironically havent been able to find anything that looks similar to that leachy thing in a store or online. All i know is the guy was from the Albany/Lebanon area.

I was trolling the upper reservoir just so you know.
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Default Re: Big Creek Reservoir

hmm. found the thread in bass forum, saw it in here too, lol. this is what i posted:

Honestly, this time of the year its not quite worth it. After August, the trout REALLY taper off, due to the res. being overfished Also, its not a great bass fishery to begin with. sure theyre in there, but not enough to really have a great day. you might get 1 or 2 trout for a day out there and btwn 0-1 bass.. I'd suggest going to ollalla res, out by toledo.

But, if youre goin out to big creek anyway, the best rig for the trout is a 1/4 oz egg sinker, above a barrel swivel, between 3'-4' leader, around 6-8# test, with a size 8 baitholder hook, and TWO pieces of chartreusse powerbait magnum floating balls.

Ive limited out in as little as 1 hr there on that setup during june, and it'll catch fish all the way through winter.

For the bass, the best way I've found is simply a 1/4 oz white curltail jig.

Trout can range from 6-7inches, all the way up to 30 or more

bass can get up to a couple lbs, if youre lucky.

Hope this helped, and good luck

Oh, and the upper res is almost always better fishing,

and the bass are normally around the end of the first lake, under the fallen trees, etc.

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