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Default New FBR™ salmon killer improvement with adjustable sleeve

Latest advances in the FBR™ killer salmon trolling lure "Adjustable sleeve" explained on video at YouTube by Bill Shelton this movie for tips on catching the most salmon with the simple and easy to use FBR™.
The FBR™ has come a long way since its incredible beginning in California. Originally the FBR™ was a softie (which is still available) then to hard plastic standard FBR™, then a larger herring FBR™ then a MBR™ (Minnow Bullet Rotator™) then a SBR™ (Shad Bullet Rotator™) and soon a BBR™ (Baby Bullet Rotator™) for trout.

You Tube in HD......please click HD when the movie starts up

also available in other formats at

for Macs or PC

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Default Re: New FBR™ salmon killer improvement with adjustable sleeve

The UV head looks like a killer. I haven't seen these before but it looks like it would be a springer killer in the willamette.
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Default Re: New FBR™ salmon killer improvement with adjustable sleeve

I have fished in British Columbia using the Rhys Davis green anchovy head-holder clips and they work like a charm...a good,tight roll, every time. Very consistent bait performance, and all you need is a decent leader, some toothpicks, and a stout pair of scissors or side-cutters. So, the concept of bait holder heads for whole baits is pretty solid,and is a VERY widely-used method in British Columbia. We had great success on both coho and chinook using the green head holders.

The other night I happened to see the FBR videos,and went through a number of Shelton's web pages and his videos,and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the way the FBR rotating bait holder head system looked. It actually looked to me like a pretty good product. It looked to me like a system that many people could use to get a consistent, predictable bait action. With the FBR, there's no longer a need for any toothpicks.

I have no connection with the company, but am just passing along my experience as an Oregon/Washington salmon fisherman who went to a place where the whole anchovy AND A HEAD HOLDER was the "standard" method, and it fished better than I had imagined it ever would. Many salmon fishermen will say, "Oh, that doesn't work here," when confronted with an out-of-area technique or unfamiliar lure.

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Default Re: New FBR™ salmon killer improvement with adjustable sleeve

Thanks for the compliments....This is one of many but my all time favorite e-mails back in 2004 on how the FBR™ worked out for a guide who used it in BC.

My name is Mike, I'm a salmon fishing
guide/instructor on BC's central coast. This past
season I had the pleasure of being introduced to the
Franko Bullet Rotator by one of my clients from
Halfmoon Bay CA.
As with 95% of the rigs I see people bring with them,
I initially scoffed at it as cut-plug herring is the
standard here and if one wishes to fish anchovies then
teaser heads and flashers are the way to go. We put
the FBR out on one side of the boat and started
counting the catch, the initial results were amazing.
Having seen too many instances where the same bait
works better on one side of the boat, we switched
around- same results. We switched depths, same result.
Vs. spoons- same, vs. tomic plugs- same, vs. teaser
head/flasher- same results.
Over all, we fished the FBR for 4 consecutive days
and had such great success with it that I begged my
client to leave it with me on his departure, which he
was more than happy to oblige. He explained that it
was the hot item in Halfmoon Bay and was extremely
difficult to obtain, due to demand, resulting in him
only having the one sample.
Over the course of the season, I used the FBR several
more times, but only very reluctantly as I loathed the
thought of losing my only sample to
inexperienced/over-eager anglers. Eventually it became
part of my personal "secret" tackle box, to be used
only by myself- if I lost it, I'd have no-one to blame
but me- and continued to have great success with it.
Unfortunately, the amount of time I get for personal
fishing is extremely limited due to our client demand
but the times I did get to play was spent
experimenting with the FBR.
I truly believe this product to be a revolution in
the salmon fishing industry. We go through so many
gadgets in the pursuit of better catch rates and most
turn out to be gimmicks, rip-offs, and outright
failures- the vast majority seem designed to catch the
fisherman- but I have "seen the light" and would not
hesitate to send the FBR down under any conditions, if
I only had more than the one!
I am writing to you outside of any official capacity
concerning our lodge operation, more as just a
die-hard angler, to find out if and where I might
obtain your wonderful product in Canada. I will be
meeting with our lodge manager this afternoon and
again putting in my serious recommendation that we
obtain several truck-loads of FBRs for the 2005 season
and I'll be taking my heavily chewed original sample
with me as graphic evidence. We, as a well established
major resort, see literally hundreds of accomplished
anglers every season and I'm more than happy to
endorse the FBR to each one. In the meantime, I would
like to obtain several for my own personal stash. I
would also be quite willing to officially endorse your
product as part of a trade!
Congratulations on producing a truly outstanding bait

Mike Jones - "Jonesy"
2003 Salmon Masters Tournament winning guide
West Coast Resorts Whale Channel/Milbanke Sound
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